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    The Art Of Overclocking

    Thanx a million 4 the info. i'll get started on it right away as 2 my specs, here they are: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asus P4T-E (i850 Chipset) Intel P4 1.60A (1.16 Ghz) FSB: 100
  2. Hi there peepz, this is my first topic/post on this really neat forum; so go a bit easy on me i've got the following thingz that i would like 2 know & thought u might help me out with a tip/lesson or 2; * Which formula can i rely on for succesfully overclocking my system? * What should i avoid or especially pay attention 2? the stuff that i've been receivin' from people didn't really help me out...as in...i still got nowhere near 2 ocing my system so my real probz is: "What is the exact procedure or order 2 follow that i could/must use for ocing my system?" if anybody out there feelz like crackin' their headz 2 help me out a BIG thx 2 you in advance. ciao