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  1. hey guys just got a new set of speakers. i went the 2.0 powered speaker route this time. got myself a Microlab SOLO 7C Amplified 2.0 110W. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.microlab.cn%2Fproduct_detail.asp%3Fid%3D281%26bigclassid%3D15%26smallclassid%3D72&ei=HkxuTuS_KuXimAWrzvjbDA&usg=AFQjCNEKTk_rLIBPFhzDxOjERbc5jLVvGw&sig2=c242iaPeahwi3ho9uurkqQ i'm pretty sure most of you haven't heard of microlab. they are a company based out of china and they make pretty decent speakers. I got these for around 170$ which is a pretty sweet deal considering the speaker quality. The speakers are HUGE and they sound really well as well. i attached a pic so that you guys can have a look. Now coming to the more important part. As I've mentioned I listen to a lot of lossless music and do a lot of gaming as well. Which sound card would be the best for me. I'm ready to spend upto $200. I want to stick to PCI-E considering PCI may no longer be present of future mobos. Should I go with the ASUS Xonar Essense STX or Creative Titanium HD or should I wait for the new Creative Core3D based sound cards to come out. Thank you for your help:D
  2. yeah i completely agree its about time i change my crappy speakers first before getting the sound card. thank you for your advice guys
  3. thank you for clearing that up. Im thinking about getting the HT Omega 7.1. Is this the correct choice considering all my requirements. I thought about getting the X-Fi Fatality card because of its gaming prowess however, music sound quality is of more importance to me.
  4. Even though I plan to buy a Z-5500/Z-906, theres still a possibility that I end up with a speaker setup without optical outputs. Therefore, just to be safe I'm looking for a card with analog outputs. Is there any difference in sound quality with digital outputs compared to analog?
  5. hey guys! I haven't been on these forums for a while now. I need a bit of help regarding a new sound card. I'm prepared to spend around $200. i really want to get the Creative X-Fi Titanium HD or the ASUS Xonar Essence STX. However, I want analog 5.1 inputs, which neither have. Is there any alternative way to set up a 5.1 speaker setup such as the Logitech Z-5500 without using the analog jacks? I currently have a cheap 4.1 Creative M-4500 which i know won't really take advantage of such a high end sound card. I'm saving up for a Logitech Z-906/Z-5500. I am primarily a gamer. But I probably spend more time these days listening to music. I've been using a Creative Audigy Value for several years and it has served me pretty well other than the odd driver issues. Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again
  6. do you think updating the bios might help? anyways thanks guys for the posts.
  7. yeah i tried setting the qpi/dram manually from 1.25 to 1.35 without any luck. I've basically run out of ideas.
  8. hey guys im counting on ur help to get my ram working at its rated speeds. any ideas? or did i just get a damaged kit of ram? really appreciate ur help.
  9. hey i havent been able to get my new A-DATA 1600G 6GB CL9 kit stable at its rated specs after trying for some time. i first tried using the given XMP profile but it crashed after a few minutes. I have tried manually clocking the ram @ 1600 9-9-9-24 (stock) and setting the voltage from 1.64-1.7 without any luck. memtest yielded errors after a few minutes every time. i currently have my processor overclocked @ 3.2Ghz at auto settings (1.24V) and my RAM stable at 1282 9-9-9-24. i just cant get the RAM to work any higher for long periods without getting BSODs. Another thing, Currently HW Monitor shows that VIN1 (which i guess is the DRAM voltage is at 1.74) which is very high. Im holding out on a higher overclock on the processor until i get a TRUE 120 or Noctua U12P. Please help me out!
  10. hey guys i havent been around the occ forum for a while. i need some help with my new system setup. the system will be mainly used as a gaming machine. im looking towards getting a core i5 750 or a core i7 950. the thing is do i really need a i7 950 for purely gaming purposes? i plan to keep my 20" Samsung (1680x1050) for the time being and maybe later shift to a 1920x1200 display. im also looking towards getting a HD6870. should that be enough to fully max out games and achieve playable frame rates at 1680x1050/or 1920x1080? should i get a p55 or h55/57 if i do get the i5 750? i dont have any future crossfire plans. i plan to oc the cpu. motherboard/cpu/ram/gpu/cpucooler recommendations would be great. really appreciate the help. thanks
  11. im pretty sure that its not the games that are freezing because once it freezes nothing works at all. The keyboard doesnt respond. I'l do a p95 oc stability test today. By the way if it can run 3dmark vantage at high settings which i think draws a lot more of power than the games i mentioned....can there stll be a problem with my PSU?
  12. i reformatted my pc and installed windows 7rc the other day and now i see that one of my partitions/drives [D Drive] is missing. Perfect disk sees the drive as 'unmounted'. This drive had no problems before reformatting. Is there any way i can resolve the issue? Help me out please.
  13. ive been using a XFX HD4850 XXX Edition card for around 2 months. Ive reinstalled windows twice but the freezing issue hasnt stopped!. Only FIFA 09 and 3D Mark Vantage seem to work without any freezes. Other games such as Sims3 ,Crysis/Warhead,Far cry2 all freeze after some time! Im using a Gigabyte nforce650sli motherboard and a overclocked @2.8ghz E2140 cpu. Help me out please!
  14. thanks guys i used the built in overdrive utility to overclock the card to 700Mhz and its perfectly stable.
  15. I just got a XFX HD4850XX which has an excellent dual slot cooler so i was wondering which is the best software for overclocking my graphics card. Im using Vista 64bit so i know i cant use ATI tool sadly. Any recomendations?
  16. well around 98...all cores in the 90s. And the motherboard used was a ASUS p5Q-em G45. A thermaltake V1 cooler was also used.
  17. I just overclocked a friend's Q6600 proccessor to 3GHZ with stock voltages and and it ran pretty stable and temps wer fine too (idle 30C-35C) and p95 load 60~68C. Today the temps got upto 98C under p95 load....as shown by hwmonitor/realtemp....but no error was seen. After instantly restarting the PC and entering the BIOS the temps shown were only 30C!! Is there a problem with the sensors? Do the BIOS and Temp monitoring software use different sensors? Im confused! Help really appreciated
  18. Cooling shouldnt be an issue as my XFX card has a custome dual slot cooler and temps are fine under load <70. So its gotta be that damn PSU!
  19. I just bought a XFX HD4850 XXX Edition card which comes slightly oc'd and installed it. Whenever i run a game for around 10~15mins my PC freezes!!!?? NO response from mouse/keyboard. Ive installed the latest drivers but havent formatted my windows installation. I used a 9800gt before this and faced no problems. Is this because of my motherboard (NFORCE 680i Chipset) or my PSU which a Fortrex 600W PSU? Help me out please
  20. Your PSU is a quality one and therefore should not be the reason behind the 'freez-ups'. Please post ur whole configuration/specs.
  21. thanks guys. i'l use the line out from my built in sound card for the audio along with the HDMI-DVI converter for the video.
  22. I just got a XFX HD4850 and i got a free DVI-HDMI converter with it. Im planning on connecting my PC to a HDTV. The Sony Bravia has a HDMI port but will i be able to use the TV speakers with it. I know that HDMI carries both audio and video signals but since im using a converter will it work? If not how do i use the HDTV's speakers? And what is S/PDIF?
  23. im getting a HD4850 in exchange for my 9800GT and some cash.....so i was wondering whether i could manually adjust anti aliasing with ati cards. i currently use nvidia control panel to enable and adjust AA in games like FIFA09 which do not have anti aliasing setting built in. Therefore is it possible to adjust AA manually for every program/game i run using CCC or any other program? Help appreciated
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