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    New Rpg To Play

    lol I got about 10 hours into it and realized it was the same old thing. I was proven correct when the wife hit the 30+ hour mark, and eventually the end of the game. I'm about to re-install Gothic III and use the new 1.6 patch. Gothic III is a killer RPG but it fails repeatedly with the horrible bugs. I keep trying with each new patch, and I keep getting disappointed. But I gotta keep trying. There's that much potential for it to be stellar...
  2. I'm using Riva Tuner 2.09 and Vista Ultimate. No problems adjusting the fan on my Asus 3870. I'm at 55% and my temps while playing Crysis don't exceed 55
  3. red930

    New Rpg To Play

    the wife played Hellgate. She liked it but I played it a bit and watched her and it was ultra-boring. Same thing over and over. Not even in the sense of typical RPG's of "go kill 3 of these, bring me 5 of that" a la WoW etc. It was like the same exact thing over and over again. No real story, no real plot, no character developments...it was just weak and boring in my opinion. By the time the wife got to the end, she said the same exact thing, and was heavily disappointed. I expected more out of the dev team that came up with Diablo.
  4. heh, never were truer words spoken especially since you are almost guaranteed a 65nm replacement that won't have the heat issues.
  5. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    bad because a friend's boy is graduating high school, good because there's no Stanley Cup Final game. Got all weekend with nothing to do but buy books for summer school.
  6. red930

    Cross Platform Gaming

    well now, don't be too harsh. I mean, is it really a console gamer's fault he's still a baby that can't learn the proper FPS/RTS controls that were invented solely for mouse/keyboard? No sir, the baby gamer (FPS console gamer) has to have things biased his way because of the most important reason ever: money see, console games outsell pc games 10:1 up to 50:1 (or 10000000:0 since consoles get a lot of games the pc doesn't lol). If a million people buy COD4, 5 million will buy it on 360 alone. Another 3-5 million on PS3. Etc etc etc. (that's my partial rant about how much I hate FPS games on a console...and the ONLY reason I hate them is the controller since I grew up playing original Doom/Quake on mouse/kb on my old Pentium 233MMX). PS to any baby gamers, I apologize (heh, not really...grow up and get some mouse/keyboard learning and leave consoles to music, racing, adventure, and sports games).
  7. red930

    New Rpg To Play

    Mass Effect (but for the 360...I refuse to buy into draconian copy protection schemes) is great, have that on 360. GTA4 but that's on 360 as well. Computer games...I love The Witcher but haven't finished it yet. I've definitely loved Neverwinter Nights and NWN2. NWN1 has 3 or 4 expansions and NWN2 just got it's first expansion (Mask of the Betrayer). Fallout3 but that isn't until next year. Oblivion was great (though I didn't care for it much, I appreciate how awesome it is). Two Worlds is a pretty decent Oblivion clone. Bioshock is sorta RPG-ish but mostly FPS. STALKER is a very good FPS-RPG (not enough RPG but it's a killer open-ended FPS with a great story/plot. Gothic3 just got a new patch and from what I hear, the game is almost entirely bug free lol. Gothic 3 (I've played it) was one of those incredible games in concept that got hosed during production, and the community has ended up patching the game more than the developers. Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2...even if you don't like Star Wars, these are great RPG's. I grew up with Star Wars, hate all the new ones (I wish Lucas would get cervical cancer and die rotting away in horrible pain), but these games are great. Honestly, just about ANY Bioware game is going to be a killer RPG. There's always World of Warcraft. The wife and I are playing it and I'm ashamed to admit it but that game is every bit as good as you can imagine a game must be when it has 10,000,000 subscribers (or some crazy number like that). It's great single player, it's great multiplayer, it's great all around. (I've not even actually done multiplaying with anyone but the wife, but I can already sense I'm almost ready to get 3 more together with us and do some hard 5-man dungeon/raids) If I think of any more, I'll let ya know. PS: I'll kill ANYONE you ask me to if it means getting Diablo 3 made....ANYONE. Even your grandma.
  8. No removable back plate. You have to stand the PSU on it's side then rotate it into position. I put it in before installing the board. Even with the board installed there's plenty of room to remove and reinstall the PSU. I'll let you know how it works out when I remove it to paint it orange.
  9. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    sorry man it was momma (the wife) playing with Fogel and bowtie etc...I was too busy playing Sins of a Solar Empire with EllisD, ReelFiles, etc. Hopefully after the Red Wings - Penguins game tonight I'll get a chance to play finally!
  10. yeah I thought the sound looping was done with on Vegas1.... killa, keep in mind he was using a 7300GS, not an 8800... even momma's rig (4800+ X2 + 2GB DDR2 + X1900XT) gets the sound loop....but funny enough I haven't had it once since 1.02 patch...
  11. Yeah, I'm currently at 3.2GHz (14x229).It's as high as I can go and still be stable without raising the Vcore above 1.42. Lol. Here you go - this takes care of hiding the cables. As far as the color of the pcb I'll try to remember to choose fashion over performance on my next build. Bill
  12. Thanks paulktreg.The LEDs are actually a lot darker than they appear in the pics. I shot using available light since the flash overpowers the LEDs. Had to find stuff to rest the camera on since I don't have a tripod. Bill
  13. Just finished installing my latest build in it's new case after running it on my coffee table for a couple of weeks. Specs Motherboard - Abit AX78 Operating system - Vista Ultimate Memory - 4GB (2x2GB kit) G.Skill DDR2 1066 Video card - Asus EAH3870 Hard drive - 160 GB Hitachi SATA Optical drive - Pioneer DVR-215DBK SATA Case - Gigabyte 3DMars GZ-FA2CA-AJB Power supply - OCZ GameXStream 600SLI CPU cooler - Zalman CNPS9500A IO devices - StarTech e-SATA backplate Miscellaneous - Rexus TopMotor DF124010PM 40mm fan The Gigabyte case is huge - 4" taller and 2" deeper than my Lian-Li PC82 mid tower. I wound up removing the 3/4" (19mm) thick feet and replacing then with stick on pads from my local True Value hardware store. Now it actually fits under my computer desk. The SB hs/fan came from my DFI NF570SLI-M2/G - I replaced it with a Vantec CCB-A1C since the DFI fans always die within a year. This time I lubed the fan's sleeve bearing with Mobile 1 so we'll see what happens. I also put a 40mm case fan (see specs) on the PWM hs to try and cool that puppy down. OK enough bs so on to the pics. The case also comes with a clear side window but I like the look and cooling of the mesh window better. I would definitely recommend this case if you have the room. It's all aluminum so it's super light and quite reasonable (see: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...82E16811233026). It has a 120mm fan in front and 2-120mm fans in back plus 2-80mm fans for the removable hd cage. Since I'm only using 1 hd atm I disconnected the bottom fan. So to sum things up it's an Abit board in a Gigabyte case with an Asus vid card and a DFI fan. Can't accuse me of being a fanboy.
  14. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    he's just sore that he got trashed in NFS Hot Pursuit 2 (old retro PC racer we dug out and started playing again since we have 6-10 people who are playing it with us). The real Mrs. Bowtie is better racer than he is lol.
  15. red930


    Hi Kranky. I'm running Vista Ultimate (64bit) on my AX78 and it's faster than any of my 4 XP Pro rigs. I'm currently ocing my 5000 black at 14x 229. Since I was anti Vista since it came out I'm somewhat shocked. Bill
  16. you can't just include hardware sales. If you look at it from another viewpoint, the software side, you'll see a difference that generally evens (balances) everything out. Look at how many games the average 360 or PS3 owner has and then the average number of games a Wii owner has. I am probably about average...I've got 3 retail Wii titles (not counting the Wii Sports that comes bundled) and had it about a year after I bought the 360. My 360 I have something like 25 games for. Same for my Xbox previously, I've still got over 20 game discs in the drawer and it hasn't been plugged in since I got my 360. Most Wii owners don't have a lot of games for their system. I'm not just going by a couple of dudes that might live near me (or dr_bowtie haha), I'm going by a good chunk of players in our Old Dudes (almost 300 members) Guitar Hero Group who play GH3 on a Wii, and they don't have many games for their system (and those that do have a PS3 or 360 tend to have a much larger number of games). I don't see anyone "winning" in the console war. Each camp has pretty much staked out their claim on the demographics they are targeting. It's like saying Nvidia is crushing ATI when that might be in a small segment of the market, but in a different (and larger) segment, ATI has a bit of the upper hand because the majority of computers are either laptops with integrated graphics, desktops with integrated graphics (and Intel is the king here), or desktops with low-end budget graphics (7300GS, X300SE). <shrug> The most beautiful thing about it is that each system has a particular strength and I actually enjoy each for a different reason, as well as my PC for a third alternative. I hate FPS games on a controller. I can and will only play them with mouse/kb on a computer because of the precision of control (and doing it with a controller gives me a very nasty headache, whether I do it on the pc or on a console+tv). My 360 is my hardcore sports box with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and online multiplayer and friend lists and voice chat all thrown in. I love it. My Wii is the "fun" little machine that I let momma crush bowtie in Mario Kart racing. It's the machine that everyone feels is a novelty and "fun" to play and mostly "easy" (like Wii Bowling). And it has the Virtual Console. That's the biggest plus in my book. I'm looking forward to one day (in my wet-dream-fantasy most likely) that some nerds sit down and say "ok, we will make a pure gaming OS based around Linux and we'll make proper ratings on the hardware so people will know the minimums but because the OS is dedicated mostly to gaming, it won't have peripheral functions that are not necessary like printers, tablets, scanners, cameras, etc, but it will have "generic" devices like flash memory cards or usb sticks or cameras that can read jpg or whatever. It will mostly focus around games and game peripherals. And because it won't do everyday Windows things, it will be able to install itself in a dual-boot config so you can easily switch to it when you want to game." of course, that's like wishing Mac would man-up and release OSX for all hardware and give Microsoft something to sweat about (but as soon as that happens, all the flaws in Mac OSX on an open-hardware platform would become apparent because when you create an OS and it has to be able to function with a combination of hardware that probably numbers in the trillions...you find out you aren't really any better than Microsoft). Or better...Google would. I love too many things about my PC to give up gaming on it. I love too many things about my consoles to give up gaming on them as well. I don't see console nor PC gaming dying anytime soon. In fact, I see both growing as game developers start learning how to tap the largest untapped market: women.
  17. hrmm....so....we already spent $170+ on Rock Band...and now we are expected to buy more crap for some stupid new game that copies RB? Yeah...no. Don't think so. If the peripherals from Rock Band are compatible, then yeah, I'm down with more Rock Band (or whatever your stupid game is called, both Konami and Activision trying to catch up to RB now). If not, if it's like the GH3 guitar fiasco (ie the Les Paul not working in Rock Band), then I'm gonna laugh as I continue to buy more DLC for Rock Band...which is another reason I say yeah...NO. We've purchased about 50 songs on Rock Band DLC. The other problem I have is Guitar Hero franchise's whole purpose now is to make the game insanely hard. THERE IS NO NEED OF THIS! People want to get together and play, party, drink, wife-swap, etc. Guitar Hero keeps getting progressively more difficult, and looks like they plan to do the same thing here with this new nonsense. Hint to Activision (and everyone else): GAMES ARE MEANT TO BE FUN if you want women to join the gaming world, do it like Rock Band and keep it simple yet challenging on higher difficulties.
  18. I find it funny to hear Sony and Microsoft say it's too expensive and too risky to come up with the next generation of hardware....yet Nintendo is doing it and not even focusing on the graphics...and all of us bitched about the ugly graphics then picked up the Wiimote and shut our stupid cake-holes...me included. Innovation is not better graphics. Better graphics come with natural evolution of computer technology. This is a no-brainer yet still companies and people claim that if a game doesn't look like Crysis, it sucks. Innovation is doing something new and different. Microsoft did it the best and evolved it the most when it came to online console multiplayer services (Xbox Live). Nintendo did it with the motion-sensing controls and Virtual Console (360 Arcade is ok, but there isn't a wealth of titles we are screaming for like Dr. Mario, F-Zero, all the Zelda's etc like we do on the old Nintendo/Sega systems). Sony did it...back in PS2 days (they got it right and now there are more than one hundred million PS2's floating around and PS2 games still end up tops in sales sometimes). It isn't about forcing people to buy into your stupidity (MS and their HD-DVD crap among others). It's about making games that appeal to the largest potential customer base (ie: women/moms as well as men/dads/kids). There's a reason why Bejeweled and Luxor sell 10x as many copies as Crysis. Crysis only appeals to the sweatiest, nerdiest, most penis-envied little boys (whether you are 34 years old or 14) that are willing to spend $1000 to play the game as the developers (who developed it on $5k workstations) intended it to be played. Luxor and Bejeweled will work on even my 9 year old IBM T20 (Pentium3 700Mhz!) laptop...and they appeal to a lot broader range of person than Sweaty-Crysis. World of Warcraft doesn't have 10,000,000 or so subscribers because it looks and plays like Crysis, FEAR, Battlefield3, Doom6, Unreal Tournament 13. WoW is that insanely popular because it innovates in special ways....it runs on something as low as a DirectX 7 card...a crappy old processor and 256MB or so of RAM...and it is a VERY deep game, especially for playing WITH (or against in a lot of cases I guess) people...friends... WoW doesn't need a BFG 23550XXTLXGTX 3500Mhz/66000Mhz video card to play and look decent. It doesn't need 33GB of RAM and a octo-core cpu. I don't necessarily agree with Fogel that the 360 is getting stomped by the Wii. Wii outsells it, but the price has a lot to do with it. If the 360 with the hdd was $249, you'd hardly keep them on the shelves as well. Look at the Gamecube...everyone considered it full of leprosy and wouldn't go near the damn think except those japanime dorks who like Goyuko or Dragonsnail G or whatever that crap is...until Nintendo called it in at $99...then it instantly took over the top in sales again. The two systems are aimed at entirely different audiences as well. The 360 wants MEN to KILL EACH OTHER REAL GOOD with BLOOD and KNIVES and smack-talk over voice chat. They know there are 25,000,000+ man-gamers out there who like video games and like the kinds of hardcore stuff that the 360 can handle, and will definitely make use of the kick-arse Live online component. The Wii wants moms, dads, soft little kids, japanime dorks, granny, Mr Roper, The Rock, and just about everyone on the planet to play it for it's innovation and LOCAL Multiplayer (ie dorks in your living room sweating with you while trying to punch each other with the wiimote/nunchuck). The problem really lies within us, the consumer. We DEMAND killer games that are so detailed and sharp you can see a booger hanging out of an enemy's nose from across the abandoned train yard before you snipe him and watch a chunk of blood and brain splat against the bullet-riddled concrete wall behind him. When we don't get what we DEMAND, we go apeshit on game developer forums screaming how much they hate us customers, how we will NEVER BUY YOUR #$#@[email protected]#! PIECE OF @#%@#$ PRODUCTS AGAIN YOU #[email protected]#[email protected]#!$ MOTHER #@[email protected]#[email protected]'s!!!! Why does The Sims do so well? Chicks play it. Why does WoW do so well? Chicks play it. Why do casual games like Luxor, Bejeweled, Tetris, etc do so well? Chicks play it. hint...chicks play games...chicks buy games...chicks don't pirate games much either (so stfu game companies, stop using that bs as an excuse for draconian copy protection attached to your overpriced junk that needs 124 patches before it runs without BSOD'ing...on XP (Vista is nothing but a BSOD-In-A-Box)). Chick money is just as spendy and worth just as much as dude money. Chicks don't dig Crysis nor the sweaty yum-yum heads (yes, that would be you) that touch themselves in dirty ways just waiting for the game to be released. Chicks dig games that are FUN and they like to play TOGETHER...not against. Get your girl to play some Counter-Strike, and get on the opposite team and spawn camp her for 10 straight minutes. Wow, that's so much fun for her. No wonder she hates you and your stupid computer. The money is there. A game like Sins of a Solar Empire has led the sales charts for about 3 months now...not even counting sales at Wal-Mart (usually the largest source of sales for a video game), and not counting Stardock's own digital distribution service (ie: their own "Steam"). And it has...GASP...no %#@$#@ copy protection. And GASP...it runs on a total piece of %#$#@ machine. Example? Sure! Pentium4 3Ghz Prescott 2x512MB DDR400 GeForce4 MX 400 64MB AGP onboard sound DFI 865PE 17" CRT monitor 160GB IDE hdd plays like a champ...there's some little glitch in that it won't show textures when zoomed in after a certain point, but all the markers/icons are still visible. It holds up great even in one of our DIY-Street 6-man vs 6-AI 4+ hour battles. OMG HOW CAN THIS BE??? IT MUST BE A SECRET XRLGT-1235000000 5GB VIDEO RAM + 323BBBHZ MEGASUPERCORE CPU! Nope. I stopped drinking that Kool-Aid a long time ago. Too bad game developers are still drinking it, and worse, they keep handing it out free to YOU, the consumers. Funny thing...Tim Sweeney did an interview . and moaning about the state of PC gaming and blamed it all on Intel integrated graphics, and how they want to force Intel to finally include a decent gpu to play their $50 technical wet dream games. Instead of trying to make FUN games with great GAMEPLAY that play on just about any machine. IMAGINE, if you will, a game developer that say...spent $10,000,000 on developing a game that would run on just about any machine by chopping out the necessity of needing an ATI XP1000000GTX gpu on a 48-core cpu...instead of spending the majority of budget on graphics technology, they did what good game developers used to do, and develop stories, fun, and gameplay that is appealing to single players, multiplayers, co-op players, and even player-haters. Instead of working for the last 6 months on your game trying to max out graphics and at teh same time make your graphical monster work on crappy lame low-end machines that are still using yesterday's technology (yeah, bastards, like those crappy 7800GTX's and Athlon64 3500+'s that we spent hundreds of dollars on, and now even my crappy X1900XT 512MB...I mean, it must be a piece of %#@[email protected]# since it can barely play Crysis right?), how wonderful would it be to spend all that energy and time to enhance the game, make it deeper, etc? Yeah yeah, take another bong hit dude...companies like ATI and Nvidia don't want such a thing to EVER happen on a large scale...who would need a Bazooka10,000GTXLR video card for $699 then? Not us...and as they already know, not WOMEN. Nor those poker morons who spend their entire day playing online poker instead of answering #@[email protected]#%ing 911 calls (jackass!). *sigh* Whatever Angry. Shut your gob-hole.
  19. red930

    Mario Kart Wii

    hell, momma beat the snot out of him in a couple of races and put the controller down and said he's no challenge, she was bored, and she went back to playing WoW lol. Got to be insulting to be kicked by a woman and told you suck so bad it was boring to play against you this Vegas2 thing is really chewing up any and all of our spare time lately (before school starts again)
  20. Did a quick Google search and came up with this company http://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/fans.html You might be able to screw or epoxy (a couple of drops) a 30 or 35mm fan to the hs.
  21. This is the stock cooler. Again by using the IDE header as a reference it appears to be around 35x35mm. I'm not sure but a 40mm fan might work. Bill
  22. Don't know what Gigabyte board you'll be using but I built a GA-MA78GM-S2H a couple of months ago for my landlady. She's using it for business - e-mail, light photo editing, MS Word, etc. It's a great HTPC but I wouldn't recommend the onboard video for gaming. Frame rates were pretty low and the 3DMark06 scores were horrible but it worked great when connected to my HDTV with an HDMI cable. First thing I did was to remove the NB (780G) & SB (SB700) heatsinks and apply AS5. Here's a pic of the SB w/o hs. Using the IDE header as a reference I would guess that the pin to pin measurement is about 47-48mm so any hs/fan with that span will work. Bill
  23. Getting too old for the long distance stuff.Just finished up on a 78' sport fish at Newport Shipyard last night and today I was at Bristol Marine going over the work I did on an Alden sloop with the owner. Next week I should be working on a couple of Freedoms in Warren, RI. The Caribbean crowd are somewhat slow to return this year due to unsettled weather down south. Gives me time to finish building my AX78. I ordered a Gigabyte 3D Mars case, 4 gigs of G.Skill DDR2 1066 a DVD burner and some incidentals from the Egg today. Now I can move it off the coffee table and into it's new home. The van is now sporting a 3' WiFi antenna on the roof, MS Streets and Trips w/GPS and over 4,000 mp3's that I can play on the radio through an FM transmitter. I'm hoping that the hard drive will last long enough until the solid state drives become more affordable. Every time I hit a pothole I expect it to die. Thanks for the drink . Nice folks over here btw. So how's things going with you?
  24. How's it going sd. Glad to see you here at OCC. We'll have to get together to talk computers and swap sailing stories one of these days. Bill
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