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    Gigabyte P35 DS3L
    Intel E2160 @ 3ghz
    Kingston HyperX 2X1GB DDR2800
    Xigmatek HDT-S1283
    POWERCOLOR Radeon X1950 Pro 256mb
  1. I just purchased an XFX 8800GT with a nice Zalman cooler for $185.00 including tax & shipping. Not a bad buy at all I'd say considering it is still dominating the benchmarks for its price range and then some. Oh and by the way I forgot to mention I purchased it from Newegg.com. Here is the link to the card. Comes with all connectors as expected and includes free 3 days UPS ground shipping with a free copy of Company of Heroes. I understand you don't game as often anymore but all the same it adds some perks to the possible purchase. There are other recommendations such as the PowerColor X1950Pro 256mb which I currently have (waiting on 8800GT to arrive after weekend) and it performs better than I had expected it and also comes with an appealing price tag. My final recommendation would be the 8600GT but for the same or less money you can get the better performing X1950Pro.
  2. is 45C under load hot for this card? i will be playing css for about an hour or so and my cpu will lock up and restart.. I have a 3ghz oc with no voltage increases but it passes orthos just fine, doesnt get hotter than 50C at load. Trying to narrow down this issue. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Thanks so much waybones. Your help has been very understandable even to a beginner such as myself. I am running at 333fsb with 1:1 ratio @ 667. The memory is set at 1.8v. Would an increase in memory voltage increase performance or is this only necessary if i have overclocked my memory? Also I've been running the pc outside of the case because I feel that the northbridge heatsink is running a bit warm. I'm sure you have read about that most ds3 mobos having that issue.. I had an asrock d667 and I bought the ds3l because it didnt synchronize the pcie bus speed with the fsb like the asrock did. Taking the pc out of the case has lowered the temps quite at a bit as you can image. Here are the temps without the case though!
  4. Since learning of mnpctech.com I have been watching a lot of their videos and I am getting more and more eager to make a case mod of my own. Nothing crazy, but something very efficient for air cooling and space (need some extra width for heatsink) at a reasonable cost. The Lian-Li PC7 case is priced around $120 and I was just giving an example of something that has stock headroom for modding. Could anyone of you very knowledgable forum members give me some suggestions?
  5. i have kingston hyperx dd2800 memory. would you happen to have the same as well?
  6. NOTE: Is it normal for my vcore to be at this level when I have made no voltage adjustments? Normal vcore for E2160 is 1.325..
  7. My first build but i have done research for many years. I haven't been able to build one of my own until recently. I have set the offsets correctly in SpeedFan from what I read on the Core 2 Duo Thermal Guide (+15). The side panel is off the case because the heatsink was too large. Ambient temp is 21C. Are these temps normal or are they cooler than expected?
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