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    Cosmos-S, ASUS Striker II Extreme 790i Ultra SLI, Q9450 (3.6GHZ,450FSB)w/IFX-14/SilenX, 2X XFX 9800 GTX (840/1270/2100), Silverstone 850W, 4G OCZ Platinum 1600EB2G DDR3
  1. glennforum

    Motherboard Advice

    You might want to consider the ASUS Striker II Extreme. I have used many motherboards but this motherboard has been fantastic and I have overclocked my Q9450 to 3.6 just using the automatic overclocking tools within the bios. Runs cool and fast. I have had horrible problems with other motherboards including a couple from EVGA when I tried to build a 780i system. Having SLI available when I want it is a big plus and the 9800 are going to drop in price in July. Something to think about
  2. glennforum

    Coolit Freezone...anyone Have One?

    Did you ever run the tests to see how well your cooler did under load?
  3. glennforum

    Striker Extreme On H20

    My overclock was the easiest ever with this Nvidia based ASUS Striker II Extreme. I am running stock voltage and have a great overclock under air.
  4. glennforum

    Recommendations For Thermal Paste

    I use this: http://www.ocztechnology.com/aboutocz/news/104 OCZ Freeze...definitely works better than the artic silver I used to use. However I still like the artic silver cleaner and prep - has a decent citrus smell and cleans up the CPU and your cooler base really well.
  5. glennforum

    Q9450 Dead??

    Got mine at MicroCenter a few weeks ago. Chip is awesome under normal voltage I have it running 3.6GHZ 450FSB. It runs fantastic! Good luck with your search.
  6. glennforum

    New Coolermaster Cosmos Revision Reviewed

    My original Corsair memory was too tall as well. I ordered OCZ Platinum with standard heat shield so I could fill all the mem slots. They should arrive this AM. If you have any specific questions on the case just let me know - I probably already answered it for myself. I spent a fair amount of time working with the case and at a few moments I thought I was going to have to mod the case but I figured out work-arounds. Good luck with your build.
  7. glennforum

    New Coolermaster Cosmos Revision Reviewed

    Nice review thanks. I installed the IFX-14 CPU Cooler which is pretty massive and I had to move the top fan toward the front of the case and I rotated the side fan 90 degrees and was able to close the case properly. The side fan when rotated has more space to accommodate the cooler - not sure if that will work for your cooler. I also wish the case had the following changes: ESA support All cables sleeved in black (including extenders) Black e-Sata cable Also wish you could protect the power switch - it is very slick looking but I am imagining my machine is going to be accidentally shut off at time. Also there is no reset button on the front of the case. Overall this case is one of the nicest cases I have ever seen or had the pleasure to work with. You will not regret buying this case - looks great - works great! Regards, glenn