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  1. Hey, no just $30 for all the parts, the Mobo/Ram is from a dell/asus machine, so i'm not even really certain on the specs of them. DDR2 though.
  2. Hello all, Got a bunch of things for sale. Everything in USD (shipping from Canada though) and shipping is extra (however message me and we can work something out depending on shipping cost and multiple items, etc.). CPU's Q8300 - $30 (Can take the Motherboard with it if you want to + 4GB DDR2) **Possible Buyer** **SOLD** E8400 (might actually be older, have to confirm exactly what it is) - $15 **SOLD** Celeron G1840 (Pretty much brand new, 1 week of use) - $40 (Original fan/heatsink too.) **SOLD** Cooling Corsair H105 - $50 **SOLD** Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WiFi - $60 **SOLD** RAM GSkill 8GB DDR3 (2400mhz) kit (2x4GB) - $25 **Possible Buyer** **SOLD** Case Bitfenix Prodigy Blue w/window - $20 **Possible Buyer** **SOLD** Pictures:
  3. Also, yes correct. Still a slight possibility that I'll go with the i5-2500, but its all barring I can find a decent mobo for it.
  4. Only problem is now our Canadian dollar isn't worth dick. In the U.S. you can get a 970 for $300, here we pay $430 to $475 and after taxes it's about $525. The cheapest used one I can find around here is $350. Amen to that. Although, I've been seeing some used ones that I might go with. r9 270X for $100.
  5. Actually decided to just grab a video card for her machine instead of swapping things around and complicating things. Now to search for the best thing I can get used/new for $100-150 CDN.
  6. Recently decided, to take my NAS build offline (in favour of a smaller, much, much more low power consumer product. NAS doesn't do much other then backup). So I'm left with a whole set of extra parts, and I'm trying to decide what route to go with in getting the best builds I can for the 2 computers that I actually still need. Pretty much settled on my parts, just need some help decided what to do with all my extra parts for my wife's computer (mild gaming, WoW, Diablo 3, SC2 and office apps) going to be selling off all excess parts to fund the video card for her system (Currently using the A10-6790K APU). Build 1 - Personal Computer CPU: Intel i5-4670k Mobo: GA-H97M-D3H GPU: Sapphire 7870 RAM: 16GB DDR3 @ 800mhz HDD: 128GB Kingston SSD HDD2: 240GB Seagate SSD x2 Build 2 - Wife's Computer CPU: MOBO: GPU: HDD: 240GB OCZ SSD RAM: 8GB DDR3 @ 666mhz Available Parts AMD A10-6790k (CPU) Gigabyte F2A88XN-WIFI (Mobo) Celeron G1840 (CPU) GA-Z87N-WIFI (Mobo) Intel i5-2500 (CPU) Bunch of shitty, Acer/HP mobo's for the i5-2500s Budget: $200-250 **CDN** (Based on selling off all available parts) Regards, Jesse
  7. Monitor: LG 24" 24EA53 x 2 Case: Bitfenix Prodigy Blue (Mini-ITX) Fans: Nouctua NF-F12 x 2 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87N-WIFI Mini-ITX CPU: Intel i5-4670K RAM: 4GB Kingston HyperX Blue DDR3 1600 x2 GPU: Sapphire GHz Edition Raedon 7870 SDD: Seagate 600 240GB x2 Operating System: Windows 8.1 Update x64 Keyboard and Mouse: Dynex Keyboard + Steelseries Sensei Raw Gaming Mouse Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  8. I've actually found a person selling the following stuff all for under the price of the A10-5800K, CPU: AMD Phenom II x2 565 BE Mobo: Some biostar AM3 Video Card: AMD 5770 RAM: 8GB of DDR3 So I'm gonna be using that, for now which should be pretty decent. Saves me almost $100 and I think the 5770 seems pretty decent.
  9. Oh thanks for that link! heh, not overly ready to start buying but for that price I might just pull the trigger. ** Actually edit, doesn't ship to canada
  10. Another question what would produce a better experience (gaming) going with a A10-5800K and using just it without a GPU or getting like a Intel G550 + 7750, price for both around $150 (the A10-5800k, is about $140 but waiting on some sales). Cause I was wondering if I could push the price down to like $310-330.
  11. Does hybrid cross-fire work with the A10-5800K and a 7770? I know the dual graphics thing they are calling it now suggests a 6670 but nothing higher then that. I'm actually thinking of going with a A10-5800K for now without a video card, and just using it with the IGP, since it seems to handle some games fine around 25-35 FPS on medium graphics, then upgrade to a new video card down the road a bit.
  12. About the mobo, I just meant if you don't like gigabyte either a asus/msi board would be just as good. I just have very good luck with gigabyte boards personally. Also for the case, that's completely up to you, I've just used that one a bunch of times and its been great. I also forgot to mention a Heatsink, I'd suggest a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo, if your doing some light OC'ing. You can even grab 2x Scythe "Gentle Typhoon" 120mm Fans to put on the Heatsink. If your doing more intense stuff, maybe look into a Corsair H100 or Noctua NH-D14.
  13. Hey, Well I'll start by saying for under 2k you've got quite a bit of leg room for a system build. This is what I'd get if I had $2k to burn on a system, gonna primarily use canadacomputers.com (but if you not in the toronto area then just use ncix/newegg.ca) CPU: Intel i5-3570K 3.4Ghz - $229 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H - $140 Video Card: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 670 - $390 Ram: G.Skill 8GB DDR3-1800 Kit - $45 Case: CoolerMaster CM690 II USB3.0 - $100 PSU: Corsair HX850M - $170 SSD: Samsung 840 Series 120GB - $110 HDD: Basically any high storage 1-2TB drive based on your needs TOTAL: $1190 + HDD Notes: Motherboard: Note I'm just partial to gigabyte, you can go with an asus/msi board if you like, I've just always had the best luck with gigabyte your mileage may vary! Video Card: This is complete and utter overkill for something like wow / swtor, you'd probably be better off with a 660ti or 7950 and save the cash**
  14. Hey, I'm thinking of building a HTPC which will primarily be used for playing games using steams new "Big Screen" feature along with streaming some content maybe some XBMC. So far I've come up with 2 builds one using AMD, the other with Intel. Build #1: CPU: AMD A8-5600K - $110 MotherBoard: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 - $60 Video Card: Sapphire 7750 1GB - $100 Case: Fractal Design Core 1000 - $45 PSU: Corsair Builder Series 430W - $45 Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB - $25 HDD: Re-Use 500GB TOTAL: $385 Build #2 CPU: Intel Pentium G840 - $80 MotherBoard: Gigabyte B75M-HD3 - $70 Video Card: Gigabyte 7770 1GB - $120 ** -$20 MIR Case: Fractal Design Core 1000 - $45 PSU: Corsair Builder Series 430W - $45 Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB - $25 HDD: Re-Use 500GB TOTAL: $385 ** $365 Any suggestions on how to cut some costs, I'm trying to aim sub $400, but be able to play most current games just above 30fps medium quality or better. That's on either 1680x1050 or 1920x1080. I'm canadian (lol go figure), so if you find any deals remember I'll only be able to access things from Ncix.com / newegg.ca / canadacomputers.com, etc...
  15. Looks like I'll probably stick to a 7850, just gonna keep an eye out over the next month for any decent deals and pull the trigger when one comes in for a decent price. Probably wait for a sapphire too, for some reason I've just always had great luck with them. Someone mentioned why I'm dropping the 2x 4890's, well they work amazing for the 2 years almost that I've had them but man does running both suck a lot of power/output alot of heat. Hell, I almost never have to turn the heater on in the winter when I have my computer on, they do a great job of keeping my computer room warm. Looking to just go back to one card and have Eyefinity/DX11, going to be having a 3 monitor setup soon as I completely replace this current computer over this year.
  16. Gonna start looking at the best deal I can find for 7850's, just from a couple posts I read they OC pretty easy which is always fun What about a 6950, been looking at some reviews and seems like that card comes in quite close to the 7850, and I can get the 6950 2GB version for about $40-50 less.
  17. Hey, Been away from this site for quite some time now, actually been away from doing anything other then coding on my Computer for well over a year now. But the itch is back to take this sucker apart and start dropping in some new things, was just wondering whats the best mid-range card these days, I'm talking around $250 hopefully under this price. Also I'd love the option of being able to connect 3 monitors if that's possible with a single card. I'll also have some 4890's for sale soon, if I go through with this purchase. Thanks a Bunch!
  18. Alright, that helps a bunch. I think I'm just gonna grab a 120GB SSD and probably ditch this one to my girlfriends computer. The 120GB should be able to cover up most of all the programs I have just fine was just wondering if I could get away with just RAID'ing so I didn't have to have 2 separate drives. Cheers
  19. Currently have a 64GB OCZ Agility (first version), and I'm quickly running out of space on it. Was wondering, if I pair it with another SSD does it have to be the exact same one, or could I just grab an agility 3 60GB and use it. I'm not really worried about the speed boost, cause I know it will probably still be pretty much the same which is fast enough. Just want the extra speed without paying over $100
  20. I personally have the Asus Eee Pad (transformer) and if you can get it for the price it is sold here in canada (ie. about 150$ less then the XOOM) i'd say its the best choice on a budget. The screen is top notch, pretty much exactly like the ipad2, is light weight and has the option for the keyboard that turns it into a Android netbook, great for taking notes if you grab a decent word like app off the market. The android tablet landscape is not very diverse, almost all the newer tablets run on the exact same hardware and the same software (very little custom tweaking) so the experience is much the same all around. What should help you decide is finding out which one you enjoy looking at, working with and holding and if any of the preloaded apps are things you'd actually use. I didn't really have a need for a tablet it was more a thing to play with so I went with the cheapest (price wise) one I could find, but I've got to say I prefer its display, design and weight to that of the XOOM.
  21. Well since for some reason there is alot of deals out on these SSD's right now, and my RC version of Win7 is coming to an end now. I've decided to move to putting my OS/Games on a SSD. Just wondered, should i go for 2x 30gb's and put them in raid, or just grab a 60gb one. Right now i can get 2x 30GB OCZ vertex's for 110 each, or a single OCZ 60gb Agility for $217(after tax/shipping)
  22. The RIAA filed a suit against a dead person IIRC, but things like that are easy to overlook I guess.
  23. what exactly is still left for sale? And what kinda price would you be willing to do if I just picked up the ram/cpu. I'm also in toronto.
  24. Where is the amerio when you need it , anyways GL selling um.
  25. Ya I thought as much, must be the new thing to do.
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