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  1. ill look at the shipping charges then and see where its better for me to buy my WC
  2. I would order from them, but I live in uk so that is going to be a problem, thats why Im going to find the place im buying from on froogle.co.uk, thats because Im cheap . And also I dont want to buy pre-made kits because they are not usually as good of a quality than the custom ones. Anyways Im not reallly supposed to talk now, ill decide what to buy when I get home
  3. k, and is Swiftech MCR220 alright for the radiator?
  4. I dont think there is a way to mount Swiftech RAD-box on the back of my case, and it looks as if it would block my pci slots as well
  5. tbh at first I considered the EK Supreme Acetal water block and I think Im gonna go with that unless its got some major problems that I shoud know about. The Swiftech MCP655 pump looks good and I think Im going to buy it, just 1 more thing. Is it going to affect my performance if I buy one of them reservoirs that fit in the drive bays because due to limited space I think its my best option. And yeah, what radiator should I choose to fit inside the case (antec p182)
  6. and, btw the PSU in my case is placed on the bottom, so does that mean that there will be no place for my pump and reservoir there?
  7. Hiya, I found that the temperatures in my computer are a bit too high, and because of that my overclocking has reached a limit, thats why Im getting WC. Thing is Im really limited on space and my antec p182 takes most of the space under the desk so I would like the WC system to be confined within the case. Im pretty confused and Im not sure what a system like that would require, I googled it but most of the tutorials are really unclear on it. Ive got a Gigabyte DS3R motherboard and a GeForce 8800 gt, for now I would only like to cool the chipset and the cpu (core2duo), with a possible extension to GPU in the future. What should I buy, and is it possible to keep all the required stuff inside the case?
  8. k, and if I wanted to overclock my C2D E6600 (stock @ 2.4) to 3.4/3.8 ( something in this range) would I have to invest in water cooling, my current heatsink is a scythe ninja running in fanless mode
  9. my budget is around 150 pounds, but all the purchases have to made from aria.co.uk and they are quite expensive (its my only local store, and I need the parts preety soon) I want both the computers to perform as well as possible in gaming and Im running windows xp and is that alright for the memory? Patriot DDR2 PC6400 / 800MHz
  10. Hiya, Im ive got a little dillema I need to get a new motherboard to suit my needs:D My current setup: Geforce 8800gt 2gb-no name ram Asus P5LD2 SE Intel C2D E6600 (2.4ghz) 600W TAGAN PSU Im building a new computer, and the parts I need are: memory Motherboard so I figured I can put in it the things I currently own in it (so the P5LD2 SE and the no named ram goes in it^^(Im not mean Im the user of the "new" computer anyway, itsn ot like Im building it for some1 else) I want to overclock my C2D to 3.2ghz, but with the current mobo and ram I was afraid so thats the point where you come in:D What should I do, buy a new mobo and ram and put it in my computer and put the old parts in the ocmputer Im building, or buy old cheap parts and put it in the computer Im building. Im thinking about the new components mobo and currently Ive settled on a Gigabyte p35-DS3R and some 2 gb patriot ram. its not gonna come really expensive (around 90 pounds for both) so its a good upgrade. oh yeah, if you want to know my old pc config: Pentium 4 3ghz Geforce 6600 a dvd drive??^^ rofl and a 300w psu. so the rest ive got to buy is basically what I need for my new comp. Tia for your answers:D oh and btw. all my purchases have to be from www.aria.co.uk
  11. erm I doubt its software related, I have reinstalled the system so even if it was software related (thats what I thought) its not anymore:D k, Ive run diablo in window mode and it works, but its so small:D i barely see anything so yeah help would be needed
  12. I know that, I played it before on this computer, thing is, it doesnt work any more
  13. erm, it took a lot of thinking to decide where to put this topic, as there is no help section this is the closest to it (thats in my opinion I prolly got it wrong anyways). To start it off, Im on holidays now (If you can call it that Im just in poland for a while (I live in england)) and there is this old pc. A few years ago (bout 8) it was a decent gaming rig, and now Im just using it to play old games on it (Diablo II FTW!!!), but something weird happened I installed diablo and to my suprise the game stopped working, I mean it launches and everything but than it starts to lag and its kind of annoying Im guessing that the framerate is about 0.5 fps or slower^^. Not really concerned about it I installed starcraft (come on does this game even have any requirements?) and guess what? It lags again but this tame the framerate is up to about 6fps^^. So according to my standard procedure Ive formatted the computer and reinstalled the system again, installed diablo and.... it lags. So I jumped straight into the bios and it turned out my cpu speed decreased to 400mhz which is 2x lower what it was b4 (its a PIII 800mhz cpu) so I increased it. After that I took a look at the temperature and its 80*C. I thought that this is the reason for the performance drop but noo, I installed a new fan and the temperature dropped to 50*c (dont ask me how I found a fan that did fit this socket), and yeah there is an increase in performance (the fps in diablo II is now around 2fps Almost playable^^ rofl). Im desperate now, I wanted to complete W III b4 the end of easter holidays (a bit more than a week from now) but it doesnt seem I really will be able to do it. If any1 could help me it would be really appreciated, and please dont tell me to buy a new computer, Ive got a gaming rig at home and I dont need a new one. The current specification of my computer is: Geforce 2mx 32mb Pentium III 800mhz 384 mb ram a 230v psu that doesnt seem to have a name/brand. If I missed anything please tell me, and if there is a different category this topic should be in, please move the topic, dont delete it it took me too much time to write it:D
  14. rofl, sorry for the big refresh but I was skiing:D My budget went up to around 520-540 usd with some possible increases. So what should I do? Maybe I shouldnt buy anything now get up to around 1k usd and sell my gfx card and than buy a 9800gtx or 2x9800gt when it comes out. or maybe buy a new processor Ive got no idea, any help would be appreciated
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