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  1. I can tell you the HX1000 runs my rig quite well
  2. thats awesome i'll have to remember that next time it's below 0 out or -17c and my truck can barely turn over lol i got a couple 550W psu's and a 750W lying around those oughta make great jumpstarters on these cold ohio mornings
  3. at 2.6 volts one would expect to smell it see smoke and pretty blue sparky's coming from behind the heatsink
  4. why is it necessary to disable sli ?
  5. I was just wondering what version(s) to use on my main rig in my signature below
  6. just finished putting this watercooling system back together with the new stuff there is a total of seven blocks in this setup and it looks just like a plate of spaghetti thought it would be fun to show you all how it looks LOL before and after
  7. just started folding tonight
  8. i'm still waiting for them to reply to my last email in wich i sent the pics of the problem guess i'll just put it back together minus one card
  9. this really stinks i can't use 3 way sli with the ek blocks on the southbridge because the holes are in the wrong location on both the original top and the revised top,and interfere with the second video card i decided to put the chipset on water because the stock heat sink asus used sucks and was having problems with the northbridge overheating while playing crysis with 3 way sli i contacted ek about this they replied with "what kind of fittings do you need exactly"? so i sent them these images on Monday and haven't heard anything more from them. i think i'm gonna have to go to a machine shop and have a top made to suit my needs, this really sucks i went with all ek thinking it would eliminate the hassles
  10. hey thanks guys i'll go get some acetone then on my next trip to the hardware store it just doesn't make sense the heat sink all came off really easy no prying whatsoever there was just a really hard compound left behind that wouldn't come off
  11. realy could use some help with this one it's making me
  12. on the asus boards are they using some kind of adhesive on the chipset? because i cant seem to get it cleaned off of my striker II NB,SB i've been using artic clean but there is some that just refuses to be removed from the chips. it is in a broken pattern like adhesive would be. does anyone know ? and what would be the best way to remove it ?
  13. and to think they put it there to keep the backside rams cool
  14. since i see your buying an evga card just thought i'd let you know. evga cards come with an overclocking utility called evga precision i used that with mine and it worked great you can un-link the shader from gpu change memory and allow manual fan control or automatic fan control by the drivers. It's very easy to use plus it allows you to monitor temps, framerates and clock speeds on a logitech G-15 keyboard or just on your task bar. as for an overclocking method i reccomend the method explained by zerts that way you know exactly where each setting becomes unstable best of luck to you and enjoy
  15. i've used many of the webstores out there jab-tech, petra's tech shop, frozencpu, svc, sidewinder, i've even ordered stuff direct from EK waterblocks just depends on who has what i'm looking for and the best deal possible i 'like to shop around and as for the tubing i havent had any problems with what i got. yeah sure it'll kink if you try to make a 2 inch bend radius which is a crazy tight bend for any 1/2 inch tubing. who knows it might just work out fine for him as well and save him a few bucks
  16. hey thanks hardnrg I'll keep that in mind as well if anyone else has any opinions or experience's they'd like to share I'd like to hear them
  17. any opinions one these fittings http://www.petrastechshop.com/swslifig1th.html http://www.svc.com/cnt-vd2.html
  18. its all going to be on a single loop the pump i'm using is the swiftech pump in my sig so i'm sure it will handle it ok. i'm still not sure if flow rate will be adaquite by the time it gets to the bottom card or if i should have an inlet at the top and the outlet at the bottom ?
  19. i just wondering how i should connect the waterblocks in my system wich would be better would it likely be better to go in series with a single tube going from one block to the next or parrallel with two lines ? just not sure wich is better i'm thinking in parrellel the temps would be more equal across the three cards and in series the temp would rise a bit from one cards to the next. anyhow just looking for some opinions thanks
  20. take a look at the kits @ petras these kits are comprised of a selection of high quality parts that most people like to use in their own systems. petras has just put it into a one stop shop so long as they're not all sold out i would recommend a 120X3 radiator to allow some head room for future additions if you ever decide you want to cool your chipset or upgrade to crossfire or sli video cards reservoirs i also like yes a tee line takes up less space but a reservoir makes fill and purging air from the system extremely fast and easy for tubing i just go to Lowe's and get vinyl tubing there for around 3-4 dollars for 10 feet of tubing its just as good as the expensive stuff you'll find on the net just the bend radius might be a bit more than some others hope this is helpful to you
  21. now i know and "knowing is half the battle"
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