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  1. you should think about a better heatsink, and yes you should up the vcore a lil
  2. Hey, where are all the guides for watercooling. Its the next bext thing for OC's and a must have for serious OC's. If anyone can give me some sites (U.S.) where i can buy radiators and pumps, along with some guides it would help. Thanks
  3. hey, what was the folder called that you have to overwrite the ntskonml. file to.
  4. wait what are those yesses to. My main fear is that i will install the new heatsink and fan and when i start my comp into Bios it will be melted because the fan did not start up automatically.
  5. Hey, when i install a new heatsink do i just replace the 3 or 4 pin connecter with where the older fan connection was, and will the fand automatically start running once the comp is turned on or does it need to be turned on in Bios. Or is Bios just for adjusting the RPM's?
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