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  1. I like that the riot sheild is back, loved it in MW2.
  2. I just upgraded from a 5870 to a GTX570 and am very satisfied with the switch. I play BFBC2 more than I care to admit and upgraded with BF3 in mind. You would be very satisfied with the GTX570's performance in both these games. The difference to me is astounding.
  3. It was because PayPal stopped allowing payments to WikiLeaks. This was some time ago, you're a little late to the party. The first hack of paypal was in early December of last year http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/132751-hackers-attack-mastercard-paypal-over-wikileaks and the latest hack was at the end of July this year http://storify.com/globaltvnews/hackers-launch-online-attack-against-paypal
  4. I get lag spikes from my GPU temps. I peak at 90+ and have to turn the fan speed to 70% or higher on my 5870. It's gotten so bad that I ordered an aftermarket cooler for my card. BFBC2 is CPU intensive so perhaps it's your GPU dumping heat into your system and causing CPU/system temps to increase. Try taking the side panel of your case off and try turning your GPU fan speed up to 70% or higher. You're not the only one with this problem from this game. I hope you get it figured out it really is a great game. It's annoyed me to the point that I plan to upgrade my card and go nVidia this time around for BF3.
  5. I see peploe reselling EVGA b stock all of the time at another site. No warranty after 90 days but you know it works and can get a decent deal.
  6. Fairly happy with my picks. A little weak in the RB area but WR and D is strong.
  7. The alpha is closed. It was great fun. You'll have to wait on the beta. I think BF3 for me mostly. I'll probably get MW3 but if COD black ops is any indication I'll get bored with it quickly.
  8. 2 copies of Windows 7 Home Premium for $159.98($30.00 off) with eblast promo code EMCKCHB36 from newegg-expires 8-1-2011.
  9. Can we go back to the BF3 discussion now? Anyone else upgrading their hardware just for this game? Upgraded my CPU already. Next up is more and faster RAM, and a GTX580 3GB GPU.
  10. I only play BFBC2 in hardcore mode. Spotting would be nice but we use teamspeak to communicate so it isn't really needed.
  11. 24GB(6x4GB) of PNY DDR3 1333 for an upcoming build. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820178333
  12. It's a matter of safety and stability. If it stands up to proper stress testing then it's safe and stable for everyday use. You're going to find games that will stress your CPU much more than Champions Online. Having the security of knowing your system can handle it puts your mind at ease.
  13. stripper pole? Should never be delayed
  14. Did you try clicking the "pre-load" option? I did and it worked.
  15. BEEP Sanctum Universe Sandbox Plain Sight Just bought these and haven't had the time to crack into them yet. Keep going back and playing BFBC2 though. Have Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Duke Nukem Forever pre-ordered so I need to get to them soon.
  16. It's worth $11.99. It's needed a couple of patches but it looks great. Works best with a controller IMHO.
  17. I prefer BFBC2 but MW Black Ops is fun in it's own way. Can't compare the two IMHO as they're two completely different games with different styles of play. I'm tired of hearing the comparisons as well. I enjoy both.
  18. BFBC2 Portal 2 Bioshock 2 Section 8: Prejudice Hydrophobia Brink Metro 2033
  19. Not a noob question at all. I started overclocking because I wanted to see how far I could push things and how much performance I could get. You can also save quite a bit of money by buying cheaper components and overclocking to higher priced components speeds. It can also help you get more out of your system instead of upgrading.
  20. rourkchris

    Metro 2033

    This game is $9.99 this weekend through Steam, well worth it.
  21. I pre-ordered that turd Medal Of Honor for BF3 beta access. A few others here and there over the years. Thinking about pre-ordering Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Brink.
  22. I wouldn't think it was your PSU but possibly the heat generated by the additional second card that resulted in more internal case heat than your CPU cooler and case fans could handle. Your once stable overclock could be made unstable this way.
  23. Crad, how hilarious and ironic.
  24. "Notics 1. Be careful not to eat thermal grease or not to keep it available for your eyes and skin. If it contacts your skin, wash it out with water. If you feel any irritation or have it, please consult doctor." Good advice straight from their website.
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