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  1. Hmm... I bsod on pretty much every voltage. I decided to go back to 3.6 and fiddle with the ram timings. I changed the ram refresh rate a little and I am running pretty smooth. Will run memtest if I encounter any errors right now, and will surely run later. Why would I bsod all of a sudden at 4.0? I set it on auto just to see if I wouldn't bsod, I still did.
  2. Thank you all who helped me get my good oc. I got a new cooler, and temps are great! I lapped my cpu and the hs (did not need much lapping, more polishing) I have a qx9650 at 3.6ghz. Am going to push the multiplier up to 10 and get 4.0ghz.
  3. I had the 9700led The zalman is very easy to apply compound, it comes with a neat brush.
  4. Watch out with memory voltages, memory is very voltage sensitive. Depending on what you do on your pc, you may want to losen timings and bring clock speed up or lower clock speed and tighten the timings.
  5. I know, but the users are pretty smart. What are you using to test? Use prime95.
  6. Well I have decided and bought the XIGMATEK cooler and the mx-2 thermal compound. I also got two 63cfm 120mm fans to mount on both sides of the XIGMATEK, also are a nice blue color. I also got two thermal pads for my mosfets and a new fan for the side door with a grill (old 140mm was beat up because stupid people stuck their fingers in it ) Also, for the XIGMATEK cooler from newegg, it does not come with a backplate, so you need to get one for your socket version.
  7. Try software like coretemp to measure temps. Make sure your pci busses are not set on auto! Run coretemp and make sure your not cooking during the stable oc. If your temps are good, pop the clock up a little and test, if your not stable, push the voltage one setting higher (never go big steps, never!) test and keep your eyes on the temps.
  8. Looks like I might just go for the XIGMATEK cooler. I use a lot of as5, what is the best thermal compound that you know of?
  9. Wow, a lot of information! Thanks for the replies I'm at 3.6, so I thought going to 4.0-4.2 would get me around 66 max. Wanted a better cooler. I have this case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811133052 I'm looking at this HS you suggested http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835207004 So there really isn't much of a difference between the Sunbeam CR-CCTF Core-Contact Freezer and the Thermalright true 120? That Sunbeam looks nice. In the newegg pics it shows the bottom with the heatpipes, do the heatpipes actually contact the IHS directly?
  10. What is a good air cpu cooler around $60, my zalman cnps9700 does not seem to dissipate heat as good as other people have. I have an intel qx9650, have it at 3.6 and am looking to push it to 4ghz. My temps are the only thing in the way. I get about 32c idle and 56 max load, usually 54c load.
  11. Finished 400 grit Finished 600grit Finished 1500 grit Cpu reflection Heatsink done with 800 and 1500 because it was pretty much lapped already I got into the mobo (evga 790i ultra sli) thermal paste, as you can see, it was very dry. Scraped paint from SB heatsink NB scraped Vreg (as5 was removed after noticing sink wasn't in contact, never booted up thank god) Sorry for all of the pics if you have a slow connection.
  12. Yeah I know. Mines kind of mirror as you can see. I went a little far and redid my mobo heatsinks. Forgot about space between hs and vreg now I need to find 1mm thick thermal pads or new vreg heatsinks. The computer The tools The flat surface Processor (notice big stratch or whatever) Heatsink First started (220grit) notice concaveness Finished 220 grit
  13. Im probably going to need more sandpaper <_< Im doing a 220 grit to smooth out the ihs, and are those uneven! The entire ihs is concave, even my old p4 I practiced on was the same. I have some pics if you would like, but I have to get back to sanding. My cpu came with a nice scratch on the ihs, weird?
  14. Lol, and my mobo is duct taped to the desk and my psu is the same. My hdd has hot glue to prevent vibration, and I tied into a refrigerator for my cooling. I like this case
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