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  1. Is the drive on its own channel or shared w/ another ATAPI device? You know why I'm asking this right?
  2. Which speed wins? If you have a really fast ATA-133 HDD and a slow ATA-33 CD-ROM on the same IDE cable, Would the effective throughput for the channel be the speed of the slowest device?
  3. Unless one has an "uplink" port, then you can use a straight through cable. OOPS, sorry, didn't read above.
  4. I'm interested in buying a mobo with the Nforce2 chipset, but do I need to have 2 memory modules for the dual channel architecture to work? If I only have one module should I go with a VIA chipset instead?
  5. It's a T-Bred (266 FSB). My mobo is an ASUS A7V8X with the VIA KT400 chipset.
  6. O.K. I have an Athalon XP 1800 (1.53GHz), FSB overclocked only to 1.7GHz. If I go beyond that, my system hangs and reboots, etc. I haven't unlocked my CPU yet, but what else can I do?
  7. WOW! Those are expensive. The PNY cards are like $200. What about Gainward or Chaintech? Are they any good?
  8. Well, I'm finally dumping my nVIDA TNT piece of crap vid card and I'm ready to buy a new one. I'm partial to nVIDIA so I think I'm gonna go with the FX 5600. I found a Chaintech card for under $150. Does anyone have this card or do you have any recommendations?
  9. I am showing 78o F today. My CPU is an Athalon XP 1800. I have a 120 mm Chimney fan, a 120 mm Intake, 2 X 90 mm Exaust fans, and a Volcano 9. No OC yet... My mobo is at 82o F.
  10. What is a good CPU temp? ASUS Probe is showing around 80 degrees Farenheit. Is that good?
  11. O.K. Which TI4800 is better, MSI or Chaintech?
  12. Does anyone know why the "Change Setting" button is always disabled in Device Manager > Device > Resources? How do you change system resources in Win2K with this button disabled? I am logged in as Administrator too.
  13. I'm not too sure about the ASUS nforce mobos, apparently it is a known problem that when you use PC2700 sticks they report "failed memory test" errors, besides the nforce chipsets are too young. I would suggest the VIA chipset for now, let nforce go through puberty first. You can get the ASUS VIA KT400 for $87.99 at pricewatch. As far as your case goes, I think you would have more fun modding a case from scratch. Buy a steel full-tower case and do some of the mods on this site like the 120mm exaust fan on the top, or a plexi window on the side. I think you would be cheating yourself out of some fun if you buy that case.
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