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  1. yeah i knew would have some reduction in performance but didn't think it would really justify the cost of a full system upgrade to get the full potential of SLI'd gtx 680"s on PCI-E 3.0 since my ASUS rampage II is still a very strong board although it's only got PCI-E 2.0 But the Rampage IV is looking kinda sexy lol
  2. that would great I was concerned that perhaps there may be something different on the backside that could pose a problem
  3. How much of performance loss would be associated with PCI-E 3.0 cards on a PCI-E 2.0 board ?
  4. I think I read somewhere once that the holes are the same for both sockets but was wondering about whether the backplate for my d-tek fuzion v2 would work safely on the socket 2011 boards since i cant find any 2011 brackets for it I already have the 1366 brackets from my ramapge II extreme board but was planning on upgrading to a socket 2011 board Namely the ASUS Rampage IV but dont know if I need to get a new waterblock altogether if what I have will still work
  5. I think i know what it is the video card manufacturers have been trying to subconsciously make the case manufacturers flip the mobo tray over to show how purty the fan side of the card is but seriously even if it was just a piece of plastic with a sticker for cosmetics would be so nice and would only cost a few cents to produce in large volumes especially when they put so much into the side that will never be seen again after install in a tower chassis until upgrade time. and when we're spending USD $400+ on a component that likely only costs them half that to produce if not less, i don't think a few cents more on something to make it more attractive is much to ask of them. sure they have R&D costs to recoup also but i'm sure they have that well within the first month after launch.
  6. funny thing is even with the high end cards still only a few have a backplate to dress them up
  7. just wanted to see what kind of answers or comments this might raise why is it that video card manufacturers make the side of the card that in most computers will never be seen look so nice and leave just a plain somewhat ugly pcb looking up at us in the side window of our towers ?
  8. been thinking about upgrading to SSD's since the price has come down and was just wondering if the OS still recognizes its capacity the same as with mechanical HDD's since the HDD industry views 1000 MB as 1 GB and the OS views it as 1024 MB is 1 GB or are SSD's capacity labeled same as memory is since essentially they are more like a huge permanant memory module
  9. trying to find where is the task manager executible located so that i can program it to one of the G keys on my G19 keyboard
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  11. selling the striker II motherboard and need to remove the stick-on x-shaped backplate
  12. what would be the best method to use to remove the backplate without damaging the motherboard?
  13. scratching head

  14. I have a set of disc's that were previously set up in JBOD on my striker II mobo that have a vast collection of files between the 2 discs . My problem is that my new rampage II mobo does not seem to support JBOD, so I was curious if setting them up in RAID 0 would impact the integrity of the files on the disc array? And if so what other methods of retrieval do I have available to keep those files intact? Note: there are over 600GB of data on the 2 discs
  15. cuz the increase in stock perfomance didn't seem enough for the cost as i'm going to overclck it anyway
  16. finally get to build a new system and wanted to share it with everyone here whats going in it or maybe even brag a little lol CPU: Intel core i7 920 motherboard: Asus Rmapage II Extreme memory : 6 GB 3 x 2gb corsair dominator-GT DDR3 2000 PC3 16000 recycling my 3 gtx 260's power supply and hard disks and liquid cooling system just replacing tubing case: mounatain mods ascension cyo can't wait to start folding on it either
  17. hey thanks guys looks like the bridge would be best suited for my needs i'll have to do a bit more research on google and if i can find one at a lower cost
  18. i want to connect my blu ray player to my wireless network but it only has an ethernet port and no wireless adaptor built in. is there an adaptor available that will connect to the ethernet port or will i just have to run 100 plus feet of cat5 cable thru my house? would much rather not do that. and moving the modem and router to the living room is a practical solution either since i connect my desktop directly to the router via an ethernet cable rather than wireless
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    thanks guys too bad i'm only able to fold on just 2 of my 3 gtx 260's still. i have to make a custom top for the southbridge waterblock since neither the original or the revised tops from ek will allow for 3 cards to be used either one fitting is too high or the other is too low
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    just broke into the top 50 of occ folding :thumbs-up:
  21. i just bought an airplane the price just seemed to good to pass up http://www.nitroplanes.com/new204chathi.html
  22. as long as intel speed step is disabled you should be seeing your overclocked settings at all times in cpuz but there may be another setting in your bios that is being overlooked somewhere that maybe disabled when it should be enabled or vice versa
  23. it seems that since i upgraded and added a third GPU my system is somewhat unstable sometimes, could it be i need to up voltages somewhere to correct this ?
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