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    1680 points!

    all the work units i receive are only 768 points is there any way to force larger work units ? just a curiousity
  2. yes it will and you should actually see a momentary spike usually only about a second when you hit apply also an easy way too see the core speeds are up is if you are folding you can open precison with the gpu client running and see you actual core speeds in real time or if your like me and have a G15 keyboard you can see it displayed on your game panel of the keyboard so long as you have those settings enabled of course hope this helps
  3. OCrookie

    1680 points!

    where do you look to see how many points a work unit is worth ?
  4. going to the strip clubs always makes me happy
  5. passenger side door glass for my truck next up drivers side fender and paint uggh........
  6. i must say your metal working skills are not bad at all keep it up it looks great so far just wish i had the time to do half the mods i'd like to
  8. it makes it really hard to fihure out when the warrenty void if removed sticker is gone cuz that has the serial and model and memory all listed on it, but inside windows is the only other way i know of to identify hardware like that
  9. thanks for the dna guys its awesome
  10. I'm folding now, can I get the icon too ?
  11. how can i test the motherboard ? aside from trying another motherboard as i do not have another board with pci-e slots and no only one of the three cards actually got wet
  12. "BUMP" does anyone have anything at all ?
  13. I had a leak in my cooling loop during testing the computer was not powered up during the time when I was checking for leaks but the video card did get wet I removed the block and dried it thoroughly before reassembling and returning it to the system but now my computer sometimes freezes for no apparent reason and will sometimes reboot while watching streaming video, all temps are low less than 40c i have reinstalled vista and all applicable drivers are current. anyone have any ideas or thoughts for a solution ? I don't think the card was damaged but I'm not able to rule it out as I have tested all three individually and get the same results of random freezing and rebooting with games and streaming video I am not getting any error messages or blue screens either which makes this situation very strange and difficult to figure out
  14. what kind of temps were you getting with your previous chiller and what are you expecting from this one ?
  15. hey thanks hardnrg but i already have that block and theres a problem with both the original and the revised tops for it the original top doesn't allow enogh clearance for the top card and with the revised top you cant use three video cards because the lower fitting is too low for the third card to added i'm having mega headaches with this sent numerous emails to ek about it with pictures included showing exactly where the problem was with both tops and ek just sent me another original top so i have even less hair now. then i saw this MIPS block and since the holes are side by side it should work perfectly allowing me to use all three of my gtx 260's and actually keep my chipsets cool at the same time, but i cant find it instock anywhere although i checked the MIPS website it apears to be instock there but i cant read the language to place an order so still very frustrated. here is a link to the site if anyone cares to look http://www.mips-computer.de/
  16. the block i am looking for is the MIPS MCH1039 i cant find it in stock anywhere can anyone help me out with this one ?
  17. this is awesome i just got the evga newsletter today about the voltage tuner now i just gotta get my main rig back up with the new watercooling system i've been working on to try it out
  18. i like to use daves insanity sauce when i make wings. i tell people its just hot enough to make you sweat without killing then they eat 2 wings and get pissed
  19. its probably your processer you get some that clock really high with low voltages needs and others you have to crank the power way up and even then it might not clock that high and if you going to increase voltage that high i hope you have it water cooled mine is at 3.6 with 1.4 volts fsb 400 x 9 good luck to you
  20. you can make it really easy for yourself by going to http://turbotax.intuit.com/taxfreedom/index.jsp if you made less than 30,000 its free to e-file and if you have a checking account you can get your refund in about 2 weeks with direct deposit
  21. formerly a 63W wheel vehicle repairer 9sep97 - 5aug05 deployed to Qatar 27dec02 - 25jun03 loved every minute of it plus now i'm a full member at the V.F.W. ao i get to drink cheap anywhere lol :thumbs-up:
  22. the mountain mods case is so sweet with all the options for it but shelling out $500+ for a case is kinda hard to do. i'd try making my own but then i would just end up spending a fortune on tools for sheet metal work
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