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    In progress...
    Kandalf super tower case
    Asus Striker II Formula M.b
    Noctua nh u12p H.S
    Intel Q6600 Cpu

    Have nots:
    N-vidia 9800gx2 G.C
    8Gig of Ram undecided
    850watt Real Power Pro Coolmaster Psu
    O.S undecided possibly XP 64.bt
  1. Thanks This is exactly what i had in mind and worked a treat! Thanks again everyone Regards, Olly
  2. Thanks for a descriptive reply, but I tried this and it comes up with a message saying it cant fix the problem, i also tried restore points to no avail.
  3. If by this you mean creating an image, copying it onto another hard drive and use this hard drive as an operating system then I have tried that and it diddnt work either? Otherwise what else do these programs do? could you elaborate at all?
  4. I recently picked up a sweet pc from a garage sale for $20. I wanted to upgrade my dads rig for him without reinstalling the o.s and starting fresh.. as this is always a hassle for him. I just want to do a straight swap of hard drives so that he will still have all the same files, emails pics etc (the same hard drive). I tried doing the switch but it simply wont boot up in safe mode or anything. I tried booting through vista cd and fixing through that way but no good. I understand the old and new computers have completely different hardware: the old one is an amd 1.0ghz with nvidia gfx card and the new ones an intel p4 2.8Ghz with ati GFX card, mixed and matched i know but is there a way of getting in to the operating system and deleting necesarry drivers for it to boot? Allowing vista to reinstall the needed drivers? Or is there more to it than this? any help would be much appreciated, Regards Olly
  5. I did prime 95 with a temp program and also 3dmark 06 and vantage. how do I run it at a lower divider? does that mean changing the ram timing?
  6. Ok, I underclocked it from 3.3 to 3.1 with 1 stick of 2 gig in this morning and left it, got home from work and it was still on and hadn't rebooted. Tested the ram on memtest and all was good, put the other stick in as well and tested it on memtest and it showed errors, so I put the fsb and voltages back to standard and did memtest with both sticks in and it passed, I dont know whats going on... I just want it to be at 3.1 and be stable with 4 gig... The voltages were at 2.0 when overclocked.
  7. cheers verran ill repost the verdict when i get home from work
  8. I have the system over clocked at the moment. Its a q9300 2.5ghz cpu at 3Ghz all voltages have been increased as I have over clocked. Striker II Formula mobo The speeds of the sticks are on auto but I have increased voltages to them and I assumed as I overclocked the fsb the ram adjusts to it to my knowledge. What I might do is run memtest on them at stock speeds and get back to you...
  9. If I leave my computer running for 24 hours it would no doubt reboot itself by the time I returned to it which was giving me the crap, so I have done some tests and Memtest86 is giving me errors on both sticks of ram. I have 4 gig of ballistix tracer ram 2x2 and after doing memtest on the both sticks in together and getting errors I put each stick in separately and it still comes back with errors for both. So the obvious solution for me is get more ram but I would just like to know if I should be looking anywhere else for any issues before I get new ram? Thanks for any help Regards, Olly
  10. so i might go for the 512 9400gt, and say a 550 watt seasonic psu ( i have a 650watt seasonic in my rig and have been real happy with it) Thanks for the help Nate.
  11. yeh saw that the e4000 is cheaper thanks and they are au dollars. the e4000 could be an option as there isn't that much of an increase between that and the e5000.
  12. Ok So what I have come up with is.... mobo: Asus p5q se $164 cpu: E8500 dual core $303 Ram: 2G Gskill NT or Kingston? $ 58 Gpu: 1G 9400GT $83 Floppy drive $15 Sata: Cd drive pioneer $31 HD: 500G Seagate hd $89 Screen: 22” LG monitor $237 other: Wave Logitech cordless desk top (board & mouse) $87 not sure if i should get a case with power supply or get them separate as the total there is already just over a grand... what do ppl think of that? is there any over kills or anything not up to par or missing? Diddnt think it really needed a different cpu cooler from standard... a grand was a rough figure mum would probably fork out a bit more... cheers for any feedback, Olly
  13. Ok something different, I am going to build a pc for my mum for work, she basically wants to ditch the laptop and get a desktop pc, Graphics aren't an issue as gaming will not happen on this machine but speed and multi processing is, it wont be overclocked. Im just after a balance of quality and reliable parts. I want to put 32bit vista on the machine and I think 2 gig of ram is plenty and a 500gig hard drive will also be sufficient. The budget is 1000 and I need everything (case screen keyboard mouse) to factor in. Any help would be greatly apreciated. Heres The pricelist
  14. yeah grids good especialy on high settings
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