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  1. I've heard good things about the new Magico Q5 http://www.soundstag...id=37&Itemid=27
  2. Shunyata 1.5m 15 amp Diamondback Platinum power cord - they're having a 50% off sale
  3. Passed two and headed for three. It's a great source for information with a well grounded bunch of people.
  4. From the late eighties, a pair of used Magnepan SMGa with modified crossovers.
  5. Late At Night - Joe Louis Walker and Gatemouth Brown
  6. stats reset again - what league are people in?
  7. If you change the headline and the way the facts are laid out, you get a different impression of the story. The officer was following the rules. He suspected speeding, clocked him with radar to confirm and wrote a ticket. From the headline and beginning of the story, some poor guy was just driving along minding his business when out of the blue he's nailed for speeding based solely on an patrolman's whim. By the end of the story I was annoyed with the reporter and editor.
  8. The drops got worse later in the day. I'm guessing all the new people they sent invites to showed up on Sunday creating an overload. Good test for them tho. BTW, from what I've seen, it's a nice improvement over SC1
  9. The reset occurred with the last patch. Did you play yesterday. I got dropped nearly every game. There are many complaints about it in their forum. I too was amazed at the skill levels of the "new" players. Some have been playing since February but I thought the ones going through the placement round would be somewhat inexperienced like me. Hmmm, maybe when the stats reset, everyone had to go through the placement rounds. To the many that kicked my butt: you're welcome.
  10. I got a StarCraft II Beta Test Invitation yesterday. Is the beta test almost over?
  11. If the sub is an MTX TT6512-02 the specifications call for 200 to 400 w rms @ 2 ohm. The amp you selected from Crutchfield fits within those specs. What ever amp you choose don't assume that a 4 ohm amp will double its output at 2 ohms or even be capable of driving a 2 ohm load. In my home system I have a Threshold that's 250 @8, 500 @4 and 1000 @2. I have an Adcom that's 200 @8 and 350 @4 with no spec listed for 2. I have a Denon AVR that's 80 into 8 and 115 into 6. A good amp should double as you step down but not all do.
  12. Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East - Stormy Monday
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