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  1. UPS is just a big battery that costs 500 times as much which your likely never to use, the purpose of it is to allow you to close your PC down properly if there is a power cut, its mainly used industrially. Anyway whats your power supply and make, does it have a warranty? If your using a PC especially if its a nice one XD You should buy a good quality surge protector, i got a belkin 4 way protector, didnt cost much
  2. It has four 12v rails each having a rating of 18amp for a total of 72amps, ye he will be fine. Is the brand chieftec American because i have not heard of it with power supplies its best to go with a trusted brand, make sure warranty is good
  3. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...256&page=31 I am pretty sure your correct, look in that forum thread, there talking about northbridge and southbridge voltages which are around similar to 1.66v and 1.52v reading your are getting.
  4. I'm pretty sure reformatting requires at least a quick erase of the hard drive, so it may be beyond you. The problem is with an erase it resets the data on the hard drive therefore technically its not recoverable and out of your control but if the data is really important to you you can pay professionals to recover it as even when erased they can perform miracles GOOD LUCK!
  5. Yeah I think your good, Seagate is among one of the best brands and millions of the 7200.10 have been shipped so if they were really bad they would have stopped selling them, most hard drives nowadays have a warranty of 3-5 years so on average a hard drive should probably be lasting you about 5-6 years depending on use, the hard drive technology has been around for ages its pretty refined. Go and enjoy your half price hard drive!
  6. I have not really looked into taking the bottom of the mesh off in the front, with the HDD rack being there I haven't given it a second thought. I'm not really a modder though, sorry I couldn't be more of a help. I haven't noticed any heating issues with mine, although I could see it happening with improper fan setup or poor fan replacement.
  7. Hey guys...most people here won't know me, but I used to post quite often on OCC. I went by the name "Nuclear" back then but haven't posted in probably 2-3 years. I forgot my login info and of course my e-mail address has changed, so this will be new account and return to OCC. I took some time off from running a website of my own and constantly building computers to go back to school and get my M.S. in Computer Engineering. I look forward to meeting all of the new people (to me) and hopefully catching up with some old friends...and of course helping the OCC community push their rigs to the max. I now work as a Comp Engineer for SUN Microsystems with my area of expertise in SPARC architectures (hence the name). I still build and push rigs to the max with a little modding thrown in here and there. Thanks!
  8. Looks good. I would look into a stronger PSU, especially if you think you might add a second 4870 later on. I would also look into replacing the stock CoolerMaster fans, replacing stock fans is one thing I always do.
  9. Do you have a preference on noise or price? That could be a huge deciding factor on which fans to get. If you are looking for budget fans then go with the Yates as already mentioned. I love Scythe S-Flex and Slipstream fans, but Noctua and Nanoxia make very good 120MM fans that can move air and be deadly silent. If noise isn't an issue then just pick up the highest CFM from Delta in your budget and get a good set of ear plugs.
  10. I would disable everything in BIOS that is not needed. Make sure the onboard video is disabled and all other devices not needed. If that doesn't improve your situation, then I would search through google for others running the same driver versions as you. The latest and greatest drivers are not always the best and have been known to be released with major bugs. As much as you don't want to hear it, it really sounds like you have a driver issue.
  11. While it might be rare that you reach DDR 1066 speeds on an AMD platform, it's very possible on simple air with the right combination. I've got a test rig running a 7750 @ 268x12 with 4GB of GSkill 1066, and it's on a Scythe Ninja In that setup I originally ran a 4GB set of GSkill 800, but it limited my OC to 235x12.5 because the RAM could not run any higher without dropping the divider. The chip can go quite high and OC's quite well so I dropped in a spare set of GSkill 1066 I had and it runs smoothly at 268 without any issues, the board remained the same gigabyte 780g. With the price of DDR2 being so cheap, why not go for the 1066? It will be some what future proof for the new PIIs and will offer much more headroom than 800 would. BTW: I used to post on here a few years back under the name Nuclear...any of the old timers can vouch for my credibility and prowess when it comes to OC'ing. Nice to be back!
  12. According to NewEgg you get only the card. No adaptors, CD, etc. Bill
  13. Been using it since it came out and the original UBCD before that.The latest version has USB support included so you can make a bootable flash card or flash drive with it. If you are installing it on a USB drive you don't want to create an ISO image so don't tick that radio button during the setup - tick None. First thing you want to do is hit the Config Button on all the Spyware, Anti Virus apps and browsers you want to load. Depending on your Internet connection this can take a while. Select the app to highlight it and then hit Config. This will assure that your build has the latest updates. The final step is to select !Critical: ubcd4win to USB v 1.00 and hit Config and it will look for a flash drive to install on. Of the 7 computers I own some of them will boot from a USB drive and see it as a removable drive the others will boot from a flash card using a USB card reader and they see it as a hard drive. Either way they all work. Bill
  14. And is there an update to your findings?
  15. I misread your original post. I thought that you wanted the correct file extensions to show. Krazyxazn gave you the answer you are looking for. Bill
  16. See if this helps http://www.thetechguide.com/forum/lofivers...php/t11409.html
  17. posting from 3.0 right now. Haven't had time to really dig through it, but it instantly worked in OCC's CMS (the thing that we use to publish reviews/articles/etc) as well as my own site's front-end (which of course is different and actually more of a pain in the . with browsers other than IE). So that's an instant plus, and I really really like the the look of it!
  18. jeez....Fogel is going to end up crashing this thread like he did our Ventrilo server, DIY-Street webserver, Xfire server, and Rainbow Six Vegas server (and our Sins of a Solar Empire server).
  19. you can thank that shiny new 280 or whatever Frank reviewed on the front page! which also means that $129 8800GT 512's will be even lower (saw an XFX 8800GT 512MB for this price at newegg last week!) ps: Fight Game - same dude that was over at DIY-Street?
  20. Here's what we have for the Wii: Sim City (SNES - VC) Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64 - VC) Mario Kart 64 (N64 - VC) Mario Kart Wii (FREAKING AWESOOOOOMMMEEEE!!!) Super Mario Galaxy (see above descriptor!) Mario Party 8 (killer game, but only does widescreen in the menus!!! 4:3 when in the actual game, but so what, it's pretty fun!!!) The other two that I'm hopefully going to rent before 2012: Mario Strikers (the soccer one?) Super Smash Brothers Brawl Oh oh, then there's Guitar Hero and Rock Band if you don't have them for another console...those two right there easily get about 90% of all play time on any console.
  21. not sure about anyone else, but I completely and totally ignore 3dmark scores. They are useless when trying to measure real game performance since they are synthetic. Another thing to note is the almost identical scores between all cards of the same class now. Is there a real difference between 13,654 points and 14,123 at 1600x1200? No. Is there a difference between 32fps and 65fps at 1600x1200? Why, yes, there is a pretty significant difference. So taking those figures into consideration, if a 500-ish point difference in a synthetic benchmark equaled a 30fps difference at the same resolution, you'd definitely be thinking that 3dmark is something worthwhile to pay attention to. But reality shows that 3dmark is all over the map when it comes to measuring real world performance that I wonder why people still cling to old habits. How about the 3dmark scores where one card scores 600 points higher but in REAL games that same card actually gets beaten by 14fps in every game at every resolution? How can one possibly consider 3dmark as anything but quaint and out-of-date then? I stopped using 3dmark as a bench about 2 years ago, but for another year after I still at least ran the program to try to at least get some correlation between scores on different platforms, but when you end up with 30 different computers spitting out 3dmark numbers that have no bearing on real-world performance, you tend to recognize that it's simply a wasted effort. I'm in no way slamming Frank for using it. All the sites around the net are still using it, and habits are hard to break, especially reader habits. I think we do it mostly because somehow readers would howl in displeasure if there wasn't a 3dmark score included. It's hard to wean ourselves off from old habits. Look how many STILL can't even bring themselves to say the words "Core 2 Duo" or even "Intel" because of how long they slept in the same bed with everything and anything AMD? Remember when AMD was ramping up the performance and doing the Texas-Two-Step all over Intel's crappy Pentium4 and Pentium D? There were still far too many fanboys that just couldn't accept that Intel fell into 2nd place in performance. Reminds me of Mac users or ATI vs Nvidia etc. I hope that 3dmark is something that EVERYONE can eventually move away from unless Futuremark does something to the bench to make it relevant again (something it hasn't been in most serious bench/tweak/enthusiast minds for a good while now). Until then though, real games should be the numbers you are watching with serious interest instead of outdated synthetic benchmarks that show no real-world correlation to actual performance under real-world conditions. If we can break reader habits, then we (ie all of us who write/work for websites such as OCC, [H], Anand, PCPER, etc) can break our own habits. Watch that show Intervention on A&E sometime. The parents/friends/family of addicts are just as much at fault as the addicts themselves. Me, I'm a recovering addict, and this is my opinion, not the opinion of OCC or anyone else (and yes, when I have to review something that requires benchmarks, if our rules state it must be used, I will use it, but I will focus on real games and real applications and only make passing mention to 3dmark). now, beyond this, what a great card this is turning out to be. I am like others in this thread though, waiting to see what ATI counters with. I've never been ATI or Nvidia fanboy, just like I've never been AMD or Intel, Chevy or Ford (I hate both and prefer Honda and Toyota haha). Competition is great for us, the consumers. $699 is a horribly steep price, but there's one extremely important result that comes from this killer new card: price drops on current tech that means we can all afford something killer. example? Newegg had an XFX 8800GT 512MB PCI-E for $129.00 last week...and most are $150-ish with or without rebates. Today I saw a 9800GTX for $219 after $20MIR or something...so let's keep these new gpu's rolling out because 99% of us can't afford a brand new $600 video card, but 90% of us enthusiasts can easily break down and save/spend for a $150-ish card that was $300 about 6 weeks ago lol. ok, Angry out. Feel free to bash me endlessly!
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