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  1. Well, I have started ordering the parts . . . I have all the money in my bank now. I got the monitor a few days ago, I've ordered the RAM, DVD burner, DVI cable and I managed to snag the processor that has been out of stock for 3 months, it's on the way now. Anyways . . . I'd just like to confirm again that the RAM I bought, from mushkin is compatible with my mobo, it's the only thing I'm not 100% sure on. I'd also like to ask some advice for when I'm actually building the computer, such anti-static mats and what have you. I also need some tips on cable management, I would love for it to look nice and clean in there when I boot her up.
  2. Since I'm gearing up to actually start purchasing all this. How should I store the pieces until I've got all of them? I've got about $600 on hand right now and I should have the rest within the next three weeks. How should I go about actually buying them?
  3. I guess it's decided then... so it's LESS than 16ms? I thought... I thought more was better? I must've read it wrong. Thank you for clearing that up for me!
  4. I've been thinking about getting this monitor off of Newegg... It costs $259.99 plus $15.31 shipping. Or I could get this monitor for $291.99 at Target. It's 2 inches bigger, but has one less MS (It's 5, compared to Samsungs 6). I work at Target so I could be getting a 10% discount... The Westinghouse would end up being cheaper. Is that worth the loss in MS? I've read that I need > 16ms to avoid ghosting... but the Samsung is supposedly a "gaming" monitor and it's only 6ms... Any advice?
  5. Yeah, the PSU is kind of expensive... I want to get a few more opinions on my PSU... because if I go with the one you recommended, I can get that better card without going too far over my budget... Thanks for the advice and link. EDIT: I was looking at the price BEFORE the rebate... so I would only be saving $50 dollars... I guess I can add another $30 to my budget. Thoughts?
  6. Thanks for those suggestions. I'm going to take your advice on the ram and go with the first set you said. It has the benefit of free shipping. The other set you mentioned is another $10 dollars more and no free shipping. My budget is $1300-$1500. Thanks.
  7. You're the second person to say I should change my RAM so now I'll definitely be checking into that. Do you have any reccomendations? As far as the hard drive is concerned... I've been living off 38GB for 6 years now... I really don't think I'll need more than 150 and if I ever do, I have plenty of bays to put them in. I could afford a bigger one but until I need one that extra money is better spent on TF2 or better RAM!
  8. Why? Scroll wheel to go up and down... insert is useless, I hate it and delete?... Backspace? I hope you're wrong because I do plan on coding heavily, if it end up annoying me... I can always swap when I'm coding.
  9. Hey, I found this forum when I was looking for opinions of the Ideazon Merc Gaming Keyboard. The guy who reviewed it said it wasn't good for coders (I'm a wannabe programmer) but from what I could tell... it wouldn't really be a problem for me. I never use the Insert, Home, Page Up, etc... keys so I went a head and bought it. Well, I bought this, I sacrificed illumination for saving $75 dollars. I'm not getting exactly the kind of headset I want either, but I'll live plus having an extra mouse in case my Logitech MX518 dies? Gold! Anyways, I'm a wannabe programmer currently in college and working at Target. I turn 20 tomorrow and I'm an IRC addict, so you will be seeing me there. I'll want to be overclocking in the future when I'm more competent with computer hardware so it's good that I've found this place. See you around. :thumbs-up:
  10. I was reading the dictionary one day and come across the word. I liked what it meant, how it sounded as an alias and how the words looked together. I originally started off having it as "Regicid3" but I quickly found out how bad that was. :-P I originally was JBA8080161 (my Mom choose it on AOL when I was like... 11) then Izual... I was Izual for a long time. I think I'm finally happy. I went through three months of absolute hell trying to find a new name. I was Helgunn, Cannith... Unbellyfeel. Haha.
  11. I cannot connect right now for some reason... I'm using XChat ... I could be typing it wrong when I tell it what port I'm trying to connect to, but I doubt it. Just in case though: /server irc.worldeclipse.net:6667 I'm on about 12 networks now, I need that 13th! I love to lurk!
  12. Newegg Wish List I just want to make sure all these parts are compatible and such. Also, how is this build for overclocking? I don't plan to start overclocking immediately as I don't trust myself but it'd be nice if my computer was capable of it whenever I become competent with hardware. This is my first post, I'll be making a Introduction thread probably in the proper forum soon, it should be exciting! Thanks for the help. OC Timeline: Changed RAM! I went from this (CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) to this (mushkin 2GB (2 x 1GB) on the recommendation of Eins7ein! Changed Graphics Card! I went from MSI NX8800GT 512M OC GeForce 8800GT to EVGA 512-P3-N841-AR GeForce 8800GTS (G92) on the recommendation of mattwalter85! Changed PSU! I went from PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad to PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 again on the recommendation of mattwalter85!
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