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    P4 3.0 S478, Gigabyte GA-8I848p-g MOBO, 2gb ram, ATI 2600 pro 512mb video, 160gb Seagate SATA HD, Thermaltake Soprano Tower,
  1. Pretty much a little bit of everything, some gaming, some video, little bit of home theater.
  2. Hello, can anyone recommend 2 cheap video cards to use in crossfire? would it be better to spend 150 on 1 card or 150 on 2 cheaper cards in crossfire? Thanks BW
  3. Well. here's a update so far I have ordered a NZXT Tempest EVO, and a corsair TX650W PRofessional Series. I keep you posted and Shiver I may need some pointers on overclocking with the board and CPU... Thanks everyone! BW
  4. Well here;s pretty much what I have decided, andy comments or suggestions would be cool. Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R w/ DualDDR2 1366+, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, 1394, PCI-E Mushkin XP2-8500 Xtreme Performance DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-15), 4GB Dual Pack SEAGATE 500GB Barracuda 7200.12 SATA II w/ 16MB Cache LG Super-Multi Security 22x DVD Writer, IDE, Black (OEM) Corsair TX 650W Power Supply w/ 120mm Fan ANTEC Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case Intel Core
  5. Thanks Shiver, I am pretty much looking at the exact same setup as what you have in your sig, are you happy with it?
  6. Can anyone tell my why AMD PhenomII is better? I have never EVER used or even considered AMD... Thanks
  7. How are you finding it? Stable? Fast? any benchmarks?
  8. Hey all! I am looking at a new PC, looking for recommendations on a MOBO to go with an E8400 or Q9400. I am looking at the Asus P5Q Pro Turbo, or P5E3, or is there anything else I should be considering? Thanks Blackwatch
  9. Here is some screen Shots. One is idle, and the other is under 100% load
  10. im using speedfan, to monitor temps.
  11. Yeah its 12 hrs Orthos Stable... 1.49V vcore. like I said stays around 50 degrees, Im using a OCZ Vendetta Cooler, Do you think I can get it higher? like 4.5? 500X9 ? Havnt tried yet...
  12. Hey guys let me know your opinions on the overclock Average Temps are 50 degrees under load...
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