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    Lian Li Lancool Dragon Lord K60
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    2x Patriot Pyro 60Gb SSDs
    Corsair Vx550 550 watt psu
  1. I used chrome on both my tablet and phone. It is definitely much better than most third party browsers except ICS Browser+. I am just hoping someday chrome's extensions will be brought to the mobile version.
  2. That is what I was thinking about doing because it seems like the only thing that will work. Okay I installed a version of dd wrt from back in December and that seems to have cleared up the wired computers not seeing each other. Now I just need to see if I will have problems with data rates going down like I did with the version of dd wrt released by Buffalo themselves.
  3. I don't have a vlan section in my router config. The only way I can mess with vlans is by sshing into the router itself, but I am pretty that it is doing nothing. By what I understand from dd-wrt's wiki articles on vlans it is only broadcom hardware that supports it to beginning with. It is release 18777.
  4. So Here I am asking you guys on here again. Is there anyone here who understands dd-wrt well enough to give me some help?
  5. I just did a factory reset and that got me nothing. I am about go ask some questions in the dd wrt forums. Thanks for your help though.
  6. I tried seeing if I could ping one computer from the other and all I get is destination host unreachable. But yet both of the wired computers can ping all the wireless clients on the network.
  7. No not really. The only service I really use is assigning ips to my computers, but that was setup before the upgrade. I can't find the settings for vlan anywhere in my router settings.
  8. For the past couple of weeks the two computers on my network that are wired through ethernet have not been able to to see each other on the network and it it really starting to frustrate me. All the computers connected through the wireless can see the wired computers just fine. Here is info if it may help you: One computer is running Linux Mint 13 using samba to share files(Like I said all the wireless computers can see this share just fine.) Another is a dual boot running both the Windows 8 consumer preview and Linux Mint 12 Finally the router is a buffalo wzr-hp G300NH v1 running the latest DD_WRT build available. Got any ideas?
  9. Thanks wevsspot, the Sager I was looking at seemed like a good deal as well. But I am pretty certain now that I am going to upgrade my desktop.
  10. Could either of the laptops mentioned be a real good replacement for a desktop?
  11. I would say go with the Vertex you are planning on getting. From what I have heard and read they are very good.
  12. I have added the Sager NP3250 to my choices. I guess what I am asking is what is better for a computer science major that does not live on campus and will be spending long tracks of time on campus?
  13. The main reason for upgrading is that I can bog down my current PC pretty quickly. I was just wondering if I could make a good desktop replacement with a laptop. I would also probably be doing some coursework on it.
  14. I have looked at the laptops in the $250-300 range and I don't really like them. I should have also put that I want to be able to play games on it at somewhat good settings. I also like to be able to watch the occasional blu-ray or 1080 video on it.
  15. I am a computer science major and I was wondering if upgrading my current desktop or buying a new laptop is a better deal. My current desktop is in my sig. What I am looking to upgrade to if I go that route is an AMD Phenom II x4 955, 8 gbs of memory,OCZ agility 2 160gb ssd, and an Asus m5a97 970 am3+ motherboard. The laptop I am looking at is the HP dv6zqe it has an: AMD Quad-core A6-3400m @ 2.3GHz/1.4GHz with 4mb of l2 1GB GDDR5 Radeon HD Dual Graphics 6gb of DDR3 memory 640gb hdd 9 cell lithium ion battery 15.6" full 1080 led screen with anti-glare Blu-ray player So which is better?
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