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  1. I was kicked by PunkBuster for an unstated reason(I DO NOT HACK) from BF3 last night for 1440 minutes. What in the hell? Nevermind I was tearing it up in a server in team deathmatch and that's the server Admin's message when he gets butt sore about lots of deaths at other's hands. Instead of getting better he pulls this, pathetic. Took trying to join another server to figure it out.
  2. I never received a promo code. I guess I'll contact EA support.
  3. How do I get the Type 88 LMG? I purchased through Origin as a pre-order and I thought the Physical Warfare Pack was included. Did I miss something or am I mistaken?
  4. No worries either way. Now you know and you can do better. DICE does a horrible job of explaining their games, you just have to figure everything out for yourself (or read Krazyxazn's threads). I had to watch YouTube videos to figure out the SOFLAM and how it works. I looked and the stationary AA do have wheels on their base so I can see how it would be possible to be confused.
  5. There is stationary AA and a mobile AA tank. I believe you have them confused that may be why you aren't doing well with it.
  6. It may not be Normal or Hardcore but Modified. Admins can set the bullet damage at 100 but health at 60 or lower so kills come easier and seem more Hardcore. May just be the server you were playing on. Straight pull bolt doesn't increase fire rate it just let's you stay scoped in so you keep your target acquired. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0Ag42gMGK9WrwdHRfa0JhdW9TR1E0bjBueWVSQjc0V0E&f=true&noheader=false&gid=0
  7. I agree that the mortar strikes can ruin a good game. They can stay in their spawn mortar striking flags and choke points. There's something like that in every game though. I can live with it.
  8. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and getting me started. Very much appreciated.
  9. Had a 4 person race with friends using our EOD bots during a game. 1 friend got a kill and I repaired a tank, not sure who won that race but it was fun.
  10. I'm looking fior a telescope in the $100 range($150 max budget). Not sure where to start or where to look. Hoping somebody here has an idea and is willing to point me in the right direction.
  11. Can't wait until Tuesday, BF3 should clear out a bit.
  12. Thank you Krazyxazn and Kwok. I just switched to Google Chrome(had to make it my default browser) and it works. I already had the newest nvidia drivers installed. Played a bit with a couple of servers crashing. Still a bit flawed but incredibly fun.
  13. The browser plug in isn't installing for me. Keeps saying it's installing but doesn't. Took the day off from work to play and now I can't. Awesome.
  14. What a tool. If I scratched my a$$ that much I'd get some kind of lotion for it.
  15. I'm really looking foreward to it, feels like withdrawal-like symptoms since the BETA ended. I just don't want to play anything else.
  16. Peyton Manning's status wasn't known at the time of our draft. It was publicized that he would be ready for the start of the season. Anywho looks like I finally ended the skid.
  17. Jeez it's beta keep that in mind. Your tears over small things are hilarious. I for one hope that when I unlock something it does give me an advantage and is worth unlocking. What would be the point otherwise? As for ruining the sniper class that's fine. Keeps the kids that want to lay in bushes all day from dominating a map. There are things in the game that I don't particularly like(tactical flashlights blinding you) but I can live with them as it stands(again it is in beta).
  18. Messed with the bull and got the horns, too funny.
  19. I think the game is amazing. Add in different maps, vehicles, and a little bug polish and it's the best game I've played to date. I'd like to get into a server easier of course as I can't get into one today for various reasons. They are either all full or it has some failure to connect and tells me to check my firewall settings even though nothing has changed on my end. But that's beta and this is what the testing is for. I love it when I can play. Plan on having a 64 man server up on day 1.
  20. You could have drafted Peyton Manning with your first pick, Reggie Wayne with your second, Miles Austin with your third, and have Cedric Jailhouse Benson as your RB. It could be much much worse.
  21. It may be the desperation of the times. High unemployment rates and unemployment benefits running out make people do things they normally wouldn't do and he's experienced that of late. Or maybe he's just an butt.
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