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  1. I would suggest you get some high temp automotive grease so you dont have problems with liquifaction wich will likely occur with the peanut butter as i contains alot of peanut oil, but it should smell nice as it gets hot
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  3. Am i the only one who remembers everthing under the mopar badges being banned from NASCAR because no other manufacturer could keep up with them. Of course that was when stock cars were stock and you could buy the same car you saw win the race that sunday the next day. "buy it on saturday, race it on sunday" the good ole days of racing. and lets not forget all those little innovations we take for granted today like intermittant wipers... Dodge did it first.
  4. while i don't subscribe to any i do get the VFW magazine just because i'm a member its free and i still after not being enlisted for 4 yrs get the solders magazine
  5. yes but it really doesn't take much to screw things up
  6. does this guy really think anyone will design an OS for 20 bucks ?
  7. let the game be made its all the bleeding heart gutless liberals that are making this world fall apart with their ideas that video games cause violence and such. these thing that are accused of causing these incidents are not the cause they are merely used as an excuse. besides the story needs to be told and video games can be a huge way of conveying it to todays youth who other wise may not now of what really happened there because text books arent updated enough in there schools.
  8. that is some awesome riding
  9. you dont discuss illegal or potentialy illegal activities on the internet. there are alot of members on this forum and its quite possible there may be a custom official on here
  10. possibly the next one in the welfare line dumb as a board with 10 kids under 10years old, it truely saddens me the ignorense of todays youth just gets worse every year
  11. been folding 24/7 consistantly for about 4 weeks now and just broke into the top 100 if it wasn't for the issues with the water fittings on my southbridge i'd have all 3 of my 260's folding for some killer ppd avg. 9000 - 10000 ppd right now
  12. i was wondering how i could find what thermal output of my processor is i'm sure there is a mathmatic formula for this but dont know where to look
  13. i'm having a similar problem i was folding on my gtx 260's before but yesterday i stopped the clients and enabled sli to play a game. when i was done playing i disabled sli and now i cant get the other clients to start i get the same error message "your gpu is not supported or i need a current driver" what is going on here ?
  14. i was comparing the striker II extreme and the nse on newegg and couldn't see what the difference was between the 2 aside from the chipset . could someone explain the difference in the 2 for me ?
  15. 30 since january on my third build and it took a year to actually complete but then again there is always something else to do to it
  16. The temps don't look bad so torture test and start folding that'll show you any stability problems and if its stable your good
  17. you guys are absolutely right but off topic his question was for recommendations of manufacturers like EVGA, BFG, XFX personally i like EVGA because of their lifetime warranty and the step up program
  18. HELL YEAH TRI-SLI GTX 260's here, overkill or no kill thats what i'm talkin about oh yeah and BTW nice rig Matt
  19. this is absolutely ridiculous first Time Warner buys my previous cable company Adelphia after they finished installing and working out the bugs in the broadband network for the town, then raised the bill for all services, cut back the number of techs at the location. Now they are gonna want charge even more for less. Where does it end is it gonna be when the bill reaches 500 dollars for every household? With unemployment on the rise this something that just cant be tolerated.
  20. mountain mods assension is bigger and costs a bit less and you can customize it http://www.mountainmods.com/ascension-cyo-...-own-p-483.html
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