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  1. I think Everest Ultimate Edition will show product keys.
  2. Why I hate creative: Back in 2003 (I think) I built a computer with a VIA mainboard. The onboard should would NOT work for any games. Since Creative was the only company you could by in Stores around where I live I got a SoundBlaster Live 5.1. It worked, mind you the programs that came with it look like the old ones from windows 95 (Which I also had a Creative Card for). Now to the end of 2007/ start of 2008. I built my new computer, and the onboard sound on the 680i LT worked just fine. But I installed Avid Media Composer which would not start with the onboard sound. So I open the case of my computer from 2003 and take out the sound card. I put it in, and it didn't seem to work with a bunch of new games, the interface didn't look good, and it didn't let me have as much control as the onboard one let me have. I though to my self that there MUST be a drive update. I search high and low for a drive, and it's the exact same version. After about a week I got feed up with the card went to TigerDirect and bought a nice Turtle Beach card which I like because it supports 7.1 AND has optical in AND out.
  3. Using patch 1.2.1. The nVidia WHQL drivers what ever the version number is I can't remember (the drivers they say are for Crysis lock up with SLi after five minutes.) And my CPU is a Q6600 at 2.8 Ghz.
  4. Just ran the Crysis GPU benchmark. 2xAA All settings to Medium at 1280 x 1024 I get: Min FPS: 34.68 Max FPS: 86.92 Average FPS: 61.55 In the review the chart shows the 8800 GTX at only 31 at those settings. And this test is with no SLi. /me wonders if nVidia wants to sell more 9800 GTXs. Which wouldn't make sense since they're less than the 8800 GTX.
  5. 1280 x 1024. I'm not a fan of big monitors. Turns out that the benchmark framerates are lower than gameplay for me. The benchmark on high it shows between 34-45 for medium, but it's around 35-70 (in a few places) in game. The numbers for all the 8800 GTXs in the GeForce 9 reviews all seem a little lower then they should be.
  6. Something seems odd about the FPS for Crysis on the 8800 GTX. My 8800 GTX with SLi disabled gets around 57-70 fps on medium with 2xAA. And on high it varies from 25-50 fps on high with 2xAA.
  7. /me forgot he had an account here. I've just been using a Turtle Beach Montego DDL soundcard in my new rig and it works way better than my old SoundBlaster 5.1. The only reason I need a add-on Soundcard is because Avid refuses to work with the onboard sound on the 680i LT.
  8. I mean that I run XP as my main OS and use that for gaming. Running XP in VMWare and trying to use that for gaming doesn't work for me at least.
  9. Gaming in VMWare doesn't work at all for me. I normally run XP and use VMWare to run Ubuntu or Vista.
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