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  1. I will keep it in mind but its not a must buy until I see it firsthand After playing COD2/3/4/5 its kinda boring me, same old same old, no doubt modern warfare stood out from the rest but at the end of the day its still fairly generic and unless modern warfare 2 is different I probably wont buy it, not saying its a bad game it will be great but its not for me anymore! I am way more interested in ARMA2 looks more realistic which is what I prefer
  2. Just one thing why would you want to buy a card which is about in GBP
  3. Well im glad when i upgraded it was just before this stuff was starting and i wont upgrade anything until were out of it, i reckon my rig can last a fair while, i don't think the games will get rapidly demanding, over the next couple of years, not until new consoles come out anyway
  4. it is old for most people but a valid point Two+ GPU setups are mostly bought by enthusiasts or really high end gamers There is not the improvement you would expect although two+ card setups can handle AA better and probably some other effects too TBH these technologies are relatively new and they probably have a long way to go, there is lots of potential and in the future the gains will probably be a lot bigger, it might take a while until eventually multi gpu's become a standard but thats either not gonna happen or will take a long time speculation really only time will tell a very long time!
  5. i have the antec 300 and its a fabulous case, inexpensive, the dust filter is very handy, simple nice looking case, plenty of room and slots, good cooling too
  6. i cant help you with overclocking but you need to give more information you need to tell us the processor model and brand/model of power supply would also be helpful also give some of your results can you overclock at all or just a little bit? what sort of cooling is on the processor, just the standard one or have you added another? how do you overclock it so someone can see if your doing it correctly! Has the BIOS been updated do you know if there is a newer version? Thanks
  7. ok i was kinda getting confused as to what he was already running after answering a post about a 1000W psu lawl but yes i agree it would be better to have higher than 520w but i would say 800w is still a bit overkill it really depends on what the prices are like I would go for 650w as i have already done Corsair is good though!
  8. i know but that's what i was getting at right there the average user doesn't need one, i cant remember the last power cut i had in the UK although i remember the opposite side of the street having a power cut and it was blacked out and we still had electricity ha lol
  9. mine is 650w but 600 is a good number like everyone else is saying its leaving a bit of space for the future but not overkill as long as the 12v rails are strong its all gravy
  10. Fallout 3 is known for its persistence not to work, your not the only one i have managed to fix mine Check the bethesda forums and also go to tweakguides search google and find the fallout 3 pages, may have fixes and performance boosts for you, it helped me to stop crashing
  11. This is where it stands i think most people would say creative especially for gaming Now some people have said that had drivers problems with creative and its not so bad with ASUS but ASUS is not as good on the gaming front so i would say Creative = gaming ASUS = pretty much everything else lol TBH both are really good, check out the features of both on google and compare to what suits you
  12. What happened to me on more demanding games so i picked up a xtreme music From now on i will always by a sound card even a fairly cheap one
  13. with all this economic crisis stuff all the exchange rates have changed dramatically AND INFLATION gggrrrr inflation did you know my corsair TX 650w when i bought it was
  14. you did say old though the 12v rails may have been weak Well lets look a it this way if you can afford to have a good quad and a quad 4870 setup then you can afford to get a 1000w PSU I think that sorts things out nicely?
  15. Just my two cents and if you read i said 'Of course your probably want something way bigger' also the 300 was released after the 900 just because it has a lower number doesn't mean its inferior
  16. don't use the CCC auto clock, overclock manually in small increments and test with ati tool artifact scanner for at least 10minutes to check for artifacts, check your temps too, i don't advise flashing the GPU BIOS either unless you know what your doing.
  17. a 4830 would not meet his required budget of
  18. I think you may have the upgrade bug! Think just one second do you have money to spare like throw out the window? If you don't then this upgrade will not improve your performance IF YOU DO! Then lucky you , the 9800GTX+ you have is better than the 4850 at least it is now with the flurry of nvidia drivers lately, although 4850 is great and i have one i wish i had got a 9800GTX+ now, the drivers from ATI lately haven't been there best. You may also want to keep an eye on the EVGA voltmodding tool, it only works with GTX cards atm but i think they will add compatibility for the 9800GTX+ which means you could raise your voltage and therefore clocks speeds giving you a mighty overclock and you would be far ahead against the 4850! If you just want to upgrade so randomly even with a good system why not go the whole way and upgrade to i7 lawl?
  19. the last time i saw a PC start like yours was when the PSU was fried! Just to let you know
  20. simple if you have loads of money you might as well get higher but there is really no point and if your not rich just use common sense, go with a good brand and make sure wattage is above what is needed by a small margin, the warranty is also an indication of its predicted lifetime
  21. Some can output more wattage than advertised but this really isn't advised and your unlikely to sustain a load higher than advertised without damaging or reducing the PSU lifetime
  22. nice but I'm sure you could tidy that case up even more and also please put the fan shroud back on your 9800GTX your seriously losing cooling with it off the air from that small fan will struggle to reach the heatsink efficiently plus the exhausted air wont exit the case as well, you need the shroud on!
  23. I have an antec 300, nice space, air filters, very convenient and a good blank canvas for modding. AND cheap! Of course your probably want something way bigger
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