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  1. I'll throw this out there since I had the same problem... Did you use a registry cleaner around the time that this happened? I used Tune-up Utilities 07 a few times and once it messed up the registry making Windows Update inaccessible. I ended up using the programs restore function to solve the problem.
  2. While quite old, and a considerably long read, I highly recommend it to all newbies.
  3. I haven't tested it yet but it sounds like you have some cash coming your way Markie.
  4. It's past the due date but I've gotten away with late assignments before. If KB's script doesn't work then I would love for you to do it.
  5. LOL maybe.... Darn 360 I just bought screwed me over. Where's Markie when ya need him eh?
  6. :thumbs-up: Thank You Markie And KB! :thumbs-up:
  7. I have an Asus P4P800 Deluxe I'm looking to get rid of. I have sold many items on this board with no returns.
  8. Did you turn the mouse on? There's a switch on the bottom of the mouse. All I did was turn it on and it worked, no drivers or connection utility needed.
  9. I Have an Asus P4p800-deluxe and a P4 2.4C. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send some pics.
  10. http://broadband.motorola.com/consumers/su...=HomeNetworking Use the "driver update 1.1" listed under the "G" adapter I bet you that will work fine.
  11. Hands down IMO Memorex is the best. Ritek is a good alternative if money is an issue. If you're only burning files then any brand name cd-r is just as good as the other, but when burning svcd's there is a slight difference in picture quality.
  12. After posting that pic (rather old by the way) you shouldn't have a problem getting "out of the loop". You could always ask for a mod to ban you instead making yourself look like a dumbass.
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