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  1. 1. Agreed. 2. I thought that Cubbies caps came with tin foil lining standard. :angel:
  2. red930

    GTA 4 - ps3 / 360

    A buddy I live with got it the night it came out. He seems to like it, but he's one of the guys that can like things. I'm not one of those guys. The graphics are NOT impressive, though they are of course better than previous generations. There seem to be a lot of cut scenes which cannot be paused, which I for one would like. If they EVER figure out how to utilize anti-aliasing, then I'll be slightly impressed. Until then, the game looks like .. Certainly not good enough to justify a $500 machine when a $100 (8800GTS 320) card in most any computer of the last two years would look better. Other than that, I haven't played it. I assume it plays just like every other GTA game - awesome for a day or two (a week tops) then virtually unplayable. The press can't be THAT bad for the game since Circuit City (and others) have actually had commercials promoting it. You'd think if there were that many people with sticks up their asses they wouldn't dare advertise for fear of affiliation.
  3. i will try to bent on vent in time for that...maby got the kids then...
  4. It's interesting that you bring this up because this is exactly what I feel a majority of people who oppose this war are doing. Being shortsighted is one thing, refusing to think about just what we may have avoided ten years from now is another. And we'll never know. We live with the choices we made. FYI, I don't feel misled about anything. If that's the way you feel...well then that's the way you feel I guess. Not much to be done about it until the next President comes in and makes some remarks and you can feel misled by him/her instead. Wrong. Patriotism is the support of your nation. This doesn't mean that you have to blindly follow it, it means that you question the things that NEED questioning. It means that you support the protocols that are made for the good of the nation. Why do you think Presidents age so quickly in office? Because it's a stressful xxxxing job! Because making decision that will permanently affect people isn't freakin easy! Assuming the government is screwing the public at every turn is most certainly NOT patriotism. And yet everyone that doesn't bleat with the rest of the pack is being "led" as well. Except you're "knowingly" doing so. "Knowingly" is quoted because you're assuming (for whatever reason) that you are knowledgeable about someithing wrong with this country. Does that really make you any better than the people that don't care, don't know, or aren't smart enough to know? Does saying something when it's clearly not going to make a difference (because let's face it, 99.99999% of all posts anywhere online don't matter) really matter? Sure, spreading knowledge is good. 'The more you know' and all that jazz. Giving up clearly isn't going to do anything either. Just saying maybe you should think before lumping everyone else into that sheep category, because while you might be a black sheep with a tinfoil hat on, you're still in the herd with the rest.
  5. Gawd i suck at this game.... Mind you its my second time i play a shooter, but really.... I tried single player terrorist hunt, and got shot down every 3 attemps i did... Gottta give that more practice i think:) btw travis my install went like a charm
  6. red930

    Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

    Man...you must have had a bad one, dude. I spent my $300 on a PS2 (month or two after it came out) and it's still running to this day . I chipped it and slapped a 500 gig HD in it. No more wearing out the DVDs for me. I got hooked on the GT's with #2. Then #3 came out for PS2...I couldn't believe the graphics (you know how it is...). #4 continued the pattern. Am I the only person that loves to collect cars in that game? I seriously remember having fun stocking up all the colors for my favorite cars. That, and collecting every single F1 color I can get. LOL. I'm not sure if I'll buy a PS3 just for GT5...that's a lot of money.
  7. 3 for me! 1 socket 939 lanparty rig (possibly turning into a second this summer on procurement of case and power supply - read HTPC) 1 IBM laptop 1 ancient Dell that needs too be scrapped In our house, we also have... A dell for mom...and soon a IMac (oh nose!), and a work laptop. My brother also has his computer which is going to get replaced (dead motherboard/power supply). If only I was home...I'd be building computers and saving my family money...
  8. Pssh, whatever man. I own one computer. Counting all computers in the house I live in (including the PS3, laptops, and server) we have 9.
  9. Yngwie Malmsteen - Far Beyond the Sun Ha! I have this guy's guitar pick in my wallet :tooth:
  10. Will it boot/memtest with one DIMM in a yellow slot? Yes, these boards are very picky. Luckily, you're trying to run 4 matched memory modules, much much better than trying to run 3 and/or mismatched or single/double sided... Can you give us a list of all of your system specs for reference? Thanks.
  11. I would also memtest the individual DIMMs (one at a time). That'd save you some headache if there was a faulty module. Set all the primary timings in BIOS, leave the rest to auto. When you go to adding all of the memory, enable the memory hole, put the DRAM voltage up to the higher end of the recommended voltage by the manufacturer (they should give you a range, ie. 2.6 to 2.8, etc), and change from 1T to 2T. Edit: It seems that your timings are 2-3-2-6, if you need to loosen them, try 2-3-3-7 or 2.5-3-3-7. I don't think you should have to if everything falls into place.
  12. A man burst into a crowded bank, ordered everyone into a corner, and then got his bag filled with packets of money. But instead of running out, he approached the crowd of terrified customers. He picked out one and asked, "Did you see me rob this bank?" The man replied, "Yes sir, I did." The robber then shot him in the temple, killing him instantly. He then turned to a couple standing next to him and asked the man, "Did you see me rob this bank?" "No sir, I sure didn't," the man replied -- "But my wife did."
  13. A blonde needed to re-fill her tank since it was very close to empty. She stopped at a gas station and proceeded to pump gas into the gas tank. While she was waiting the nicotine urge got to her so she lit up a smoke. From the gas fumes and the lighter flame the inevitable happened, she caught on fire. As she was wildly thrashing on the ground trying to put the flames out a policeman saw here, quickly drove up, got out of the car and proceeded to shoot her in the head three times. The gas station attendant ran out and asked why he would do such a thing. The officer responded... "She was waiving a fire-arm at me."
  14. Have you had any success with running memtest86?
  15. Hi. I don't know if this is the problem, but I'm pretty sure there are different versions of OCZ Tony's BIOS. Venus and Expert are different from the standard NF4 Lanparty BIOSes. You also might have to make sure that you have a version that has dual core support? My recommendation...flash to a bios from TMOD's CD in my signature. But...only use the Expert page for BIOSes. I think Tony's Expert BIOSes have EX in front of them. I would try NF4ED406 or EX406BTA.
  16. beer crates. :eek2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12wtKg0DUyo
  17. I'm 33 yr old and I love my Wii. For just goofing around and general fun, it is the way to go
  18. I get the distinct impression that she takes a fancy to silver cases with blue lights. :angel:
  19. I dunno man, I make a pretty mean PB&J...
  20. I put 'no', but I'm not entirely certain if you meant women in general or one particular woman. When I say 'no' I mean I don't think Hillary would do well. However, I feel that there are just as many women capable of leading the country as there are men. They would have the additional challenge of dealing with other countries that don't quite place women as high on the equality though, so there could be some interesting international problems. So yes, there are woman capable of running the country (and doing a good job of it!) but the chances of the right woman getting in are as slim as the right man.
  21. 23 Male Intermediate (this criteria is really subjective, isn't it?)
  22. AMD is getting ready to put out new contenders around May, which sounds understand since Computex Taipei is just around the corner. I'm sure alot of users have heard of the specs and such. I don't know if i'm just out of it or i just couldn't find any post related to this topic, correct me if i'm wrong. This is a good one.... http://www.tweaktown.com/news/9367/specifi...4000/index.html
  23. Now thats when the great "Probability" comes into play. I hated that class, but good luck to you.... Age: 27 Gender: Male Techsickness: 5 out of 10
  24. We're still talking about what....BETAS? Here..... Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 5512 RTM http://www.majorgeeks.com/Microsoft_Window...inal_d4323.html Download pending 316.5MEG and getting only @45k <----Not nice... Oh yeah... @Branjo, there is a new beta bios "F12" for our boards, not sure if you have tested it or even going to download it, but keep me up-to-date.
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