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  1. I have a xfx 680i lt board and a q6600 intel quad core what thermal paste do you reccomend?
  2. Well finally found out it was the motherboard that fried. Sending it back to XFX for a replacement. Thanks guys you are amazing.
  3. ok about to just throw things lol. i have tried to do everything from use cmos jumpers to reset cmos to actually removing the cmos battery for about a week to ensure draining of hte memory. the computer will still not stay on long enough to start loading windows. i even tried to reinstall the operating sys (win xp) but again was unable to get the sys on long enough to even start. what can i do?
  4. Thanks for the help guys but do you have any idea how to fix it so that it will start up?
  5. Just built a new system 680i LT mobo Q6600 quad core 4 X sli ready ocz 1 gig sticks 2 X 8500 gt gpu in sli config I built about two weeks ago and then decide a couple days ago to try the software included with the motherboard. (Nvidia Ntune) The software is supposed to auto overclock the sys. i was running it to see where it would put the "optimum" runnning paramaters. The program gives an error about sys crashes during the process and to click the box if you want it to continue after reboot. I checked the box and started the process. after the second first boot it continued and then procceded to crash again. After this crash the sys would not start. i tried clearing the cmos via the jumper settings to no use. and then after that tried resetting via umper and removing backup battery for 10 to 15 min. the sys will start the boot up process but will not make it to windows bootup screen. the best i have gotten so far is about 30 seconds being on before it auto shutdowns. any ideas???
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