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  1. Hi all, First post here, so please go easy! I've got a P35 Platinum with an e2180 running at 3ghz and ocz 6400 memeory. The memory is supposed to be running at 2.1v, but the memory voltage settings are greyed out in the bios - meaning they can't be set. I reckon I can crank more out of the system, but not without running the memory at recommended voltages. Does anyone know how I can access the memory voltage settings using this board? It should be simple, I'm sure I'm missing something silly. Also I noticed my zalman 9500a cooler with 3 pin connector doesn't show up in the bios. I'm not worried because my temps are never over 45 deg. I'm using the manual controller that comes with the cooler, but does anyone else have a similar experience? thanks in advance,