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  1. This is my list of all time favorites not everything I listen to, but after looking at it I think it would be easy to tell what decade I was a teenager in. A- Anthrax B- Black Sabbath/ The Beatles C- Creedance Clearwater Revival D- Danzig E- Elvis F- Faith No More G- Guns N Roses H-? I-? J-Judas Priest K-Kiss / Korn L-? M-Motley Crue/Misfits/Metallica N- Nirvana/Nine Inch Nails O- Ozzy/The Offspring P- Pantera Q- Queensryche R- The Ramones S- Sepultura/ Slayer / Soundgarden T- Tool U-? V-? W- White Zombie / Weezer X- ? Y-? Z-?
  2. I agree with Dominicka, find a good artist first. Also what I do before I add a new tattoo is I pick one out that I like, then I go back in six months if I still like it then I have it done. It's saved me from getting a couple tat's that could be catogorized in the "what the heck was I thinking" field.
  3. Got the PSP today and I have to say WOW this thing is awesome. I have never been a fan of handhelds or consoles for that matter but I had to have this thing after I saw it at the store. The games look good and play great, but the movies look awesome. Well I gotta go play with this thing more, but I would defenitly recommend it to anyone who wants a mobile entertainment center.
  4. I've been in the US Army Infantry for 5 years now and have been brainwashed into believing the High and Tight is the only haircut that a man can have. HOOAH. Before that I had hair that touched my butt and I would never do that again, I spent more time than my wife washing my hair. But I think she liked the long hair better.
  5. 168 mph, 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. No mods needed!
  6. thanks for the tips. Sorry it took so long to get back. I'm in the army and they called me back to work right after I posted I'll switch out the PSU. Do you think I could test for a virus using a knoppix cd to see if the shutdown powerdown happens? I just don't think it's that becuase it does it in the bios also.
  7. Ok, I shutdown my wife's computer last night, in the morning it was on. Later this morning she said she got a message bar that said someone else was logged onto her computer. Now it keeps powering up boots windows then shutsdown and the power goes off. Then it powers back on and does the same thing again. It's only on for maybe 30-60 sec when it shuts down and powers off. Then 30 sec later powers back on. The temps and the voltages look fine, but it will powerdown even when I'm in the bios. Any suggestions?
  8. That's a pretty good find. Don't know if I would play them too much though. That vinyl is probably pretty worn already and that old record player probably isn't helping matters. Oh and Fats Domino is not a band it is one man. He is one of the greatest blue's guitarist ever.
  9. Oh, let me guess you where looking at the least expensive media. I wonder how many people this guy has got to spend twice as much $ on stuff with that line.
  10. Hooah - US Army Infantry Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet
  11. A .50 or MK19 (Automatic Grenade Luancher) or other bigger toys that I won't talk about.
  12. Here's what I ride in at work. It has 4 or 8 wheel drive and other extra's that make it pretty nice.
  13. Ft. Lewis, WA. And I swear to god the army has a requirement that all bases must be on the crappiest land available. It could be sunshining everywhere else in the state but raining at Ft. Lewis
  14. My list of favorite punk bands: The Ramones The Dead Kennedys Misfits Black Flag The Accused The Cramps Bare Naked Ladies The Offspring Echo and the Bunnymen There's a bunch more but these are my favorite punk bands they all get regular play time on my mp3 player and computer.
  15. You could always join the army. GI Bill is pretty good. Plus they have an option when you Join to get an extra 20 to 30 grand on top of what the GI Bill pays for college. And some states give 100% free tuition to veterans. And before you ask yes I'm in the army and proudly serving for 5 years now.
  16. This makes me realize why I join boards like this rather than talk to tech support. Foamy Just click the link then select the tech support cartoon. Oh, sorry if this is the wrong forum it just seemed to fit the best.
  17. Thanks for the tips guys, appreciate it.
  18. I'm not an expert on ram, but is this a good deal? OCZ Ram
  19. I speak fluent canadian, aye. ha ha ha ha. Just kidding, i have enough problems with english sometimes.
  20. NRA President Charlton Heston said, "It is unfortunate that a young citizen has been killed. We hope that all Americans learn a valuable lesson from this: Guns don't kill people, exploding propane tanks kill people." knew it was fake after this quote. Charlton Hston's been dead for a few years now. Unless he give's quote's from the grave.
  21. Don't know if this relative but I just read it on Lockergnome, in refrence to the Sims 2. Do you have Nero running on your computer? You may have to find another way to make a personal backup of your Best of The Three Tenors CD if you intend on playing The Sims 2 on your PC. Many players are a little upset over The Sims 2
  22. A. Are you more concered about foreign or domestic issues? Which in particular? Foriegn as I believe that, currently the war on terror and the war in Iraq greatly influence most of our domestic issues at this time. B. Why do you think President Bush OR Senator Kerry has a better position on: Senator Kerry 3, Pres. Bush 1. The environment? I'll give the nod to Pres. Bush here as I believe we have let enviromental extremists to much control over this area of america. At somepoint you have to draw the line. Iraq? Senator Kerry, He has recently oulined a plan that has a resolution to iraq with in 4 years. Pres. Bush has no clear plan and never really has beyond removing Saddam. When the U.S. decided to go to war with Iraq the war was already one and we should of had a plan in place to establish a new government and bring stability to Iraq. Instead it has been performed on the fly and done very poorly. Also it was Osama Bin Laden that was reponsible for 9/11 not Iraq. And lastly in reports commisioned by the current president there has been no link established between Iraq and Al-queda or uncovered any evidence of Iraq having WMD. Fighting terror? Senator Kerry, becuase he believes as I do that the war on terror is a global war not just the U.S. against terror and I do not believe that invlolving the U.N. and other nations to help absorb military and monitary expenses of this war is a bad thing. The economy? Senator Kerry, The presidents tax cuts have helped the top 1%, while burdening the middle class. Also he has roughly added 4 trillion to the national deficit and will continue to add to it. Last reports I read estimated his economic policy's could add up to 600 Billion a year to the national debt. At some point we need to balance the budget. With a combination of reduced spending and yes higher tax's. Also I do not believe in trickle down economics, it did not work under Reagen and Bush Sr. and will not work now. C. Which of the above issues will most strongly influence your vote? Iraq and the economy You asked for an educated reason why,not just "I DON'T LIKE BUSH", these are mine and only mine so please don't flame me.
  23. Brides Of Destruction : Here come the bride's. This album rocks
  24. Sorry can't find a good answer to my questions in other posts, so here we go. 1. I have a raid 0 on two WD 80 gig sata drives, but I have alot of files on an ide hard drive, can I just plug the ide drive in and move those files to the raid 0 drives? 2. I was thinking of reformatting the ide hard drive and using it as a backup device possibly, or just for storing mp3's and other large media files, will this hurt my system performance? The ide drive is a WD caviar 80 gig ata100. 3. do I have to plug the ide drive in the primary ide slot, or can I just put it on the secondary becuase I already have my DVD and DVD-R drive on the primary. Any help will be appreciated.
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