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    Fsb Settings With A7n8x

    So does that mean the PC stats way is the right way? anyone got a better idea for a more accessible easy to use less likely to make a bodged job of breaking and making the connections on the CPU? thanx again B)
  2. I-Can-D

    Fsb Settings With A7n8x

    OK i made a bad decision not looking into which core my CPU would be before buying the XP2100+ so it looks like im stuck with the palomino core, I do have one dilemma though, i've seen guides such as this one http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?art...eid=1009&page=2 but i daren't take a dremel to my precious CPU cause im likely to bollox it up! is there any other way i can get round it? Are these bridges correct: L10 [closed:open] L3 [open : open : closed : closed] L4 [open : open: closed : closed] Thanx for any help on this, i just wanna make sure that im doing it the right way, if anyone out there has an overclocked a palomino XP 2100+ what are the overclocking capabilities like, nothing compared to the tbread i know but what sorta speeds can i achieve and if i made a succesful overclock could i raise my FSB to over my current limit which is 145? Cheerz
  3. I-Can-D

    Fsb Settings With A7n8x

    Nothing got damaged it was just my CPU being crap, its a palamino , here i was trying to get something special to happen, i guess it will never happen with a palamino. I changed my graphics settings and things are working fine, better than before since i also fine tuned the memory settings to 4-2-2-2 I get a score of 13870 in 3Dmark when i overclock to 1.89Ghz @ 145 FSB and 12946 with 133 FSB & CPU @ 1.73Ghz. Best scores i've had yet. I know theres no way to get as much performance out of my cpu in comparison to a thrbred but is there easy ways to unlock em? If not any other recommendations to what i can do to improve performance? cheerz
  4. I-Can-D

    Fsb Settings With A7n8x

    Yeah i gave the memory more voltage, i also tried changing the multiplier by lowering it and then increasing the FSB but it just results in the Speech reporter telling me that overclocking failed, even if i calculate it so that the internal clock will be 1.73ghz the default for the XP 2100+
  5. I-Can-D

    Fsb Settings With A7n8x

    After some more messing around, i can get the FSB up to 145 maximum, but it seems to make the system more slower. i set the voltage higher too, anything over 145 and it tells me i can't proceed without downclocking the CPU. My CPU is not unlocked so i can't change the multiplier, is that right? ok so now i returned the settings back to normal and i seem to be getting about 1000 marks lower in 3dmark and there are 2 lines appearing at the top and left side of the screen just before each test is run, a similar line appears in UT2003 although i don't notice any change playing it. My memory latency settings are set to 2-2-2-6. the 6 being the Active to precharge delay, is that something to do with it? should I assign my graphics card its own freqency? any help is all good. cheerz A7N8X mobo (deluxe) BIOS version 1002 AMD Athlon XP 2100+ Thermaltake Volcano 7+ Corsair DDR Memory XMS3200 CAS2 Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro Maxtor 540DX 60GB HD Antec True Power 380W PSU
  6. Hi my first post here, i'm a noob when it cums to overclocking. But i got interested so I thought i'd try a little few tweaks here and there to try and get that bit more out of my system, first i upped the AGP card voltage from 1.5 to 1.7 no problems there, next i upped the FSB from default 133 (cpu running at 1.73Ghz) to 135 (multiplier staying at default 13x) no problem. I upped again from 135 to 139 saved the settings to the BIOS it went to restart but nothing happened, i restarted again and it booted up fine and reported a speed of 1.8Ghz with WCPUID. I was using ASUS Probe 2 to check the temperature and it was nearing 52 here, but i still was thinking about a little bit more, i could switch the fan up to median or high if i was going to use the higher FSB mainly for gaming. I went back into bios and upped the FSB to 143. The comp wouldn't restart so i had to clear the CMOS. I then tried getting the settings back to the 139 FSB but it wasn't having any of it. I'm now back to the normal 133 FSB but I wanna know is there anything i'm doing majorally wrong? should i be upping the CPU voltage from 1.75 to like 1.80 or something. Cheerz for any help setup below: A7N8X mobo (deluxe) BIos version 1002 AMD Athlon XP 2100+ Thermaltake Volcano 7+ Corsair 3200 DDR Memory Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro Maxtor 540DX 60GB HD Antec True Power 380W PSU