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  1. I'm a tad late, but i would take a Koenigsegg CCR over jsut about any other car. 806hp 0-62mph = 3.2
  2. ...My 9100 has dual channel I havent had the problem you are haveing, but i have the 9800 256mb card, might be why.
  3. 9100 3.2 P4 1mb L2 gig of ram 256mb 9800
  4. Well, updated my drivers on the laptop and ran 3Dmark 2003 to see how much it chaned over the older ones....well.....it gave me over 1000 more points....
  5. Although i hate cars like that, i have to give him props for his artistic ability, and for not useing a dang Fiaro.
  6. Well, got my laptop yesterday, and i am very happy with it so far. After deleting about a gig, if not more, of the dell crap that is preloaded (wasnt in the mood to format, and didnt have the time) i ran 3d mark 2003 on it, scored 5400 points, almost as good as my desktop, hah. Havent had time to run any games on it, or ATItool yet, so 5400 stock vs. 6600 OCed liked my desktop is, is pretty impressive for a laptop. Stats: P4 3.2 1mb L2 ATI 256mb 9800 Gig of ram Only cost me $2400...hah
  7. Yeah, well, what do you exspect when over 100,000 people start the same day and all need the same quest? I persoanlly am going to wait atleased a week or two after it comes out to start playing it. I play on the beta server, i competed with maybe 5 people for thoes quest when i started.
  8. You guys sound surprised it looks cartoony...none of the warcraft series has ever not looked cartoony, for them to make WoW not cartoony would be straying away from warcraft. I persoanlly love the game, and the UI didnt take more than 10 min to get used to. The game is in typical Blizzard fasion, its serious and funny at the same time. I mean, the gnomes destroyed there home city with one of there devices, and have you checked out how all the classes dance yet? (if you havent, they have somewere on the WoW website). Oh and one plus to the cartoonish graphics, it really cuts down on visual lag, unlike EQ, and pretty much any other MMORPG its rare for me to get visual lag, only places i do is in area like the auction house (kinda like the bazaar in EQ but auction style).
  9. Terdar

    Win Amp 5.05

    Anyone know how to get it to do 5.1 sound?
  10. I just orderd a Dell Inspiron 9100 3.2 P4, 9800 256mb, and a gig or ram. it was $2064 (with snap cover and carrying bag) free shipping, after tax it was $2200. I belive the battery life is around 2 1/2 hours or so.
  11. Get a later 80s early 90s Accord EX, very dependable, great on gas, and not terrable slow.
  12. One thing i really liked about a MSI board i used to build my freinds computer was that the temp sensor protruded from the board (looked like a normal one but soterd to the board) so it actually touched the belly of the core.
  13. IT actually costs more to do it yourself, people restore cars for the love of it,and to make it there car, not to make money, or save money. Go onto Ebay and look at them. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...2&category=6236 this is a good one, middle of the road, it realitivly good shape. Can give it to her now and make it a project you both can work on.
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