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  1. do any of the stickies address the motherboard, if so can you post a link?
  2. but is there a chance i will destroy my mobo?
  3. i know i need to get a new psu, but is it necessary to get a different board, or will ocing on my current mobo work fine?
  4. i am going to buy the 8800gt to upgrade my graphics. i need to know what type of specs are best for my system, such as the the 640mb, or the 512mb...specs like those, i am not too sure about these
  5. i have a elitegroup 945gct-m/1333 motherboard and an intel core 2 duo 2.33ghz processor, is it safe to overclock without a huge risk?
  6. i think ill go with the 8800, thanks
  7. and for the graphic cards, does it matter what the specs are, because i see some that say xfx, 512mb, whats my best bet, because i have also seens sli(i know i wont be using the capability though) and 320mb. is it worth it to go with the 512 xfx?
  8. is the 9600gt worth the cost for the graphics?
  9. thanks a lot for that input, ill buy a new psu too then, thanks!
  10. so in order for me to install the new graphics card, i absolutely need to get a new psu?
  11. so i can pretty much grab any spec of the 8800gt and what specs do i need to look for in a psu?
  12. will my mobo be able to support the gddr3 memory? and can you recommend a specific design for me that is a good price please? thanks
  13. these are my system specs: vista home premium intel core 2 duo [email protected] 2.33GHz Crucial 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model ati diamond radeon x1550 1023mb graphic memory elitegroup 945gct-m/1333 motherboard i want to upgrade my graphics card to the 8800gt. my question is which specs do i need on the 8800gt because i see some cards that have gddr3, and im just not sure which one to get. possibly post a link if possible; im tryin to only spend between $150-$200. thanks!
  14. a couple questions:... will my mobo support the 8800gt graphics card? whats the max i can oc my current cpu? if i meed a new mobo, what is my best bang for the buck?
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