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  1. I understand what folding is as I have read a few articles about the subject. I was just wondering what benefit does the [email protected] get other than just the satisfaction of spreading of knowledge. I think this is certainly laudable and would participate if I had the funds to get satisfactory cards to support this with the necessay equipment. (not to mention the time) If I understand correctly the software is freely given to those who do?
  2. I have had experience with some MB and CPU's that do not like odd numbers for some reason. One Motherboard and CPU combination will accept about a 10% or 20% over clock but will not under any circumstance take a 15%. (or anything in between) While I have experience with a lot of systems and builds, I may not have the experience that some of the others have with overclocking. My current system is fairly forgiving and will let me do almost anything I desire. (Have an ASUS MB) Did you try an even number multiple with your OC? I am not certain that helps but I will accept criticism from the others on this system if they believe me to be incorrect. Thanks
  3. I am not certain if you are referring to the "SDRAM" (which your link says this patriot memory is) or the fact that some RAM is SLI ready such as the OCZ ram. The "SLI ready" is supposed to certify that this RAM is rated by the manufacturer to work on SLI enabled motherboards. If the motherboard is DDR2 or DDR3 ready with a PC-8500 (or PC2/3-what ever speed) the matching memory module will work just fine. Please note a number of manufacturers also make power supplies rated as either crossfire or sli ready. This is just a way of trying to communicating with the public that their product will work with crossfire or sli ready motherboards.
  4. I was able to overclock my E8400 to 3.9G on air cooling but I had to get a much larger heat sink. Becareful what video card you use. Some don't time correctly with some board combinations. I used an Asus mobo with an EN8800GT. It works fine at stock speed but didn't like the over clock condition. I think If I used another mobo (later model) with a different card I could get this CPU to overclock nicely. (or even just another card)
  5. Both are good CPU's but I spotted a better deal than both of these you mentioned. It isi at: http://www.microcenter.com/search/search_r...=nav_byopc_proc They were selling a Q9550 for $169.99 I am not certain if they are available for mail purchase. As for the E8400. That is a great CPU. I own one and love it. It plays all the games perfectly. It gives me a vista rating (CPU Only) of 5.7 I have it with an older model Asus EN8800GT 1GB version. It doesn't overclock well with that system but at stock speed works wonderfully. It will play any game. (including Crysis at 46 FPS) My setup got me a 3DMark06 rating of 12100. Admittedly that is not the fastest setup on the block but it is rated as a common game rated machine and I'm happy since I bought it cheap.
  6. I hope they have better drivers than past versions with the first release software. What good is a faster card with out better driver support?
  7. I believe that the P5Q SE Plus is better because of the P45 chipset is slightly better than the P43 chipset.
  8. I have an E8400 and I love it. HOWEVER, I know for a fact that the Q6600 is rated by Intel as 38 GFLOPS of processing power vs E8400 with 24 GFLOPS. I know that is peak performance but the Q6600 field tests show it to be slightly faster as a practical matter. I think I would stick to the Q6600 if it were mine.
  9. Has anybody read if Asus is going to update their Gamers Crosshair II board with the AMD chipset when it is available. I am anxious to see if they can finally end Intel's recent run at the top of the stack. In the past AMD came out with one that Beat Intel then Vice Versa. I love the competition between them. It makes me feel like a 2 year old in a toy store.
  10. I had a similar experience. I needed to switch out a motherboard from an Intel to a AMD with a totally different chipset/video card etc... I did not want to re-install the rascal because some of the software I had purchased was via download only and the vender did not want to make it available via disk. I didn't want to pay for the software again. In my case it was an easy change. No issues. I just had to have the drivers available on one of the DVD's and in about 5 or 6 minutes it was up and running fine.
  11. I had problems with an ATI product and had to revert to a driver more friendly with my AM2 motherboard. Also, what other programs do you have installed? could these be running in the background not be compatable? Might want to check this out.
  12. Personally I'm fond of Asus Motherboards. I read a favorable review M3A78 but I can't seem to locate it now. I vote for the Asus I am partial to their products.
  13. I can't speak to that motherboard but I have that memory in an other AM2 motherboard and it works well. I have a friend who has that CPU however and he swears by it.
  14. Hey gang, Has anybody heard anything about ATI's next installment of video cards? What will be their response to the Latest NVIDIA's GTX 295? I'm dying to see what's ahead!
  15. I'm Partial to the Asus Crosshair II for AMD but If I were you I'd wait until after January when the Phenom II's come out. Good Luck! OH and Merry Christmas!
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