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  1. Both MoBo's are on sale. Price doesn't matter. I just have a hard time spending allot of dough on a GPU that we know is garbage next year. I hear you about the warranties but lifetime does sound good. Been doing a ton of reading and its all about the GPU with this game. I just OC my 3870's and I'm hoping just to be able to play. Last call on those MoBo's. I see they are both future proof with IB but what is the major differences in Z68 and P67?
  2. Looks good. I see the MoBo has support for IB when its released. For the GPU's. What do you think of HD 6850 Big fan of lifetime warranties.
  3. I can wait. Just read up on IB and I'd be ok with buying current gen. While I could buy the newer tech I don't want to get caught up in a rat race to play BF3. I did look at some charts for the E8400 and the HD 3870's and the current stuff blows them out of the water. I'd be ok with a 2500k and a new 1155 MOBO and GPU (Nvidia or ATI) For the Mobo I'm figuring $125-$170 GPU - $125-$175 RAM I would just go with my Corsair Any suggestions? Again, my feeling is for the dollars I could seriously improve my specs for not allot of money. The new IB and 7xxxx are going to be some bucks unless I get the lower end 7xxx cards. I think ther may be some comparable 6xxxx cards or Nvidia out now and within the dollars I listed above.
  4. Having a tough time running BF3 with the E8400 rig in my sig. My case, HD's and cooler are fine for a 1155 build. I'm a fan of Giga boards and have always bought ATI cards but will be willing to go Nvidia. I can handle the memory myself. CPU will be the 2500k Sandy. Anyone have any recommendations for the new Mobo and GPU? Or.......Does anyone have any suggestions on some changes I can make with the E8400 rig to play BF3? Using my G15 keyboard I can see CPU is pinned at 100% and RAM is 80-95% during the game. Would the current GPU cause those issues?
  5. Sending one of the sticks back today. I thought there was a thread on this specific run of RAM and all the failures?
  6. What happened to cause the Dominator to fail? I run them and couldn't be happier. Even if they failed now I would come right back to them. I'd give them another shot and try to keep your clocks already set.
  7. Sarcasm lost again in the written word.......... I think they are decent coolers if you get them for teh right dollars. I have a GB board and they seem to fit those pretty well. Meaning I have room for my first dimm slot with high fin RAM. Biggest issue with massive HS is the blocking for other parts. You get past that you can make allot of HS's work for you. For the dollar there are better coolers. The Therm and Tuniq do cool better from every benchmark I have seen. Issues are size. The Zalman products are cake to install with the backplate. I'm a novice at building but didn't have to much trouble with the install. On Ebay there is a guy refurbdoc. I bought mine from him and the hardware was in great condition. I would go that route as he is the cheapest I found for the 9500 or 9700.
  8. Stay away from Zalman. You have to be insane to run them in a rig.
  9. In the future if you don't have the time to list specifics you can't get s specific answer.
  10. 1942 kicked off Desert Combat and then Forgotten Hope. While there have been CS clans for sometime and organized play on ladders CS always had the cheating element associated with it. While Flashpoint I hear was a classic as far as team based organized teamplay BF1942 and its mods are second o none IMO. If you remember Dice scooped up the devs of DC to work for them. BF1942 also rolled into Vietnam, BF2 and BF2142. None of the others had such success. UT2004 kicks .. No doubt but no one joins a UT2004 clan or gets into organized teamplay. Its rapid fire pubbing. Same with Quake. I will say TF2 has been really fun the last few weeks. You should be able to get into teamplay but the action moves so fast its real hard sometimes. The most team play is asking Engies to set up SG's at specific spots.
  11. BF1942 - the game that spawned everything
  12. My girl Cricket. And with Pitbulls. I found angel outside a bar a year or so back. Took forever to find her a home but eventually I did. I always seem to bring home a stray when I drink. Literally came out of the bar saw her walking with a group of kids making grabs for her and I loaded her right in the truck. one kid was like is she yours and I said yes? He saw me come out of the bar? Probably saved her life.
  13. I have a paper from 2007 that was done on Newegg and allot of infomration from Tong. There success strategy has been able to control their inventory and ship within 24 hours from 8 wharehouses. with B&M's of course you have overhead but then you have inventory issues. They prefer to have greater control on inventory than what they would from manufacturers and carriers supplying B&M stores. They are the second biggest e-tailer behind Amazon. And spend on average 2% of their revenue on marketing which is obscenely low. Marketing 330e August 1st, 2007 NewEgg.com Who better to introduce Newegg but Newegg themselves? Who We Are Newegg.com is an online e-commerce company offering more than 25,000 computer hardware and software, consumer electronics and communications products in stock at competitive prices and ready to ship at lightning-speed. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer, hard-core gamer, student, stay-at-home parent, small to medium-sized business, IT professional, reseller or anyone desiring a comprehensive digital lifestyle, you
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