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  1. i didn't know where to post it since its a non tech issue i am posting it here i want to purchase a protective case for my phone & i have heard that TPU gives best protection from drop but some guy is saying that TPU cases attract lots of dust not as much as silicone cases but still a lot, this can be a deal breaker for me. so guys is it true that TPU protective cases r dust magnet?
  2. i worked bro but now new problem has emerged now the option of playing videos in 1080p has disappered & the maximum resolution at which i can play is 720p
  3. i don' know where to post this but since i am using windows 8 i am posting my query here. my internet speed is quite slow so whenever i want to watch a video on youtube i wait it to start playing than i pause it and wait till the video is buffered to the end, then i used to play it so i can watch interrupted video but from last many months this is not happening. whenever i pause the video the maximum it buffers is 40-50 seconds foward of the video time where i have paused it even if i wait for an hour or so i will not move beyond that because of this watching youtube videos has been a terribile experience since majority videos r abt 5 minutes or more. i will be very thankfull if anyone can help me in this matter.
  4. Guys i want to purchase Asus MeMO Pad ME172V (since i am getting huge discount on it) & put a 32gb card in it & use it as a download machine & to read ebooks & magzines. so i want to ask u guys do torrent work fine on the pad & is it a good idea or not to use it.
  5. so sandisk is better than the strontium one. Simple answer yes but if this is for a mobile you're not going to see any day to day difference between the two. What is the actual price difference? The Ultra useually also has a mico to SD adapter which is cool.if you have a laptop with a card reader or a card reader for your PC. well i want to use it in tablet the price differene is 9$ (when converted into US dollar).
  6. so sandisk is better than the strontium one.
  7. Guys i want to buy a memory card for myself (i couldn't gift my friend since he already purchased himself) and it came down to two card one is sandisk memory card mobile ultra 32GB Class 10 & Strontium Memory card 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card Class 10. Since both cards are class 10 so they must meet minimum criteria for class 10 but sandisk uses name Ultra so does it offer any additnional performance than the strontium one? since sandisk is priced much higher than strontium i am little hesitant to buy it.
  8. so there is reasonable performane difference on class 10 card over class 6 card in using tab?
  9. so the max it can handle is 32gb but what about my 2nd problem do you know its answer?
  10. My friend resently purchased Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 P3110. i want to gift him a memory card for it but i am very confused which one to choose because of two reasons. 1. gsmarena says it supports 64GB memory card but the site from which he has purchased (Flipkart) it from says it supports to only 32GB. which one is true? http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_tab_2_7_0_p3110-4671.php http://www.flipkart.com/samsung-galaxy-tab-2-p3110/p/itmdhdvpezaut99q?pid=TABDHDVH2G5AZYVY&ref=56d4fc7f-1721-4d94-8e54-bad327b001c2 2. which class memory card should i buy (class 6 or 10) i know 10 is faster but do Galaxy TAB fully utilise the performance enhancement of class 10 card over class 6 card or there is no performance difference in using a class 10 card on the galaxy tab as oppose to 6?
  11. well bro i have M330 (that's what my machine says) bro it is not about 50% but after my cpu usage 100% (in which media player uses 70-80%) movie stop playing smoothly and i see it running frame by frame with distorted voice and video which irritates me. " you don't have hardware acceleration of H.264 (the codec it's likely using)." what do you mean by that pls explain
  12. some more pics the the last one is when i clicked 'show processes from all users"
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