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  1. My son and I are EXTREMELY interested, but I KNOW I don't have enough juice for it currently, we are looking at his machine to see if he does, will be in touch. EDIT: PM Sent
  2. Heyloo OCC. Took me about 45 minutes to get logged in, Can you imagine how many passwords I've used since I was last here!? Evilslair has died (kinda). Leaving self employment and going back into the real worlds work force kinda put a huge dampening on my electronical expertise. I went from working 3-4 hours a day 7 days a week not leaving a 5 miles radius of my home to 70+ a week and driving all over the state of North Dakota being away from home for weeks at time. I had forgotten just how much I had running from here until I saw my old signature. Kinda crazy 5 servers, two gaming rigs... I game on a 2+ yr old toshiba sattellite with 8g and a A6 now, when I have some free time. Damn thing will play BF4 ... Well It's time to build a new gaming system. I put a EVGA GTX 660 TI in my son's Asus i7 retail machine this Christmas, and holy schneickies... Lets leave it at, it's time for some newness. I'm so far out of touch with everything that I am literally clueless as to what's happeneing in the world of PC now. So I'll prolly be lurking around a bit while I finish rebuilding my bike. ( where the REST of my time and $$ has gone for the last two years and still MONTHS from being finished) .. And try to catch up a little on stuff here. Peaces J
  3. Taco has it. I'll see if I can find a agp card for ya too I'm pretty sure I've got an ATI Rage 128 laying somewhere.
  4. I'll look around I may very well have an AGP card to toss with it I'll look. I just don't need any more clutter in my sig lollll...
  5. Pur3vil

    Diablo 3

    I second this, I've got an NDA signed with my firm for THQ / Kaos. It's tied up pretty much all loose ends including previous employment. On the note of D3, .... patiently waiting.
  6. Sorry, USPS Flat rate box is 14.95 to US. I will ship worldwide provided postage is paid. And yes the items are free but donations are accepted
  7. I don't need it it was given to me, pay for shipping. To the best of my knowledge everything is in good working condition.
  8. My son ( 8 ), went through the SP in Homefront in 2.5 hours on easy and 3 on normal, I've yet to play it, but the MP is ohkay. For BF3 I want the maps back. I miss the gigantic maps, and truly getting into an organized team play. One of the biggest things I liked about the first 2 titles, the structure of the game: It required people skilled in multiple aspects, and really forced you to work together. There hasn't been a game quite like it that I'm personally aware of that did this. Op FP had soem decent sized maps, but I really couldn't get into the gameplay. The rest of the games that I've played teh maps are too small. BC2 was / in an absolute joke of a game in my opinion and I was a preorder-ee... the game lasted no longer then 14 days in my machine. A reformat, and I've yet to reinstall it. PreOrdered Black Ops( still don't have the map pack ), Not really a miserable COD title, and havn't put HF down since the download came in. Maps aren't ridiculous for the size / # of players. Half decent graphics ( when the drivers aren't crashing )... but none of it eqates to BF2... I was seriously thinking abotu reinstalling for PR mod again the other day... Still might... Just my 2 cents.
  9. ROFLZ, I'm not sure, but I will get back to you, I have to ask the wife too. Half my fleet ( auto ), is wanting to break everythign at once, and those take precedence as they are my source of income. So let me holler at her and I'll shoot you back in a day or so.
  10. OHHH, yea, there are certain things I would prefer to buy from members here before evilbay.
  11. Can you give me an item number, the only thing the link did was populate the whole search.
  12. As many gamers as we have here I'm thinking someone might have one they want to get rid of, if you do let me know!
  13. Looking for preferably 8g of 1066, prices are negotiable depending on type.
  14. that's adorable... nice case btw...
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