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    Who are the most annoying fanboys?

    They make you feel small? They lift heavier weights? Maybe you should have finished your thought. Using the term fanboy is gay as all hell.
  2. rourkchris

    The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

    First gameplay video http://www.ea.com/battlefield3/videos/gameplay-debut?sourceid=eag2966&om_u=2310268208&om_i=_BNZvNeB8ZU77h5
  3. rourkchris

    OCC Awards 2010, Nominations

    Hardware Video/Monitor Help - Cpu/Motherboard Help- Modding/Case Help- PSU Help- Paulktreg Software Help/Programming Help- Overclocking Help- General Help- Member Coolest Member- IVITHIOS Coolest Staff- tacohunter52 only guy I know who has a CPU eating dog! Geekiest Geek- Most Bannable Member/Staff- Sack Patrol Best Rookie Member- Nyt Ryda Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staff- Best Spammer- Sack Patrol Most Annoying Member/Staff- Sack Patrol Funniest Member/Staff- Worst User of English Language- Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer- Most Improved- Best/Most Forum Pwned- Sack Patrol Best Political Debater- LoArmistead Best Gamer-Krazyxazn Worst Gamer- Sack Patrol Overclocking Most Extreme Overclock-The Smith Most Extreme Cooling-roadrunner Coolest Cooling Solution-roadrunner Mods Best Case Mod-IVITHIOS Most Ghetto Mod-IVITHIOS Best Avatar- Best Sig- Best User Title- Best Username- Coolest Rig- Best All Around Member
  4. rourkchris

    XFX Contest

    My specs would be as follows: Asus M4A89TD PRO AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Prolimatech Megahalems CPU cooler Mushkin Enhanced Redline 8GB DDR3 1600 XFX Radeon HD 6950 2GB 1TB WD Black 7200 RPM HDD HP 8X Blu Ray drive Antec DF-85 Black Computer Case XFX 750 watt power supply
  5. rourkchris

    "Why Are You People Defending Apple?"

    What do you mean "you people"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAlVKgl_zCQ
  6. rourkchris

    Anyone else have problems with Newark.com?

    Nobody looks until after they've had a problem. resellerratings is a good place to check first.
  7. rourkchris

    Anyone else have problems with Newark.com?

    The BBB has zero authority don't waste your time there.
  8. rourkchris

    AMD (ATi) Catalyst 11.1

    I have the same issue with HULU crashing to a green screen and the "display driver failed" error on a single 5870. It only happens rarely and when I watch the long-form commercial option when offered. Means I have to go back and watch more commercials when it fails. Never had youtube fail though.
  9. rourkchris

    How many games do you have installed at one time?

    +20, actual # is 44.
  10. rourkchris

    Customer service that has surprised you

    Mushkin-had a stick of PC150 512MB SDRAM a few years ago and it quit working, they replaced it instantly. They didn't require a receipt or charge me a dime. Very impressed and they've had the bulk of my RAM purchases since and even a couple of PSUs. I'm a customer for life. Zalman-had a 9700 CPU heatsink and misplaced the AMD mounting hardware. Emailed support and 3 days later I received the mounting hardware free of charge. Very impressive. Worst customer service is by far AT&T and Dish Network. Both were pushy beyond the point of discomfort and charged to shut off their services after their contract had ended. Both are just crap to deal with in every way. I couldn't watch the BCS national championship last night after waiting an entire year for it. Now I have gone back to cable and the satelite receivers are boxed up and getting sent back tomorrow. They charged me $50 to shut it off and are trying to add more charges. Just a craptastic company that can't deliver the service they charge you for and then charge you more when you want them out of your life. Every flyer and letter they send me in the mail will be set aside in a box and mailed to them every year on the same day the BCS national championship is being played until they stop sending them. I would have put newegg in here as I've had several great customer service experiences in the past but less than satisfactory since their IPO.
  11. Insist on studying without pants.
  12. rourkchris

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Received this as a gift a week ago. Today tried playing in multiplayer like I have everyday for the last week and BlackOpsMP.exe kept failing and the game would crash. Very frustrating. After trying nearly everything I could think of and exhaustive research I decided to remove the game and re-download it. This takes about a day at my ISP's speed. Not sure what happened and have never personally had this happen previously with any other games. It was fun while it lasted but took some getting used to after months of BFBC2. I still go back and forth between the two games.
  13. rourkchris

    The Unofficial Battlefield Bad Company 2 Thread

    Played one round of Operation Hastings today, seems fun. Hopefully we'll see some more maps for BFBC2 Vietnam down the road.
  14. rourkchris

    What is your favorite of these titles?

    Under the your opinion isn't listed so you don't vote. Sometimes you're not included, accept it. Couldn't you have just not posted if it wasn't relevant to you and moved on or started your own? I don't post in the minecraft thread as I don't play that game, it's fine and doesn't hurt my feelings. No need for me to ask for the thread to change to suit my needs. Sorry but I see people asking for a thread change to suit their needs all the time and it's just ridiculous. The thread is titled, "What is your favorite of these titles?" not what is your favorite title. Not trying to pick on you here but come on. Where I think BFBC2 really missed on is the squad limitation of 4 members and being able to join your friends and play on each other's side. Even that horrible MW2 matchmaking system at least let you play together with a group of friends. The game has had a number of problems but overall it's still my favorite.
  15. rourkchris

    What is your favorite of these titles?

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 hands down for me. I just love that it requires teamwork so anyone can get involved and be successful if they communicate. You don't have to run out and get a ton of kills to feel like you're good. Be a medic and help out healing and reviving, snipe, engineer and keep the tanks up, or assault but you can help out the other classes by giving ammo. No killstreaks! They are slow to get things done but they do listen to the community and make changes trying to improve the game and balance it out. An additional expansion like Vietnam is like icing on the cake. MOH is the biggest disappointment to me in years. $60 completely wasted, I just don't play it and have no desire to.
  16. rourkchris

    The Unofficial Battlefield Bad Company 2 Thread

    I'm really enjoying it. The flame thrower is tougher to use than I thought but it keeps things balanced.
  17. rourkchris

    Upcoming Battlefield(s) Information

    Got the email yesterday for battlefield play4free beta. Installing now, works for IE or Firefox.
  18. rourkchris

    Had to take a Shower- Wiki Fallout- Yuk

    Man should you really do your own fact finding and research. Look at the declassified documents concerning the Gulf of Tonkin event. This started the Vietnam war for the US and our 58,000+ US casualties. Still think they have your best interests at heart and don't spew propoganda? It was propoganda and it wasn't from "liberals". It never happened the way they said(propoganda) and was a weak excuse to get into a war that tore this country and many others (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc) apart. That's just one example in a long line of events of propoganda. Remember George W. Bush declaring "Mission Accomplished" victory speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in 2003? Is the war still going on or was that propoganda? Think long and hard. Was there a bit of theatrical flair with the president landing in a Lockheed S-3 Viking jet. Did that ring of propoganda? Was he a "liberal"? I don't think it served my best interests at all. Against "the war"? there are two wars that I'm aware of at the moment. Or did the media decide to quit reporting on them? Out of site out of mind, another form of propoganda. Why did the media not take pictures of the caskets of our dead soldiers coming home? Our government asked the media not to show images of our soldiers returning in caskets so public opinion wouldn't turn against the wars like it had during the Vietnam war. That's propoganda. WikiLeaks serves it's purpose by exposing the truth. The last I knew the truth wasn't a thing to be hidden away. He's no different than any other news agency that exposes secrets. The Washington Post exposed Watergate and got Richard Nixon to resign. You need somebody outside of the group making the rules to keep everyone honest. If you depend on your government to self-report then you're just asking to be lied to.
  19. Thanks I appreciate the response. That's what I love about this site, the owner and the reviewers answer your questions and will test further to answer product questions. Sets the site apart from others.
  20. rourkchris

    The Unofficial Battlefield Bad Company 2 Thread

    Unlocking Operation Hastings video
  21. rourkchris

    Had to take a Shower- Wiki Fallout- Yuk

    I thought transparency was part of our President's platform, what's the problem?
  22. rourkchris

    My friends smoke

    I quit about 6 months ago. Cold turkey no patches or pills to prolong the suffering. Absolutely nothing you can possibly do to get others to quit. You either quit on your own or you keep using. It's a very strong addiction that you just have to make up your mind to break free from.
  23. rourkchris

    The Unofficial Battlefield Bad Company 2 Thread

    So Sigmund Freud was right....