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  1. I've got a Linksys wireless G PCI card in my system, and another computer has a Belkin 54g router as the access point in my house. Every ten minutes or so my connection will drop out. I never hadthis problem with the Linksys USB 54g transmitter, but this is just aggravating me. I didn't have this problem on my last system either, so I have no idea what's going on. Do I need new drivers, or is there some thing that's lagging it every so often? I've got 'excellent' signal strength as well.
  2. This is ridiculous, I just spent 120 dollars on a brand new copy of XP and it won't approve the key for microsoft. It won't let me register it or whatever. So I have thirty days to fix this before the activation period expires, or whatever it's called. Should I cal them up?
  3. i like tictacs

    First Build: Pictures, Specs, Etc Etc Etc,come See

    the external hd is all my music and video. it's just my documents folder. i had it from my old computer so i just threw it on this one
  4. i like tictacs

    First Build: Pictures, Specs, Etc Etc Etc,come See

    Yeah. this is just a temp solution. I haven't even figured out how to get the fan controller to work (sigh) so i'm going back in again when i have a full day and no work, etc etc etc. Right now I don't think I'm going to OC, but in a month or so after I read a little more about it i'm definatley going to bump it up.
  5. Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 Mobo ATI x800xt All-In-Wonder 1GB Corsair XMS w/ platinum heat spreaders AMD 3500+ ClawHammer/Hammer 80gb WD SATA 80gb Maxtor external drive NEC DVD/CD burner all types Aspire X-Navigator case Some fans and other stuff. well i finally finished my first build. after some issues setting up SATA, it's all good. just had to change some bios. let me tell you the AIW is ****ing incredible. HL2 is an orgasmic attack on the senses with this thing, full eye candy and it runs it like a champ. i can watch and record tv. awesome. everything runs very quickly and smoothly. I don't know about my wires though, but whatever, it's alright for now, i plan to go back and do it all over in a week.
  6. i like tictacs

    New Case/firewire In Front Issues.

    entirely different male/female connectors that don't fit together in any way shape or form.
  7. i like tictacs

    New Case/firewire In Front Issues.

    is there any fix for this? grr.
  8. i like tictacs

    New Case/firewire In Front Issues.

    the pin configuration between the cable and mobo input is different, wherein lies the issue.
  9. i like tictacs

    New Case/firewire In Front Issues.

    I did, nothing, that's why I came here. I'm not that stupid.
  10. Hey all, I just got an Aspire X-Navigator case with the two USB ports in front and firewire port in front. I have a Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 nf3 mobo. There is a firewire cabled that's labeled 1394 coming from the front of the case where the front firewire input is. However, I can't find the corresponding input jack or whatever you want to call it on the mobo. It fits in a front-USB port, there are two, and one is used by the other USB ports in front. But nothing fits the firewire cable from the front other then that USB cable. I'm hesitant to try using that USB port for the firewire cable, and i'm kinda irritated because a reason i got this case was the firewire in front. and i can't use the firewire in front. so can someone lend a hand, or am I SOL?
  11. i like tictacs

    Failing Ti4200 Needs To Be Replaced

    Aaaaand that would be the problem I love how you blame ATI when you didn't even buy it from a dealer, 100 dollars says it was a bloke to begin with and the guy you bought it off just re-packaged it and sold it.
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    Couple Pics Of My Pc Build

    Building on carpet= bad idea
  13. i like tictacs

    My Computer

    no. 1024x768
  14. i like tictacs

    My Computer

    I use a GeForce 4200 and AMD 2000+ to play HL2 just fine, average settings. Yours is by no means 'obsolete' Obsolete is a 1ghz athlon or something.
  15. i like tictacs

    All In Wonder X800xt Worthwhile?

    No console gaming for me.