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    overclocked 15m [fbs] cople of mily volts

    fata1ity mb, e4400 cpu, saphier 1650x, 2gb ram 855m fsb
  1. well i only vary rarely attualy use my dvd drive, maybe twice a week, and they have broken after about 3 months each. i have tryed two ide port [all two]. and i will soon try with a different cable and see if that works. the strange thing is they both didn't just stop working but kinda died intermitantly for a will. thanks
  2. hi i am josh, i read some where that some vga's and chipsets serpot the use of a graphics card, and then another graphics card being used as a phisx accelerator. if this is true, then would mixing a 8800gts - 512mb, with an rhiodin 1650 512mb workk on a 650i chipset? thanks
  3. hi got my new shiney computer a wile ago and gess what - the dvd drive broke. so i then had to get a new one, that then worked fine untill now and now it has broken. do dvd drives often brake, it is ide and when i unplug it and clean it sometimes it works again for a wile, are the particulaly reliable cd drives and would a sata cd drive stop this form happening ? thanks ps i had millions of sata ports so that isn't a problem and they look nicer lol
  4. thanks oh well it was worth a try, it was just that you need like 3 adapter to get it to vga and they cost more than the xbox is worth lol =]
  5. hi my name is josh. i was wondering if i could put a 'retro' or 'classic' Xbox [not the 360] hdd in my desktop and then boot up into xboxness. this is partly for space saving and also my xbox screen is kinda dieing but my new pc screen is amazing and i would like to be able to run it onto my screen. i have a spare ide port on my motherboard to put the xbox hdd. and i have a wired xbox 360 controller which i was planing on using. thanks. ps obviouly my pc is much higher speach than the huh humm 'retro' xbox
  6. hi my name is josh and a couple of months ago i upgraded to an BFG 8800gts [512mb] oc. its great i can play crysis on it great. but i was thinking - after whatching a youtube video that it would be nice to run crysis on 3 moniters [as they did in this video] well the 8800gts only has two dual link dvi ports so would buying another one and putting it in sli alow me to use three screens? also one of the screen is a different size [1680x1050] and the other two are [1024x786]. i also cant find the BFG 8800gts anymore can i sli it with any 8800gts 512mb or would non of that attually work? thanks ps my mother board is sli ready
  7. that is amazing accept i looks kinda doddy don't you think without even the fan?
  8. thanks for that. but even though it wouldn't be that much faster it is the slowest component in my rig so that upgrading it would alow me to remove the bottle neck? maybe?
  9. i am using sisoftware sandra - the free vertion. and to change the speed of the ram i was changing the FSB to change the speed [800mhz to 900mhz]. which is interesting becaues the CPU didn't go any faster, i left the FSB:QRD on auto or on independent but i think it is on 1:1. also, if 2GB of 6400-2pc should have a bandwidth of 6.4GB/s shouldn't 4GB have a bandwidth of 12.8GB/s ? and so my 3.75GB/s is even worce. i hope that helped =]
  10. Hi i am josh. i have a slight problem, the bandwith of the ram i am using [ddr2 6400 @ 900mhz [overclocked by 100mhz]] should have a bandwith of 6.4gb/s it said on the box. but even overclocked from 800mhz to 900mhz it is still only, 4.9gb/s and at 800mhz it is only 3.5gb/s. Rig spec M/B Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI [its a 650I chipset] ram 2X1GB of 800mhz geil pc2-6400 and then 2X1GB of 800mhz A-data pc2-6400. all 4GB of which is running at 900mhz Cpu E4400 @ 2.00ghz X2 2mb l2 cache. its just the ram should be pretty fast but it only gets 4.8 on the vista speed think and it is the slowest part of my computer so i was planing on upgrading but if the M/B is busted or somthing then i can't. thanks.
  11. right i have just got a new freezer pro 7, the stock cool was adiquert but for the perpusis of oc it needed to be up graded. but a 0% overclocked it is allmost identical tempreture wise to the stock cooler, with lows of 43c and highs of 52c under low strain. i know it is not ***high cpu explotion*** but it is the same as the cheap standeard one. E4400 @ 2.00ghz x2 ram 4gb pc6400 @ 900mhz [oc] bfg 8800gts 512mb 160gb hdd i have a 25cm fan over the cpu and a 12cm pointing at it from the front, but the hdd is in the middle of the fan so the air is messed up and heated, + going over the hot overclocked ram. i hope you all like the wire management - glue them to the back.
  12. good on you 13 has got to be a good age for biulding pc - so am i but i beat you biult it when i saw 12, nice rig too![i am still using a E4400]
  13. thanks well i did score 393 mflopps which must be good what have others scored with the http://www.netlib.org/benchmark/linpackjava/ tester?
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    Help Please

    thanks i will try the pach and see if that works.
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