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  1. Ok, I'll keep my money. Thanks guys
  2. Here is the CL post. I guess it's the whole bundle not just the rig. http://greenville.craigslist.org/sys/4690993646.html
  3. Windows 8.1 with update (authentic with box) Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case (comes with additional side panel) Asus P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard Intel i7 2600k 16gb Corsair Dominator RAM Corsair h100 closed loop water cooling Intel 180gb SSD (520 series) 90gb Corsair Force GT SSD Western Digital Sata III 600gb Velociraptor HDD 2 EVGA GTX 770 Classified (4gb) video cards Creative X-Fi Titanium Sound card Corsair AX1200 PSU (has all cables from mfr.) He wants $1200? Could I turn around and make a profit? I'll also have to drive around 5 hours one way to pick it up? Thanks!
  4. Come on guys does it really have to go on Ebay?!
  5. Return and buy this LAWL JK! That 9550 is a great chip! I just need the money
  6. Come one everybody! I really dont wanna go through Ebay.............
  7. I will add that also! Thanks alot airman! I am over the attachment limit so Ill have to link it for you guys. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b321/fee...dy/P2100171.jpg
  8. Good idea! Thanks Bowtie! The CPU is installed currently, I have to wait to get my Q6600 back from my dad, we had to install it in a workstation at his at workplace. If you are a serious buyer and for some reason don't believe I own this CPU then I will take it apart for a picture of the chip itself. But expect pics off the chip itself as soon as I can get my Q6600 from my father. He's in Germany right now however, so those pics wont up be til around next Thursday. And excuse the cable management, when I take out the mobo to swap the processors I plan to cut some wholes in the mobo tray for better cable management
  9. Hey guys, I am selling a Qx6850 that I have taken to 3.6 mostly for benching purposes and is always at 3.33ghz 24/7, stock voltage and increased multiplier to 10 instead of 9. Has never been taken above 1.33v and that is only for my 3.6ghz benching OC. No Vdroop Mods or anything of that nature. I like to keep my manufactures warranties. CPU is NOT lapped or tampered with in any kind. It is about 4 months old, it is the chip only I do not have the retail box or stock cooler. Unit was purchased directly from Intel for around $850 (Type employee discount through a family friend) It has been OC'd modestly and has always been underneath a TRUE 120 black. Load temps have never exceeded 61C and that is with linx testing. I take good care of my rig and all it's internals I love this CPU however because of current economic issues I am forced to roll back to my Q6600 B3 (good thing I didnt sell that huh?) My loss your gain, I suppose thats the way the world works. Asking price is $325 shipped OBO Please feel free to Email me with any questions. [email protected] I prefer Email instead of PM but I will be checking PM's so that works too Unfortunately, I do not have any feedback to display to you guys, but I am an honest person (sure you've heard that one before lol) I am willing to work out anything in terms of payment and shipping depending on what type of feedback you may have. I also have a paypal account that can come in handy too. Thanks for looking!
  10. Just run GPUz. It should tell you what driver your running. As for the Havok engine its just the physics engine for the Source engine and shouldnt require a driver.
  11. I have tried a FSB of 1900 475*8=3800 but i wasnt happy with my SPP and MCP temps so i went back down to 1800 fsb. I wanted to take the stress off of the Mobo and put it on to the CPU via bumping up the multiplier. I think ive come to the conclusion my chip isnt capable of 4ghz. I tried giving it 1.55v and everywhere in between. I also set my GTRL Lanes to +80 but all to no avail
  12. thanks a lot man, any other tips to try and get this thing stable at 4? Cheers!
  13. My QX6850 is currently at 450x8 at 1.33V However im gonna try to make a push to 4.05ghz (450*9) I think Im most likely gonna have to hit 1.45v or maybe higher to hit my goal. How much voltage is too high for a 65nm proc? Ive heard running at 1.45v will hurt it after awhile. The FSB voltage is 1.3 right now on a EVGA 780i will i also have to bump up the voltage of the FSB VTT to make the CPU stable, Im not sure of this because im not raising the FSB anymore im just making the CPU work harder, the board will stay at the current 1800mhz. (Which is rock solid) Can anybody help me out with this. Im really struggling to make this stable at 4.05ghz. Heres Current voltage: GTRL Lanes are set to +70 for all 4 cores. Will this have to hit around +100? Thank you soooooo much guys! If i can get this chip to 4ghz it will make my 2009
  14. It could be that your OC isnt stable. please post voltages etc.
  15. Having trouble getting stable at 3.7 and 3.8. I included pictures of my clocks and voltages. I am seeking help with setting my voltages correctly to get these clocks stable. I started out trying to reach 3.8ghz with a 1900mhz FSB 475*8=3.8 I wasnt able to get that stable so I tried for 1850mhz to no avail. The rig has no trouble at 1800mhz FSB 450*8=3.6 Please check my voltages and give me some suggestions on how to get this stable. RAM timing have been set from 4-4-4-10 to 5-5-5-12 for 925mhz and 950mhz Voltage for mem is 2.1 (that is what mushkin recommends and limits anything higher voids warranty. I have a feeling GTRL Lane voltage is to blame. All 4 currently at +70 and rock solid at 3.6 raised to +80 for 3.7 and 3.8. Thanks for the help guys!
  16. so in short for the speed of 6.4gbt/s there is no substitute for the 965 extreme?
  17. I noticed between the 920/940 vs the 965 extreme the QPI's are different rated speeds. Would overclocking a 920 to 3.2ghz (same core clock as 965) achieve the same speed and performance? or is the 920 always stuck at 4.8gt/s and cant achieve the speed of the 965? Thanks!
  18. ok cool thanks a lot guys! It was this video that got me thinking http://blogs.sun.com/brendan/entry/unusual_disk_latency
  19. I know vibration and movement isnt too good for HDD's i was just wondering if the bass from my soundsystem when i listen to music real loud is damaging my hard drives?
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