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  1. instead of the x fi soundblaster card try the Asus Xonar sound card, it is far better because of driver support/update. This is non existent in vista for the x fi and you will run into to problems. Also the 1 TB samsung F1 (32 mb) hard drives are excellent, fast and quiet, nearly as fast as raptors without the noise issues, I have 2 in raid = very fast
  2. x keo21

    Bye Bye Creative

    Creative heading for bankruptcy OmG how can a company do this kind of thing. A petulant childish act that will spread across the net like wildfire, im glad i dont have shares in this company. They have been exposed as frauds and desrve everything that is coming to them. -1 creative user Frauds, how is stopping a 3rd party driver fraud? :EDIT: Also, if you read a couple pages in, a poster makes some *very* solid, and basically indisputable points.. it is that they are providing a driver for this product that is not truly compatible with Vista (FRAUD) and continuing with the current driver that is designed poorly when clearly a better driver is available, If you read the posts, (a lot by now) you will see the anger, this has thrown up by many people who are quickly turning away from creative, i am one of them. They are frauds because they are providing drivers that dont work correct in order that you will have to upgrade and spend more of you hard earned cash on them, even though there is working drivers out there. I hate this company now Also just look at other threads in this forum , many people with this exact problem
  3. x keo21

    New Build

    Pointless buying the 3870x2 with that mobo, OP clearly wants to sli....I do agree that 9800gx2 is bad buy right now, should of said tat in my earlier post, Whatever your final build i hope it lasts,
  4. x keo21

    New Build

    if I were you i would lose the 2 raptors and buy another samsung HDD in raid 0, performance wise would almost be as good as the 2 raptors with more space, a lot less noise and less cost, Are you sure you need vista ultimate? I have a read an article that the 9800gx2 run very hot and had trouble getting the card working in sli ( i presume you will sli with that motherboard), Maybe you could wait for some revision models? Will the power supply be ok for basically what is quad sli in the future, including overclock, and addon cards, (i doubt it)?