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  1. Hey everyone, it has been sometime since I did some serious overlcocking (back in the Q6600 days) and well I have upgraded many times since then I have since left things stock however my friend wanted a PC and wanted me to overclock it a bit. He is a gamer and does 3D design work as well. The new build is as follows: Intel i7 4790k MSI Z97i Gaming edition Motherboard 32GB DDR3-1600mhz RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum 512GB SSD sx900 4TB - used for data storage Blu-ray Burner Optical Corsair Carbide 300R window gaming case 1000watt HX1000i Power supply Msi GTX 980 gaming 4GB DDR5 Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Extreme Water cooling kit 2 corsair fans
  2. Just got this is a gift, when plugged into computer it throws an error and reboots the machine after a dump. Plugs in windows 7 no problem. Wondering if anyone else has this mouse and windows 8 pro 64bit? can't seem to find any issues online about this mouse and OS, but I mean it's pretty geared towards windows 7 and 8, my windows 7 laptop takes it no problem. thanks, the error is a windows 8 watchdog error.
  3. I just opened up a Christmas present, the Microsoft touch mouse. I pop in the batteries, plug in the receiver and boom crashes windows 8 lmao, have tried a few different ports, downloaded the microsoft software to find the mouse etc. no matter it crashes the machines about 30 seconds after plugging it in. Wondering if anyone else has this mouse and windows 8 pro 64bit? can't seem to find any issues online about this mouse and OS, but I mean it's pretty geared towards windows 7 and 8, my windows 7 laptop takes it no problem. thanks, the error is a windows 8 watchdog error.
  4. Ok folks we got it! I uninstalled more and more gigabyte utilities and it looks like it was also the smart disk utility that was also slowing it down. (the utility to use if you have a small SSD it will use it to speed up your system on z68 chipsets) since I don't have one right now I took it off and it sped up the login process, so it looks like it was a combination of a few gigabyte programs that causes the issue. thanks for the input, and I will send an email off to Gigabyte explaining my findings. cheers.
  5. little update, I tried a memtest, let it run through twice with no errors. I tried another drive, alone, no raid. load windows for first time - no problem loaded drivers - no problem started loading gigbyte utilities one by one reboot after each - after installing Update manager (which updates gigabyte utilities) it got slow after entering password, uninstalled that utility and it was fine. so looks like I found the culprit, so switched back to the RAID 1 drives, uninstalled that utility , but no change. grrrrrr! might just start from scratch on the raid 1 now and only put in the essential utilities.
  6. I have 2 x 2TB (one for all my documents folders ie. my documents, my music, my videos etc etc. ) and the other is for my RAW's from my 7D and other photography files, contracts etc. of which there is about 1.2TB of RAW's and 100GB of other files) good idea with the remove password suggestion, however it didn't change, with the password removed: windows logo comes up for a few seconds, then to the screen that says welcome with the circle going around it stays on that screen for a long while around 30 seconds, then switchs to black screen with cursor in the middle for another 45seconds or so then windows background, taskbar etc. pop up. all this while the hard drive is going fairly steady. completly perplex with this issue, i've used ALOT of windows 7 machines both AMD and Intel and never seen this issue so far. I think tonight i'll try one more thing and use another brand new hard drive, leave it the only one in there, load windows 7 and drivers only and see the result with no updates, i'll post my results later this evening on that run (after doin gmemtest) thanks again for the suggestions so far
  7. I would say there is no bloatware or anything like that, the system is really clean with only the gigabyte drivers, the utility for overclocking in windows and the touch bios installed and for programs just have photoshop, lightroom, quickbooks, office 2010, jalbum, filezilla, firefox installed
  8. when I did the reload on the other drive, I did use another port and cable, I just did the format that is part of the windows 7 setup (this was a brand new drive never used) I used the bios version it originally came with, and when it seemed slow getting into windows, I did a bios update. I haven't run memtest, I will try that this evening, run orthos and intel stress test with no issue though.
  9. RAM is running at 1600mhz with subscribed voltage and timings, CPU is still at stock etc. everything appears to be fine, and like I mentioned once in windows everything seems real speedy its just loggin into windows. at first I thought maybe it was the RAID 1 setup off the built in raid that was slowing it down, thats why I tried a new 500GB sata3 drive. but exact same. thanks,
  10. Yes sorry the board the chip, RAM and one of the 2TB's are new. clean install of 7 ultimate 64
  11. I just upgraded my system and currently have: i7 2600k Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 G.Skill Ripjaws X 8Gb (2x4Gb) DDR3-1600 x 2 (16GB memory) 2x 2TB drives for documents etc. 2x 1TB mirrored for OS and programs newest bios for the board. I get to the windows login screen fairly quick, when I put my password in and hit enter it takes around 2mins to get into windows. If I then log out, type in password hit enter again it takes about 70 seconds to get into windows I have tried taking my mirror out and just hook up 1 500GB SATA3 drive only , loaded windows, drivers and windows updates - none of my other programs etc. and the same thing happens. in both instances one ism in windows the machine seems very peppy, navigating around with no problems, Any ideas ? thanks in advance.
  12. it was at bestbuy so I just went back to the store returned it and bought 2 LG 24"s.
  13. tried again last night with the DVI cable, but no luck - seems way to hard to try and get the optimal resolution out of this morning I returned it - Calypso customer service sent me this email this morning: But by researching the ATI website – some blogs mention to download ATI drivers (10.7a drivers) however please review at your discretion and convenience as the ATI website does state: i. Max resolution: 1920x120012 12. Some custom resolutions require user configuration I apologies if I didn’t indicate that the information I obtained came from the ATI website forums – perhaps you can review these forums on the ATI website while I also request our office in China to test the ATI 5770 and tell us how they can obtain your HD target. (If you think this helps) I do hope you can obtain it and I will also try from my side and let you know thanks for the input everyone.
  14. that is what I have been thinking all along, just confused why they say it's 1920x1200, and talking to their tech support they also say the optimal res. is 1920x1200 (not 1920x1080).
  15. I will certainly look again otnight, but it didn't seem to be an option to set custom resolutions, could just be a setting to turn off or on to hide unsupported ones or something, just seems silly to have to do all this just to get the monitors optimal resolution of 1920x1200. thanks,
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