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  1. sometimes a board will have been packed at the factory before the finalized cpu microcode was able to be inserted via bios update, so your board might still need a bios flash before it will recogize the cpu. This is just the way it is, and the only answer anyone will be able to give you is "you'll have to boot it up yourself to find out". Not the answer you were looking for probably, but <shrug>.


    BIOS flashing = agreed, don't mess with it if it works and the new bios update doesn't fix a specific issue you are having with the hardware.


    Being an X48 board...it SHOULD recognize a wolfdale cpu without any hassles...but you'll not know for sure until you boot it up yourself.

  2. I was ready to go with XP Pro 64bit on my latest build (Abit AX78) since I wanted to be able to utilize 4GB of RAM.

    Then I got to thinking about it and decided to go with Vista Ultimate since MS probably won't be supporting XP too much longer.


    To be honest I was pleasantly surprised with the system and the price from NewEgg for the OEM version ($180) wasn't astronomical.

    So far the only app I've been unable to install is ZoneAlarm - they don't have a working driver - but since I'm behind a router firewall it's not really an issue.

    I'm using Open Office to replace MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and while I don't don't expect all my apps like PhotoImpact and AutoCad 2004to work I'm surprised at how many do.

    Another bonus is that it loads and runs faster than any of the 4 XP Pro installations I'm using on my other rigs.


    Go for it.



  3. I played a single 4-race grand prix thing the first night it arrived, but since then, zilch...been on the phone with Dave or other assorted yay-hoos and finally got some time last night but instead played WoW =/

  4. Gigabyte P35-DS3L (or DS3R) ($70-$100 depends on where you shop, great boards!)

    E8400 Wolfdale (heck, even the E2180 @ $69 kicks . and clocks great)

    2x1GB just about any DDR2-800 for $40 @ newegg, and 2x2GB DDR2-800 kits are about $75

    any 8800GT 512MB for about $150-$200

    Sound = I still prefer my Audigy2 ZS so that's up to you

    case = always up to each individual

    psu = I love my Corsair HJX-620. I wouldn't trust that Enermax 535w for 8800GT + P35 + Core2 (might work, might not). If you don't want the expensive Corsair, you can trust the Antec NEO 550 HE for about $60-$80. I've tried to kill it and it won't die.

    cooling = Tuniq Tower or Thermalright 120 or Zalman 9500/9700 (ALWAYS get one that is bolt-thru, not clip-in or clip-on or anything else)


    you only need SLI if your monitor does 1680x1050 or higher (20" or larger LCD's) widescreen or 1600x1200 or higher for CRT's. If you don't plan to play at 1680x1050 with everything maxed out, you only need a single card. If you have a 24" that does 1920x1080 or 1920x1200, you defintely want to snag a second card for SLI to play all the games.


    Crysis = don't try to build a system around this game (not saying you are, just saying don't haha). This game will not play well on any machine with any amount of hardware at it's highest settings. I see people spending $3k+ and still complaining, so don't bother.

  5. british silly time is about 7 or 8 hours difference from us rednecks in Idaho (bowtie is indiana redneck)


    Thursday works like a champ for me...heck, ANY day that friggin guy Bosco doesn't call me wasting my time works for me...so make sure we get Frank or Kash or someone to keep him busy Thursday so bowtie and I can whip on Princess Peach from Fish-n-Chips Island (that would be you guv'na)

  6. I have a P4 3.0GHZ for folding that just isn't getting much done. The card is an x1950PRO in AGP. Can't seem to part with it. Hoping to get a newer MOBO with AGP that can handle a better CPU than a P4 3.0GHZ. The current set-up has a locked BIOS and doesn't allow any OC at all. Any suggestions? Thinking of just gutting the machine on Ebay and rolling whatever I get into a Tiger Direct special. AMD +3500 and an MSI board can be had for $85.00. Any suggestions on also a replacement set up that will get decent results for the minimum cost?

    Well...let's be honest...there really isn't going to be a processor out there that still lives on the an AGP platform.


    A few things to look for would be something like the NF3 250 as it is socket 754 + AGP, but I'd say your P4 3Ghz is still better for all-around use because of it's hyperthreading and architecture (for raw power, no, an Athlon64 is better, but you need to look beyond just pure raw power sometimes).


    Another thing you can look for is one of those hybrid boards that have an AGP slot combined with a Socket 939 cpu...then you'll be able to get into some dual-core X2 action + keep your AGP....however I must warn you that all my experiences with these types of boards have been either disasters or near-disasters...


    I'm just not a big fan of it...but I understand where you are at because I've had that killer AGP card that I just couldn't get rid of...but the real answer is still look to get rid of what you have and bump yourself up...


    Core2 E2180 @ $70 (newegg)

    DDR2-800 2GB kit @ $40 (just about anywhere)

    P965/P35 motherboard @ $60-$75 (Gigabyte is my fav, can be had just about anywhere at these prices)

    8800GT @ $150-$199


    8600GT @ $75-$150


    ATI 3850 @ $100-$150 (look around)



    well, you get idea. I know it's tough to let some things go (trust me, trying to let a vid card go that I paid $400 for was one of the hardest things I've ever done in the computer life I live lol). But at some point you have to sorta say "time to move into this century". It isn't intended as insult or anything like that, it's more of a "I know how you feel because I've been in your EXACT shoes with about 200 customers this year alone" sort of thing.

  7. I have yet to run across a Core2 that can't do 3Ghz with default/stock vcore. Generally the only thing you need to fiddle with to get 3Ghz on a Core2 is some increased NB/VTT voltage (but not much). Not saying there never was nor never will be a Core2 that won't hit 3Ghz on stock, just saying I've never heard of one yet and never had it happen on my end. Like I said, almost always needs a bit of NB voltage but nothing else (then again, depends on your cpu...I'm very unfamiliar with the E21xx and E4xxx stuff...I should be more forthcoming and say I'm talking about the E6x and Q6x series of Core2's)

  8. Man I need glasses, having a real hard time reading tonight :/ I had to change the theme from that BSOD blue to a lighter theme.
    I like the blue but then again I have to confess I'm liking Vista Ultimate so you might wanna take that into consideration.

    I'll report on the new build (Abit AX78) in the appropriate section when I get some time - damn job keeps infringing on the important stuff.

    These inconsiderate yacht owners all want to get their boats ready to splash.



  9. dude that was YOUR Vista that wrecked our server??? ah well, been blaming soundx98 the whole time, and I probably will just continue to since he sorta needs to be whipped (and we need a whipping boy)

  10. The E usually means Enhanced or something who knows what. Maybe it's their way of saying "revision 2" or such, or maybe it has a truly enhanced feature (hopefully OCC will get one for review and then we can read about it as the P35-DS3L and R are extremely popular motherboards).


    I would never assuming overclocking is covered under warranty, and especially not just because the bios has options built-in to do it (and do it easily these days). In fact, almost every motherboard manual will tell you that it isn't covered under warranty...but as long as you don't abuse it, you won't have need to use that warranty ;)


    Overclocking is a bit of a process, but it isn't impossible. My most-said saying for the last year has been "there is absolutely ZERO reason why you can't get ANY Core2 cpu to 3Ghz...NONE" and to this day, I have never been proven wrong. That's how simple it can be (again, assuming you bought decent parts, and from the looks of your list, you did). However, simple for you might not be simple for me, and vice-versa. Knowing what you are doing is always the most important precaution. There's some excellent OC Guide threads floating around here, and a really really good one that is Intel Core2/Quad specific. At some point we'll move the DIY-Street Overclocking Database over to here, and then you'll have an entire section/thread to search that is specific to one particular cpu socket, with complete list of bios settings, benchmark screens, etc.


    Just remember, while it's ok to copy someone else's work (and sometimes necessary when it comes to overclocking), it's always better to understand what it is that you are copying so if something doesn't quite work out, you can fiddle with things yourself without having to go searching for a new set of settings to copy/input =/

  11. ok, check this out...when you see this site, you will maybe think this is some freaky scam or that you went back in time to 1996 because it looks sorta like one of those old Geocities or Angelfire sites haha.


    But the truth is, this thing kicks total arse. It's free too. And drag-n-drop. Customizable, able to do batch conversions, it's the only thing I use anymore instead of buying this or that piece of software (other than Xvid, which is free, this is all I use, especially for ipod type vids).




    Seriously...it looks like some dude (me for instance) just put the site together in Front Page on Geocities, and the claims seem sort of outrageous, but if you spend a little time with it, you can really have a killer little converter.


    Plus it is supposed to be able to combine AAC audio with H.264...and it's 100% free.

  12. After dealing with enough customers over the years, there are only two that I use:





    All the rest have failed repeatedly and about 2 years ago I started carrying both of these on a jump drive or util cd to test them out "in the wild" and to this day, they've never failed that I know of (never had to admit defeat to a virus on a customer's rig). Kaspersky covers my own home network server/torrent/ftp machine, and NOD32 covers my personal rig (which ends up at a lot of places or with a lot of files or a lot of customer backups with who-knows-what-in-them).


    Best is always subjective though. Best for you might not be best for me, and so forth. Try a few out as all, including Kaspersky and NOD32 have 30 day trials. I look for a secure AV that isn't intrusive and doesn't use a lot of overhead (cpu/mem resources). You might have a slightly different taste in what is important in the anti-virus (free? ultra-secure like Vista's UAC haha? got 8GB RAM and don't care how much resource it needs?)

  13. I own the DS3R and a LOT of Street members have the DS3L and R and speak very highly of it. I love Gigabyte boards and used them even while I worked for DFI (just couldn't ever talk about them haha). I am on a P965-S3 still while waiting for my DS3R to come back from Giga (I hosed it during a test, board was kicking . until I got my stupid hamfingers around it...). I highly recommed the DS3L or R. Kind of odd about the prices because I was helping customer at Street pick one out just a week or two ago and they were $79.99 I think =/.


    Still, worth every penny really. Easy to use, good tech support, lots of us (members at this and many other forums) have one and can help, and they are great overclockers. I've always been pretty darn good at overclocking with DFI boards but I've surprised myself by some of the clocks I've been able to get on various Giga boards with various Core2 cpu's (haven't tried a Wolfdale yet). There's no complexity with the bios unlike some other performance boards, and if you still want some advanced options that will fine tune your overclocking even better, you generally only have to hit Ctrl + F1 and POW you unlocked all of the "juicy" settings that are normally hidden.


    Even with those unlocked, you are still going to find them very easy to use and tune. DFI boards are great overclockers, no doubt, but the bios is so complex that you have to read guides like that giant overclocking guide we had to compile for everyone =/. Take a gander through that guide and ask yourself if that's how much time you want to devote to max out your overclock when the Giga boards will get you within a few percentage points (100-ish Mhz generally) with a lot less hassle, and no having to study a bios on multiple sites/forums and still be sorta confused.


    Overclocking for "normal use" (ie, not doing it for competition or e-penis contests) should at least a little fun to make the journey, it should be rewarding by getting you a decent clock (assuming you chose your hardware wisely for the task of overclocking), and it should have a relatively short time period to achieve it in. DFI boards can have you tweaking them for 3 weeks as it taunts you with 3997Mhz but won't boot no matter what to 4000Mhz, but you got it to boot four times by fiddling with some setting buried deep in the bios but when you changed that setting two others should have been changed but you are only human and can't possibly remember an entire tech manual just to get 3 more mhz... lol


    Not always that bad, but with Giga and even other boards I've found that I can clock the same with a lot less hassle and a lot less studying some overclocking guide and a lot more gaming and porno...er schoolwork and forum yapping.


    And if you aren't into overclocking, or just very minor overclocking to "check it out", a complex board designed for overclocking wet dreams isn't something you want to even consider. Gigas are perfect for that. There's a good reason it has as many user reviews at the Egg as it does as well ;)


    Just my opinion however ;)

  14. been using this cd since it got me out of a bind (heh, funny enough, on a DFI motherboard...) a long time ago. Wonder if it will run a [email protected] version like the memory stick one that EllisD has been posting about...


    anyway, big reason Tmod was mod (as well as the guy who did all of the coding, installing, fixing, etc the entire forum) at the Street. I recommend this cd to everyone that has not tried it. Might collect dust for a while, but one day you'll be up #%@#$ creek without a paddle and no floppy drive or anything else and this will get you out of a jam, regardless of what brand of motherboard you have.

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