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    AMD 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition with OCZ Vanquisher HS
    2GB Kingston ram
    Sapphire HD2900PRO 256bit 512MB
    OCZ 700W GameXstream PSU
    250GB 8M cache maxtor
    500GB 16M cache W.D.
  1. low351

    So many powersupplys to choose from.

    As fate would have it now I'm putting my GameXstream 700W into that very same Case, the CM690. :thumbs-up: I hope the blue fan is visible on the floor below the 690 since it installs at the bottom of the case.
  2. low351

    So many powersupplys to choose from.

    Good choice, I went in for the 600W StealthXstream because I read about it being made from the same components as the 700W GameXstream but they didn't have it. The guy at the store felt that the Corsair PSU with it's single rail was better because you could accidentally overload a single rail on a quad-rail PSU like the StealthXstream. Unfortunately they didn't have the TX650W and I didn't want below 600 so I put in the extra $$ and bought the 700W GameXstream. It's great. I was worried about a 700W PSU overburdening my nexxtech UPS since it was already reading 89% load with my 450W stock Raidmax PSU but surprisingly enough the 700W PSU only draws 66% with the same load. I guess its the 80% + high efficiency, the Raidmax was terrible by comparison, but I only paid 60$ for the case and PSU so I didn't expect much.... Greg.
  3. low351

    Our OCZ Vanquisher is Posted

    Great Review, thanks for that, it helped me decide. Just a note however. I had no trouble removing the screws you mentioned. Either they've changed them or you got a particularly stubborn one. After I installed it I took it off again and removed the thermal paste, this baby might benefit from a lapping, the surface certainly isn't mirror finish. I put some Arctic Silver 5 on it and it's kept my 4800+ 5-7 degrees cooler than my stock AMD HS, since then I've put in a 6400+ and it idles around 30 degrees and goes no higher than 47 during a 5 minute Orthos Prime running twice for each core.