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    X2 4800+ 939 * Abit Fatal1ty Mobo * Corsair 2GB Ram * MSI NX8800GTX OC * Toughpower 750watt * Sony G400 19" CRT @ 1800x1440 * Gateway VX700 CRT @ 1600x1200 * Vista Ultimate 32-Bit
    3DMark06 8,881 * 3DMark05 13,022 * 3Dmark03 34,965 * 3DMark01 SE 35,025 * 3DMark00 23,729 * AquaMark 3 88,984, Lightmark 164FPS *
    Upgrades to come: Dell 3008WFP (2008/09) * Silverstone TJ07 (2008) * Intel Penryns Q9300 (2008) * ASUS Nvidia 780i Chipset Mobo (2008) * Corsair Dominator DDR2 4GB 800MHZ Ram (2008) * Nvidia 8800GTX SLi (2008)
  1. justinin3d

    My Spec for New PC

    The Striker Extreme is an Nvidia Nforce 680i Chipset Motherboard and it does support SLi.
  2. justinin3d

    My Spec for New PC

    I personally would go for the CORSAIR Dominator 4GB, has there is really no better performance from DDR3 Memory at this stage (only done light reading on this though).
  3. justinin3d

    Much Needed Feedback on My Future Upgrade.

    Why not get an 8800GT instead, they are just has good has the GTX (if not better from this brand - faster then my MSI 8800GTX OC on the core anyway) and for the price you really can't beat it (well until the 9800 come out in Feb/March). Has for the PSU, I have a Thermaltake Toughpower 750watt PSU which I have had for about 2-3yrs now and it's still holding strong, the modular design is good, but in my current setup I am using every connection I have on it, so it a bit pointless, but it does come in handy when installing the hardware for sure.
  4. I will be however of course only on one, I just like a Dual Monitor setup, so like I can have Firefox on the main, and have my email and instant messaging on the other, however I havn't seen 2500x1600 Res in person, only 1800x1440 (using now) so I may go back on this, though most likely I wont .
  5. justinin3d

    Got a motherboard

    You should of gotten the bracket with the CPU Cooler no?
  6. (first Post!) I checked the following, Monitor (Dual Dell 3008FPW this year!!!) CPU (Intel Quad Core 45nm) Motherboard (780i Chipset) Ram (Corsair 4GB Dominator Ram) Harddrive (2x10,000rpm drives in Raid) Soundcard (Creative X-Fi) Optical Drives (Blu-Ray Player/Burner) Watercooling (either Swiftech Ultra+ or Custom Build) Case (Silverstone TJ07 Black with Window) Can't wait to have this thing built by March .