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  1. I recently found this site that allows you to make and keep track of your wagers. I started using wagerville.com and found that I was having fun making little bets with my friends. Well... I accepted a bet that I couldn't win. I got a little over ambitious. My friend wagered me that I couldn't run around a lake near my house three times, but here was the catch , I had to be naked (the classic). The reward would be a new xbox 360 controller (which I need cuz I broke one of mine). I accepted but soon realized that I never thought it through. So I started on my journey around the lake. Coming to about the half way point, I ran into trouble. There was a fence that I had forgotten about. About two months ago, a new family moved into one of the few houses that were right next to the lake. They had decided to put up a fence. I sat there wondering what I should do... climb over the fence or just lose the bet. You guessed it... I climbed over the fence. Turns out that this new family had a dog. It started chasing me and I panicked, so I ran into the house. The mom was in the kitchen and saw me run in naked. She immediatly ran into the other room and called the cops. They got there and yada yada... I got in big trouble. So now that I have shared my story... What is the stupidest bet you have made or have seen a friend do?
  2. That sound pretty good. perhaps that is what I will get.
  3. I feel the same way! America is to hasty when it comes to lawsuits.
  4. 2nd hand smoke is how my friend got asthma really bad and he is also having health problems. His dad smoked around him all the time.
  5. Lol... I get it now! That's pretty nifty i guess.
  6. I would just walk over to walmart and see what they have there first.
  7. I'm trying to figure out what kind of pizza I want to get. I usually get pepperoni with olives but I would like to try something else. What is your favorite type of pizza? :thumbs-up:
  8. Basically, i obviously really new to this site. I'm 17 and live in Idaho. I'm a nerd and have my own website www.randominterests.com That just about sums up me.
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