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  1. here's what i have: P4 2.8GHz Soyo P4x400 Dragon Lite Radeon 9700 Pro, AGP8x @ 1.8v, not overclocked 512MB DDR400 RAM, not overclocked I was trying to overclock my new processor, ramping it up fairly slowly and running pcmark to see what i'd get. i was only up to 2.94GHz or so when i ran into what seems to be a huge problem. my screen is black. it sounds as if my computer is starting (power lights come on, all of the fans come on and spin, the hard drive spins, the standard beep sounds), except that my screen still looks as if it's not plugged into my video card, with the yellow standby light still on. so my question is this: would it be the video card, because i don't know what would have happened to break that, or the processor, which is what i was messing with, even though i never got it very high? or is it possible that i screwed up something unrelated, at which point any advice as to where i should start would be a great help. what i really want to do is get to a point where i have the bios in front of me, restore all defaults, and hope to god that everything will right itself and i'll be able to keep it at 2.8. any help would be greatly appreciated.