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  1. Under heavy loads and with some motherboards it will reduce from turbo mode to the lower multi to reduce heat. Asus is bad about turbo throttling (wont stay locked on 21), had the same problem with foxconn flaming blade.



    So what happens if you overclock to a stable 3.2Ghz with a 20x multiplier, but when turbo mode springs into action you destablize at 21x -> 3.35Ghz. Is the general recommendation to disable turbo mode and just OC to 3.2 with a 20x, and so not allowing your CPU to destablize at 21x?

  2. I was thinking of overclocking my core i7 CPU 920, I have a question on turbo mode.


    My defualt multiplier is 20. So 133 x 20 = 2.66Ghz, my advertised clock speed. And so when the CPU is really stressed my computer ups the multiplier to 21 and so I can go 133 x 20 = 2.79 GHz. So I can already acheive 2.79Ghz right out of the box? Why doesn't intel advertise the i7 920 as 2.79Ghz since it acheives those speeds under heavy load anyway?

  3. Always the same problem when a person asks for advice and assumes that advice will be based on firsthand experience. Someone comes along ranting as fact things that have been read or what they think may be true because of their limited exposure to the product of topic.



    I'm sorry; I was unaware that descriptions are ranting on this highly technological forum.

    Nice greeting for a new member; thank you; ohh, right, new members should be perhaps meek till properly broke-in?


    think may be true...

    I presented my point of view, you're presenting imputation.


    Someone comes along..

    Are you trying to tell me as a moderator, that the said here is judged based on forum-pedigree, rather than on contents?

    An answer would be nice; to know if pack an go away.


    This goes also for the method of reviewing here or just the forum?

  4. I can't understand what you're trying to say? I'm thinking the same thing as Waco, tessellation renders faster what are you trying to say with this line "what effort (GPU power) does a certain quality of image require to render" are you saying tessellation doesn't look as good? Also what the heck are you trying to say with "so your conclusion on behalf of implementation is above common logic," "Before putting yourself in the judgement of truth" Stop speaking in riddle.


    I'm not speaking in riddles. I was making a simplified technical description.



    post-69406-1257670639.png post-69406-1257670663.png


    same surface on both.

    notice the complexity on the first that has added tessellation

    the second is "standard"


    The lines are denoting a certain standard surface, this surface gets filled with additional surfaces with tessellation (to simplify).


    Now, let us take the first image as standard. Its complexity is clear, yes?

    Rendering such an image with the standard method is much harder compared to the solution named as tessellation.


    However, to add this complexity to an image requires additional work.

  5. That's not true. Tessellation is faster than rendering the old way when rendering the same scene. It's only "slower" in the Heaven benchmark because the whole thing runs at the minimum quality level for meshes when tessellation is disabled.


    Before putting yourself in the judgement of truth, it might be advisable to discern between:

    -technological discussion which rendering method is faster and better

    -what effort (GPU power) does a certain quality of image require to render


    Tessellation was not discovered with DX11 hardware, so your conclusion on behalf of implementation is above common logic.

  6. i think ill just wait a little longer until they fix all the issues, great info guys.


    That might prove a looong wait, since the "competition" is not getting anywhere with their hardware and production methods.


    Intel SSDs have a great price and they perform superbly, not to mention that you can upgrade later with RAID setup. On top of all, they are performing rock stable.

  7. obviously not enough pressing problems to take time to disable physx when ati cards are detected :rolleyes:


    Well, they do not profess deep love for ATI; and being a little naughty... well, look at Batman game... ;)


    I think that the main reason lies in tessellation; ATI's glory DX11 hardware takes a 50% hit when enabled. Tessellation is one of the main things if you're buying new cards.


    Nvidia probably does not want that 5870 buyers salvage their bad investment with their CPU/GPU hybrid. "If they are ATI enthusiast or opportunists then let them be, till the bitter end" NVidia would say.

  8. First; HDDs with 6GB/sec are not performing any better than current top HDDs; so, they do not need this SATA "3".


    Two Intel SSD's in Raid 0 hit till 500Gb/sec in read and you do not need SATA 3.


    If you need sata 3 than there is the Asus 920 motherboard with two N200 chips added.

  9. Not entirely correct. The Samsung based drives are available with 3 different firmware versions. The latest version maintains the drive's performance to within 80% - 85% of new, which is equivalent to the performance drop maintained by the Intel drives. The other firmware versions require that the drive be wiped to restore like-new performance. But even in a degraded condition they are considerably faster then a conventional hard drive. Trim capable firmware is planned to be released by the end of the month if the last couple of bumps can be smoothed out. Samsung has stated there will never be the capability to flash back and forth between firmware versions, only forward. Because of this and not knowing what firmware version may be on the drive when bought unless the drives can be had for a really good price there are better options.


    The current version of firmware from Indilinx supports Tim. For users not using Win7 or running RAID the previous firmware has a mild form of garbage collection. Either firmware version (along with the garbage collection optimization tool, which does not cause a loss of data) will maintain the same 80% - 85% performance of a fresh drive. For OCZ drives a second version of the newest released firmware is available for non-Win7 and RAID users. It maintains the same level of performance or more as the Trim version with no need for user initiated maintenance.


    the last OCZ's solution had such heavy bugs, you needed an industrial insecticide.



    uses "looks like TRIM"function. The controller uses NTFS as a map for free areas when the drive is not in use.

    NTFS is Windows, just to remind you, so bye, bye: MAC, Linux.

    The drive needs few hours idle time to correct itself, so do not think about coffee breaks; during this correction period, it writes with 45 Mb/sec to 60 MB/sec speeds; at the end it returns to 180 MB/sec.

    If you perform sequental writes than the self-correcting is quick, and you should see at least half write speed before it returns to normal; for an average user the Samsung solution works very good.


    BIG problem: "no RAID" if you wish that the "false TRIM" works; so, not usable.

    Intel hits till 500MB/sec in read and 200MB/sec write in Raid-0; so if I'm building a better PC, the only thing left to do with Samsung is to clean a freezer with it.

    Second big problem till now: if you have an older model there is no place to get an end-user flashable firmware that is in new drives shipped from factory; talk about customer support.



    Special firmware, only Windows, as usual.

    With the first dedicated firmware, that should keep fragmentation at bay, the end result is far behind Samsung. The read speeds have a free-airplane like drop; even the write speeds get really HIT.

    Samsung solves fragmentation rapidly with sequential write; the only thing to do for Indilinx with this firmware solution (the one most users have at this date) is to use, once a few months, the secure erase command and special program that restores performance and destroys ALL data.


    The new and last firmware with native TRIM support is limited to Windows 7; they are promising that it will work with future Mac and Linux. Not to forget that it is limited only to SuperTalent and OCZ hardware.

    OCZ wanted to salvage their reputation with their latest firmware solution, that features "Garbage Collection". This tool is not leaning on TRIM while cleaning around, at least not, if you want a functional drive.

    The last firmware revision manages to achive a miracle compared to the previous state of affairs, returning the read and write speeds to the start point; however it needs many many passes-heavy usage of cells-life span???

    Trim is disabled, since they do not know how to implement it, without crashing all together.

    One hour of idle is usually needed restore the drive.

    They are trying now a solution with multiple Indilinx controllers; one could remember JMicron (well, that was stuttering).

    It works in RAID.



    Even under heavy testing abuse, that is far from home conditions, Intel returns to the intial write performance in just one pass, read is not affected.


    At home there are no drops in performance; all without TRIM!!!

    Intel has released an updated firmware (that had an issue with the updating tool) that includes native TRIM support. The most heavy issue, LBA tracking, was solved. The others can only dream about it.

    Extremely effective in RAID; the motherboards almost choke with two drives in RAID; even if AHCI mode enabled (in BIOS).


    So, I believe that Intel SSDs are the best choice on the market.


    The best technical solution is having two Intel drives in RAID 0.



  10. Hydra is having problems with the mixed setup.

    And that for 2 months already.


    Nvidia has other more pressing problems than trying to block Hydra, and is also in no position against motherboard manufacturers to do so.


    Nvidia is considering a new approach, since SLI is not the way forward for their CPU/GPU hybrid cards (at least not for the top range ones).

  11. I'm more interested in that few weeks....expression... (two weeks I hope).


    N.E.A., would you mind changing that avatar? (it's above disgusting). :angry2: :angry2: :angry2:


    If we are talking about what the CEO of Nvidia did or did not say:

    the enthusiasm behind Fermi, our next generation GPU architecture, is just out of this world. I mean, it

  12. The best case on the market is the Cooler Master ATCS 840; if you have the necessary space, that is.


    It's quiet, superbly finished, and LASTING (it can accommodate any future build). :ph34r:


    That Raven02 is very poor at cooling the motherboard, since it lacks on suction; the exit relies too heavily on the GPUs and their vents and fails to take appropriate care of the rest.

  13. subtotal = $1,524.71 with a great IPS monitor; not a TN one


    Make any changes below?

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  14. It is helpfull if you give a budget for your PC; the i5 does not have two x16 PCIe lanes, only one, so it's a little weird to see two 5870.

    Besides, you would come out much cheaper with two 4890 in crossfire (the performance the same as 5850); two foe 400 dollars.


    Caviar green is slow; take Samsung F3 or Seagate 7200.12.


    take Scythe Mugen 2 heatsink; cheap and top!!

  15. Case: take HAF 922



    cooler ok; take Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1.450rpm


    Corsair modular is more efficient and quieter (the non modular is rock solid; if you wish to save some money).


    Mobo: take Asus P6T; the best for the price, very stable at overclocking


    Graphic card; 5850 does not make sense for the money; look foe a 4890 Vapor-X; it's possible to find one for a great price, performance is the same.







    HDD; take a Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500Mb; or 1TB


  16. Intel 80GB G2 Postville.


    Intel SSDs do not suffer from fragmentation issues as Samsung or Indilinx controlled drives.

    The last two mentioned are faster on paper, but their performance drops very hard in time; to restore them you have to delete all data and use a special command (and tool) to erase the "internal address phone book".


    Not to mention, that Intel drives are made with the new 34nm technology.

    Samsung has to stack together two memory cells, while Intel has a one piece solution.

  17. The best way for Nvidia, if they manage to get enough working chips from TSMC, is to make what ATi did (limited availability).


    The prices of the GT300 will remain prohibitive till the new 28nm process starts, as apparently TSMC invest more efforts into the transition as into the fixing the completely gone-bad 40nm process.

    Anyway, I'm not going for a new GPU till Fermi comes out.


    Apparently only Intel has a "state of art" production level.

  18. Hey all, new to the forums, just finished my new build (only some minor things left to get it where i want it). Just installed TT Bigwater 760is (I know it's not great but i got it for 70 new), running 40c idle what the heck? Seems to be a friendly forum here so I hope to become very active. Opinions/concerns about my build are welcome, having a bit of problems with stability even at stock speeds, would like to oc eventually once i get it running correct!


    Case: Thermaltake Armor+MX

    P/S: Ultra X3 850w Modular P/S

    MB: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe w/o mempipe

    CPU: AMD Phenom II [email protected] stock (running at 40c idle, need help with that later!)

    Cooling: Thermaltake Bigwater 760is (above temps seem crappy even for this kit)

    Optical: Sony DVDRW _______

    Mem: 4x2GB Corsair Dominator 8500 (w/ fan)

    GPU: 2x BFG GTX 285 OC 1GB in SLI

    HD: 4x Hitachi 1TB 7200rpm 16MB in RAID5

    Sound: Logitech Z-2300

    Monitor: Samsung P2370

    Logitech G15 and G9 Keyboard/Mouse





  19. I have an earlier version of this card:




    It works just fine and cools very well. It is $86 and has none of the problems you said. I am sure the XFX is great too as XFX is a very trusted company on the NVIDIA side.


    And yes if I were to buy a 4850 now I would get the XFX version, cheapest I think, looks good, has a good cooler and exhausts air out the back, warranty is good and so is XFX in general!

  20. I bought a Sapphire Dual slot cooled version of this card, the PCB layout was different, the card itself was shorter and it had a good cooler which is why I picked it


    I have had it since I think late August and its been running overclocked at 700mhz core no problem at all, a few months after purchase I did replace the thermal paste with OCZ stuff thermal paste

    only because I already had it, further lowered temps which were good but they were fine before anyway


    Just don't get the stock 4850!!!

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