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    Mario Kart Wii

    hrmm...I was under impression that we could have up to 4 players per console (tv) online...but I'll find out hopefully today when Kart gets here (or I'm gonna al-queada dr_bowtie for sending it on slow boat to china)
  2. red930

    XBL anyone?

    Angry Losers we (wife and I, and any loser friends that like to eat all the food in our fridge and complain that we don't have any GOOD snacks or 360 games) play Guitar Hero 2/3 (I am the leader of The Old Guys group @ guitar hero forums and we have right around 300 members, all 30+ years old) a bit (mostly co-op). We definitely jam out to Rock Band early, often, and uh...oftener. Rock Band is our #1 game and will be I think for a long time. Track & Field - dude...didn't you play this at the 7-11 on your way to school and you put a pencil or comb over your middle finger's knuckle and under your ring & index finger to hit the buttons faster??? Carcassonne? However you spell it. It's actually a killer little board game! Bejeweled. Be thankful there's no multiplayer. You'd die from it. Honest. Uno - yeah...we NEED to get a good Uno game going. It's fantazilmodo or something...cool. That's about it. Most of the other games I don't care for, or can't afford (like GTA 4...I'm gonna buy it just so I can sue Rockstar because it's bad for kids like me that are underage)
  3. 1. Dr. Mario (grrr...VIRTUAL CONSOLE RELEASE!!! I DEMAND IT NOW!!!) 2. River City Ransom (hahahaha! It IS a VC release now! $5! 2-player! Double-Dragon w/RPG upgrades!) 3. Pro Wrestling (I couldn't beat it until I bought a controller that had a turbo mode on the buttons...my fav was the amazon green guy who bit your head) Sega Genesis = still has the all-time, #1 game EVER for me on a console: Shadowrun
  4. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    well, the Kart league will have a webpage and stats and all that junk...I mean, we are all nerds here right? Nerds without stats are just jocks (or stoners). Bowtie is sending me a second copy that he bought because he knows I'm poor. Once I actually get it in my hands and play it a little bit, I think the league idea will form more solidly in my head and I'll have better explanation for it. Here's a link to the crappy little page I made with Excel and converted to HTML for our old Candystand Bowling League (hey, winner got a DFI Infinity K8-M800 MLVF s754 motherboard, second place got something...maybe a broken stick of EDO RAM or such, third place got a t-shirt with underarm sweat stains but it had a cool OCZ logo...except it looked more like an OCMLD logo with the marinara stains lol. http://www.angrygames.com/bowling.htm No prizes for the first bowling league, but if it's popular, I can guarantee I'll blackmail Dave or bowtie's mom into coughing up something better than an opened envelope or a ball of masking tape as a prize. It will work (for Wii Sports bowling) on the picture system...meaning you don't show picture, you don't get score. Which also means we'll have to work on the honor system as anyone can fake some pics, or have their ultra-nerd 5 year old cousin score continuous 298's, or just have him score a single 298 and then submit the same pic 19 times. It is just a game, and until there are prizes involved, it's not really too serious (hell, even with prizes, it's a bit serious but not THAT serious...unless it's a Porsche 911 being given away, then it becomes a friggin BLOODSPORT heh). Mostly it's for fun. Over at the Street we've gathered together about 10-12 really good (mostly all in their 30's or above) guys who like to play games WITH people, not against (ie we don't do the vs thing much....we are into co-op since we are old and can't win against young punks). Happened to see the Kart thread here and thought I'd ask if anyone here would be interested in both Kart league as well as bowling (how can you not like bowling??? We all have a little redneck trailer-trash in us, and we've ALL watched ESPN2 on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 PM and seen some damn bowling tournament or other). The only thing that is annoying is the stupid friends codes for Wii. I have a 360 and it is light-years ahead of Wii when it comes to online service...mostly the friend's list is what we miss (and voice chat while playing like we get on Live). We'll get through it though. I'm going to try and rent the Brunswick Bowling or whatever the other retail bowling game is for the Wii and see if it has any multiplayer component(s) which would make it easier to do leagues, but harder to get players because that's more money you have to spend to join our elitist, snobbery bowling league. Anyway, too late, must sleep and hide in bushes to ambush postman because I DEMAND that my Kart be arriving in my mailbox tomorrow...
  5. red930


    Reformat and do it again??
  6. Try system restore, go back a week or so
  7. red930


    that is a definite must play it looks like
  8. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    hey all...Angry_Games from DIY-Street forums...some of us there who are in the Street's regular gaming group are actually putting together a Mario Kart Wii Racing League...so if this sounds like something ultra-nerdy (ie cool for us ultra-dorks) then let us know. We are also looking at forming a Wii Bowling League (we used to have a bowling league over at Candystand.com because they have a fun little shockwave multiplayer bowling game). I'm still waiting for my Kart game to arrive, dr_bowtie (co-admin at the Street) has his, a few other guys have theirs...so anyway, if this sounds cool let me know and we'll snatch some ideas and input from you guys as well.
  9. What kind of mouse do you have? What kind of mousepad are you using (or surface)? My G5 is impeccably smooth on just about anything...however, I've had opticals that were horrible with mousepads with printing on them.
  10. devine flaky what did it do to make you up the voltage? wil windows load in save mode? or not load properly at all?
  11. By that i mean, do you pay monthly or like every half year to be a member on a website? I came with this question, since i had a convo with doc about a website and now im curious:) So let me know and dont forget the why plz:)
  12. Heh. IRQ was just a wild butt guess. You might have noticed it if BSOD'd and got a IRQ related message. I gandered a guess from the sound card. But, I think people were having trouble with the xfi's and graphics cards, not audigy 2's or 4's. But, I digress... Hope everything's working out well. You sure it isn't your video drivers? It's mighty odd that all your games go bonkers...even after reinstalling all of them. Tried an install on your OS harddrive?
  13. this position still open? sent my email to Dave just in case
  14. your awesome keep it comming
  15. Love that thing, looks so great
  16. Thats the spirit!!! Keep it comming dudes!
  17. awesome keep em comming, lets give ag something to do when he is done with the fiinals, as in have shitloads of good user revieuws ready for him
  18. There ya go, i have no shame.... Or in other words... Lady's and Gents, listen up! Its time to pull us out and help with the server payments, so grab that wallet and donate like hell!
  19. Plz let me if your working on a userrevieuw and if you have acces to the lounge Since im helping all different peeps and lost count,i actually need to know, mind you if your not working on a revieuw, you are most welcome to donate a $ or more and join vent, and start typing up the revieuw. Why the donation? Simple and i say it like it is: Rightnow we need it to keep the server running and at the same time it gives you some nice perks along with the donation. So dont let us down in our time of need and start donating the crap outta paypal and most inportly start helping us filling up the frontpage with YOUR revieuws. Thank you kindly
  20. Here's a shot in the dark... 1. Memtest86+ 2. Dual Prime95 / the favorite CPU/memory beating of your choice 3. IRQ conflicts? 4. Anything showing up in event viewer? 5. Have you had to install the dual core fix? Before? Now? 6. OC'ed? Does it do the same at stock? I have EVERY driver saved that I've used. If you install EXACTLY the same way you've installed before (and had perfect results), I'd look at hardware.
  21. Gene Roddenberry only provided concept ideas through earlier writings. The same goes for "Earth, Final Conflict". His widow, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, released notes that Gene had written about several concepts to contemporary writers then signed on as an "Executive Producer" for each series. The same goes for Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise. All used ideas and concepts originated by Gene Roddenberry.
  22. Go to your START menu located on the left side of your taskbar at the bottom, than right click on My computer than left click on the properties located all the way down on the menu listing. Now under System at the top you should see the Service Pack that you're running. Anyhow, so you never had any problems running F.E.A.R on your previous video card? F.E.A.R has the current patches installed correct? Which forceware drivers are you running on your 8800? Here is something that you could start reading about....if you're really serious about getting this issue takin care of and not spend money... http://forums.techpowerup.com/showthread.php?t=31266
  23. You do not need to upgrade any further, so save that money for something useful. If you're playing games like F.E.A.R or even any other modern games you should be fine with your setup to an extend when it comes to resolution and game settings though. The current applications that you have indicated on the post above really don't need multitasking, but a crazy fast hardrive or two in raid configuration would help. Now how is your system locking up? During load, IDLE, timing varies or is it always constant? Are you checking your temps on your components even on that new video card? Are you running any 3rd party software like RivaTuner for your video card? How is your fan settings on that 8800GTS? So you got that 3500+ @2.54GHz so far? Your power supply for your setup is GREAT. That video card comes with which clocks: core/shader/memory? What are you running on the background? Service Pack 2....3...for XP? hehe....answer immediately or else...j/k
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