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    Gigabyte P35 Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo e4500 @ 2.8GHz
    HD 3850 512mb
    250gb HDD
    2gb of 800 RAM
  1. I am using cable internet and have a motorola sb5120 cable modem and have been using it connected to my pc via USB for a while now. I now want to connect it via ethernet because I am going to use a router but when i connect the ethernet I get no PC activity and am unable to access the internet. Whats the problem?
  2. Hey guys I've been thinking about upgrading my CPU to an E8400 from my E4500 I have now. My question is is this CPU compatable with my Gigabyte P35 DS3l board? I heard I would have to update the BIOS how do I do that? Also will I notice a performance difference from this CPU from my current E4500?
  3. Hi, I installed Company Of Heroes yesterday and the first time I tried to run it the game would freeze up and the monitor would constantly shut of for about half a second. so I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for my HD 3850 and it worked but now everytime I shut down my computer and turn it back on I have the same problem and have to do the whole process over again what is the problem? P.S. I am using 7.11 catalyst drivers.
  4. I recieved the parts for my computer a couple weeks ago and was very excited. I built it turned it on and watched as everything seemed to be working ok then I looked at the display on my monitor....nothing. I tried a different video card no luck, tried different RAM no luck. After that I tried everything imaginable, finnaly I decided to buy a new PSU and try it. What do you know it worked. The PSU I had before that wasnt working was a Rosewill 500 wat....ya I know especially now Rosewill sux at making power supplys. This was my first build and I guese you learn from your mistakes never skimp one the PSU, and I dont recomend Rosewill.
  5. I would have went with a 3850 instead but thats still not a bad card and I think your PSU SHOULD be fine, but then again it's a Rosewill...
  6. What powersupply do you recomend for this system? HD 3850 512mb Intel Core 2 Duo E4500(plan to overclock it) Abit IP35 motherboard 2 gb of RAM
  7. Hey, could anyone here recomend me a good motherboard for $100-$120. I am using an e4500 so LGA 775 socket and I dont need SLI or crossfire just have one single HD 3850, also please dont recomend the Gigabyte P35 DS3L I had a bad expeirence with it.
  8. Well you know on the motherboard were you connect the front chassis speaker for the beeps. My case didn't come with a connector for that so ya....and my specs are HD 3850 c2d e4500 500 wat PSU 2gb of RAM
  9. Hi, just built my new rig the other day but am having one problem with it. I power it on everything looks ok all fans are running and everything but I get no video on my monitor and havent been able to boot it up the monitor just stays on standby. I know this monitor works because I'm using it right now on this PC but for my new built PC I have to use an adapter. could the adapter be broken or something? Bacically what I'm asking is what are some possible problems and how do I try to fix them?
  10. well i got some good news guys I got my CPU fan to work finnaly be putting it in the system fan header my CPU fan header must be faulty....now to fix the video problem.
  11. Hey guys thanks for all your help. Just a second ago I took out my 3850 and replaced with an ATi x700 I had, anyways still had a blank screen and no boot so the 3850 probaly isn't the problem and also shouldnt the rosewill be able to power this?
  12. If the RAM or proccesor was faulty would this cause it to not post with video?
  13. Well I think i at least figured why the proccesor fan isnt running in the mobo manual it says the fan wont run until under load or has hit a certain temperature......now to fix my video problem.
  14. well i have this dell i could test it on but it only has a 350wat PSU is this enough to power an HD 3850?
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